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@Aiolos - a friendly spar? ^^ tags for reference, but open to bystanders!

Hide had been wanting to train more and more lately. Sparring was fun, and he wanted to be able to prove himself as a capable fighter. Sure, he was at a disadvantage, but that didn't mean he didn't want to protect his new home. And... well, he wanted to make sure he could keep up with @Orochi in the future. Because the other boy was so strong, and so capable, and Hide... well, he was kind of strong, but could he really defend himself, if it came down to it? 

He didn't think so. 

So, he sought out another sparring partner. There was a big guy - Hide hadn't met him personally, but maybe he could help? His navigation was getting better, and he followed the heavy indents in the mud where a Yuelong wolf had walked, until he could finally actually hear the pawsteps of the other male. 

"Hello?" he called, trotting in the direction of the larger wolf and offering a wag of his tail. "We haven't met yet. I'm Hide - I joined, like, a couple months ago? While we were still on the island."
Gingered ears turned backward to the sound of footfalls behind him over the soggy earth. There was a break in the rains yet the heavily gray skies told Aiolos it would not be for long. A simple patrol was in order. Of course, these were not exactly his lands to protect but as far as he was concerned he had just as much right to protect them as @Mal. After all, his pack were here, his allies, his family. 

The scent which pressed on closer was of no stranger however and Aiolos turned round to the man when he began to speak. Hide was his name and Olo observed the other wolf curiously- his wild, unkempt furs, his burnished tones which matched his own and, of course, the milked clouded over eyes of what could have once been brown. 

Good to meet you then, Hide. He spoke, wondering if the man had only a means to get to know him or if there was information he needed sharing. Surely, if that were the case, Hide would have sought out Hua for that. After all, she was the face of everything Yuelong. Aiolos, as far as he was considered, was simply the correct man to do the job of making sure no one tested her rule. Have you been settling well enough here in the forest during all of this...mess?
Oh no, he hadn't asked the man's name. Hide inwardly cringed at that, unsure of hwo to ask now without being weird. Still, his presence didn't seem unwelcome - the man sounded kind, or at the very least, tolerant. That was certainly something he could work with. 

"Good to meet you too, um... I'm sorry - I didn't really ask your name did I? That was rude of me," he chuckled sheepishly, ears swiveling downward a bit and head ducking before he perked back up, attention fixed on the larger wolf. "I'm settling in well, thank you. Especially with Orochi helping me. It's been a process, but I think I'm getting better at navigating the forest and stuff!" he explained. 

A pause, before he cleared his throat. "I was looking for you today because, well, I guess I should ask first. Are you a guard?" he questioned, tipping his head to the side with a small smile.
Aiolos smirked, shoulders lifting and rolling at the lack of introduction skills. (Although the other world couldnt really see that could he?) Well, Aiolos hadn't even thought to offer himself until he just mentioned it! Oops.I'm Aiolos. Just Aiolos only. No fancy heritage worth mentioning, no family name worth remembering. 

Hide mentioned Orochi then and how he was helping him. The tripod male had returned with the blind wolf. Their disabilities and overcoming them, Aiolos thought, may have brought the pair together. 

Learning the island will be easier, I'd think. Much more open landscape but, softer earth. Going from the island to here and back again, surely that would prove a challenge for the blind wolf. Aiolos could only imagine doing anything at blindly was a challenge. It was impressive Hide had survived thus far. 

And then Hide asked of his position, or well skills- or maybe both. I am, and I was head scout for quite a time...I've been here in the forest before too, training its members. He pauses a moment then, pondering. Now I am Shàngjiàng- your leader.  a pause for reaction and dramatics and then, Why is it you ask?
"Aiolos is such a good name!" Hide enthused, tail waving behind him. Names were a good thing he could compliment - he had no clue what Aiolos looked like, but he figured he was taller than Hide himself, because of where his voice was coming from. 

His ears angled forward and he nodded his head. "Yeah, the island was a lot easier than the forest. I keep walking into trees," he admitted sheepishly, a soft chuckle escaping him. "I actually miss the sand, too. It felt nice." Much better than the hard-packed ground of the forest. Or, well, the muddy ground, now. Maybe it would be better if it was dry.

He nodded at Aiolos' explanation, tail swishing behind him. That was pretty impressive, actually - and he'd had experience in training before, so maybe this wasn't too weird to ask. "I was asking because I'm going to try to become a guard for the pack. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sparring with me?" He'd only sparred with Orochi so far, so he wanted to have some experience with other wolves.
Thanks. Hide isnt half bad either. He spoke with an unseen smirk, though to confirm the playful nature, his tail waved behind him, a sound he was certain Hide could hear. After all, wolves had incredible senses as far as he was aware and the lack of eyesight only meant Hide had honed in more so on the other senses he still held. 

A chuckle, then, at the mention of walking into trees. He couldnt help it but the way the yearling had said it came out comical and it seemed the youth was making best of the situation he could. Like said, he had to have been quite the survivalist to have made it this far blind. That and perhaps lucky enough to have had kind packmates, much as what Aiolos felt Hide had now in Yuelong. 

I see. A guard hu? Aiolos could only imagine what some might think to have a blind wolf as a guardian for their ranks, along with a three-legged one as well. One may think he would be more fitting as a healer, storyteller, sitter... but Aiolos had no intention of raining on the kid's parade- the weather was already doing that. 

I suppose I could give it a go. Show me what you got. Aiolos in saying this would lower his head then, aligning with his spine and his ears falling against his skull protectively. Paws shifted over the muddy earth, splayed for a better balance and crouched for a readied dodge. He waited.
hide rolled a 7 on his first attack c:

The swishing of Aiolos' tail wagging didn't go unnoticed, prompting a smile from the red wolf. This guy was so much nicer than he had expected - though, of course, he'd had no reason to think he would be anything but kind. 

He didn't judge Hide for wanting to spar. Didn't suggest something else that he could be doing, didn't call him weird or unusual or point out his disability. Instead, the man simply got ready, prompting him to give it a go.

"Okay," Hide responded, tail swishing behind him and body tensing a bit as he thought about where to move. Aiolos wasn't too far ahead of him, judging by the sound of his voice, and so Hide took three quick steps forward. He tried to make it seem like he was going for the front, but in reality, he'd twist at the last second and attempt to shoulder his way beneath Aiolos and throw him off balance.
Aiolos most epic fails.

And off balance Aiolos was. He had stayed in his placement, awaiting till the last moment to see where the other wolf might strike. With Aiolos' quick side step, Hide still making his mark by lifting up into him with his shoulder, and the quiet muddy land, Aiolos toppled. Oof! Wooshed the air from his lungs and into the heavy air as he fell onto his side with a slip and into the mud below. Smack! 

His teeth gritted, but he chuckles at his own wrong doings and the perfect hit Hide landed on him in the process. The kid had force, that was for sure. And now Aiolos was left to try and scramble to his footing again, trying to reach out to Hide's shoulder in order to literally pull himself up with the youth's own body.
Note to self: this fight occurs August 14th

Hide felt the man go down, and went with him, but only in an attempt to pin. There was no doubt that Aiolos was bigger, more experienced, stronger, but he was pretty proud of his first hit there. Unfortunately, his success was short-lived, because he felt the older wolf pull him down by his shoulder. The mud fucked him up, there - it was slick, and he slipped over, toppling across the bigger wolf before getting back to his feet.

He lunged again, but the mud slowed his attack, and he'd likely not have half the force in this one as with his last slam.
...And fails again.

He was flailing now, like a baby deer might do as it struggles to lift itself up onto its stilt like legs for the very first time. Aiolos was able to pull himself up at least half way with the use of Hide in order to do so, but the  moment Hide fell, toppling over onto Olo, the red wolves were both in the mud once more. 

Damn! Aiolos couldnt help but to laugh even now as Hide was biting at his own shoulder as they scrambled to gather themselves in the muddy, rain soaked forest. Maybe if they got themselves back up on their feet again, they could start this again. Swinging around to face off Hide once more, he made a 'woof' for him to come at him.[/ooc]
Hide had broken off into a fit of laughter as well. He didn't think Aiolos was the type to fall over much - he seemed so proper and polite, and he was sure the sight of them both was funny at the moment. He stepped back, letting them both gain their bearings again, before Aiolos barked to signal that they could fight again.

He was more steady this time as he lunged forward, this time aiming to wrap one forelimb across Aiolos' back and the other around his chest - kind of like a sumo wrestler would - and attempted to roll him over.
Another long and Hide grips him (as best a wolf could) around the torso and pushes. Aiolos instead of trying to force himself upright, drops his upper half to the ground in order to try and cause Hide to side off of him again and back into the muddy earth. Aiolos turns his head after dropping down, aiming to grab Hide by the back ankle and tug it out from under him to help with Aiolos trying to get him down.
Hide yelped as Aiolos grabbed his ankle and yanked him. And holy shit, this guy was strong. He slid through the mud and flopped onto his stomach, not fighting back for the moment. He'd wait until Aiolos was done dragging him before he lunged forward again to try and ram into Aiolos' side in an attempt to throw him backward.
There was success, fueled by the yelp which exists from the younger wolf's jaws. Aiolos lets go as Hide lays to the ground and just as Aiolos moves in to check on the wolf, Hide jumps up once more. He may have been down, but not out. Hide was no powerhouse of a wolf and obviously at a disadvantage without any sight, but just like Aiolos was, Hide could take a beating and had the stamina to keep pressing forward. Probably the result of a hard life, much like Aiolos own slavery backstory. 

So Hide lurkes up from his placement in the mud, his shoulder having slammed into Aiolos snout, causing the red man to stumble backward and short, blood pooling from his muzzle and a grumble exiting parts jaws. Ow.
The boy was beginning to get tired, but so was his companion. Both of their movements were slowing down, and Aiolos didn't immediately attack him in return this time. So... it was probably best to end this pretty quickly, Hide decided. The yearling stood up on his hind paws and snapped at Aiolos' scruff, aiming to latch on and drag him down to the ground. If he could just pin him, this would all be over.
Aiolos awaited this time, readying to counter upon Hide's movements. He reaches out, going for the area where it thought to be Aiolos scruff. He was successful, biting onto the side portion of Olo's neck, which suddenly sent a spazzing needle-like spark throughout the area and down and around the sides of his neck and shoulders. 

A spasm that caused the red man to tense and jerk, a loud yelp echoing from parted jaws followed by a sudden ferious snarl. Turning his head best he could, he wildly bit at anything he could (likely around the ear and jawline) as his front leg on Hide's side lifted to try and jerk his shoulder into under his neck to get him to let go.
There was a sudden snarl and sharp pain connected to his cheek, immediately followed by a wet sensation and the smell of blood. Hide yelped and leapt backward, shaking his head and splattering little blood droplets along the ground.

"Ah! You win, you win!" he acquiesced, a bit of laugh in his tone, though it was tight with the sudden pain. He'd probably need to get that looked at later, but he certainly wasn't mad about it. It was probably an accident.
He was freed and Aiolos stepped back, rounding himself to be face to face with the younger wolf as he shook out his coat and settled down to sit. Sorry about that... He murmured, his shoulders hunching up, his neck still throbbing uncomfortably. I dont think a part of my neck has been the same after my last run-in with The Saints. He admitted. Surely he heard of him, despite being new. Hua had made it frank to warn the pack to be cautious of their enemy. Since his fight with Donovan, there seemed to be a place along the upper side of his scruff where the scar tissue was mighty sensitive. 

Changing the subject on that, Your not half bad. Eyes or not. He admitted. Eyesight or not, his teeth and ears still worked. It just took time and patience. You either have good survival skills or alot of luck on your side to have made it this far blind. Either way, survival or luck will do the pack a whole lot of good. A small smirk toys on the red man's lips and he begins to shift back then. I think ima get myself cleaned up and rest some, you should too. He suggests to the young wolf before turning and making way off.