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hunter thread?

The rain had slowed him, but his determination let the brown clad male push forwards. So far nothing had the resemblance of home which only meant the journey to the High Elk's new resting place would be long, at least so he thought. The woods he had stumbled upon already provided much hope. They seemed welcoming, warm despite the downpour of rain, and better yet there was an abundance of prey.

Out of all the land he had passed through in his search, this one was definitely the most promising. A growl sounded through his body casting the grim reminder that he would need to stop here and catch a meal or two. It seemed he would be heading deeper into mountain territory and with the rain he could not afford to be weak. Calhoun lowered his nose to the Earth, intent on picking up what scents he could through the wash of rain as he moved deeper into the Emberwood.
This can be a Hunter thread for both of them.

     The soft, wet earth gave underneath her paws while she moved with purpose and grace through the Emderwoods. Rain-soaked fur left her feeling heavy but she gave it no mind. A lot has changed, she had changed from bumbling whelp who knew little to a wolf, a real wolf. Through the months, after Elysium's fall, she had to learn how to hunt and how to truly survive. But now she craved a pack. From her wanderings, she knew of three; one she had been to before and two fresh. The two didn't sit right with her and the other...

     She could go back and try again, she wasn't going to be that pup who was going to be begging for entrance with food and lackluster promises, blaming her misfortune on aliens that held her pack captive so many years. Aeliana now fully understood the look that the Alpha female gave her, back then she thought that is was the Alphas who didn't understand but it was her...

     They had been raised in the wild where the Aliens had never reached them, they've never seen them. So the idea of upright creatures with flat, furless faces was ludicrous. They thought she was sick of the mind, weak and thus they refused entry but now... Maybe she had a chance. But the very thought left her heart beating faster in anxiousness, the thought of being refused again...


     She stopped mid-step, her ears flicked towards the sound of movement and a sniffing nose she could just barely make out through the rain. Her head swung to her right then narrowed, catching a glimpse of fur several feet off from where she stood. She leaped upon a large rock, nearly slipping off of it for a moment before gazing above and beyond the thick foliage of the thickets and shrubbery, spotting another wolf with their nose low, searching. Hunting.

    Would be rude not to make herself known right?

    ❝Hey. Aeliana called out to the other through the rain.
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A voice called from behind drawing an ear flick to the source. A woman. Red eyes shifted to his company as he raised his head to look...up— by the High Elk, she was big. Cal wasn't exactly the largest wolf, but he certainly wasn't small either. Her coat carried the familiar warm tones he searched for though, she too was blessed, and therefore worth his time. Greetings.

Calhoun remained still, unsure yet of the woman's intentions. Not all wolves were welcoming, something he very well knew, though she didn't smell of a pack she could still be territorial. Are you from around here? I have no intention of trespassing, though the rain makes scents difficult. He wasn't exactly fond of the idea of leaving to hunt elsewhere, but perhaps he would hit a friendly chord and be allowed to continue.
No worries Aliana leaped down from the boulder, splashing down into the mud and dingy puddle water. She kept a respectable distance, too far yet not too close. Close enough for a proper conversation through the rain without having to shout over the rain. Far enough that if they decide to attack she has time to react and assess whether this is worth fighting or not. No need to taking unnecessary risks, at least, not as a Loner. This forest is neutral territory — no one has a claim to it…yet. Emberwood was a popular hunting place after all. One month, it’ll be open to everyone. Next, an upcoming pack could be setting roots in here. It’s best to be ready for change but until that day happens...

...Are you hunting... It was somewhat of a silly thing to ask but she went ahead and questioned anyways, in the rain…? A perplexed brow raised. Hunting in rain was a fool’s errand, lots of things working against you, very little working with you yet here he is. It was better just to wait out the rain before doing any hunting.

You know, hunting in weather such as this ain't exactly a ... trot through a flowery meadow.
The male watched as the other came down to his level, a mild wave of muck and soiled rainwater splashing onto the earth surrounding her as she approached. Perhaps under different circumstances, he would grimace, but as things were nowadays there was no end to the rain and there was no avoiding a soaked and muddied pelt.

She revealed that the forest was in fact neutral territory, something pleasing given the abundance of life it held in comparison to the barren plains he had crossed on his way over, though his relief was short-lived. The other questioned his motives, a raise of her brow speaking more than enough words for her to openly doubt his abilities. I am more than aware. I am considered to be of the best hunters in my family, and while I'd wait for a better time to hunt, you might have noticed that it's been raining for days on end. There was a gruffness at the end of his words, a result of his annoyance finally seeping out.

If I am to survive then I must eat, and so I hunt. I will not turn away your assistance if you seek a meal as well, though if you have no intentions on aiding me then you're wasting my time. It was blunt, perhaps too blunt, but Cal very rarely softened the truth. Time was important, especially now with no end in sight. He couldn't allow the rain to slow him down or weaken him further. Things were hard enough with the faint scent trails.
Aliana considered it for a solid minute. On one paw, she determined this to be pointless, hunting during a shower was a waste of energy and time that could be spent on a later date when the weather was better. And on the other paw, there was the slim possibility that food that could come out of this.

She glanced up at the sky, the shower seemed endless … 

A sigh then escaped her, ❝Four pairs of eyes are better than two...especailly in this type of weather.❞ Aliana reasoned ❝I’ll join you. Let’s see what comes out of this...❞ She could see only a few outcomes; either they waste their time tromping through mud or they find something worth hunting. At least in the latter, she would have the honor of giving him an ‘ I told you so’ look before plodding off to find somewhere dry to sleep in.

Childish? Yes, but she loved being right.

❝Lead the way.❞

He was the one who decided to start this Hunt, he was going to lead it because if she did, she’ll just call it off.
so sorry for the late response ive been trying to wrack my brain how I want to do the hunting in this thread LOL It was going to be small game but given the rain and what not catching a bunch of stuff probably isn't likely so maybe just a lone doe or they can single one out? Gonna start prioritizing this thread so it can be closed since its old

In all honesty, he did not expect her to join given her sass, but whatever he wasn't about to turn away her help. As she said, four eyes were better than two. The male turned his nose down once more, sniffing carefully at the fading scents in hopes of getting lucky. And lucky he was— Calhoun paused at one spot, lingering before taking a few steps forwards as he was more sure in his discovery. It was muddled with the rain and mud, but it was there, an underlying scent of deer.

Raising his skull, half-filled hoof prints could be seen in the distance. They had moved through the area somewhat recently, but enough time had passed for the prints to fill with water. There. He'd gesture should Aliana be busy doing her own tracking. If we move quickly we may be able to catch up to whatever herd came through this area. Hopefully they too would be watered down by the rain and mud. The worst scenario now would be slipping in a chase or being slowed by a waterlogged pelt but any easier prey were likely tucked away until the rain had passed.
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Aliana scanned the area, trying to catch the scent of something, anything edible until her hunting partner called out the tracks sunken into the wet earth, half-filled with water. Prey. She glanced over them then looks to him with a nod,   Then let’s move   She responded    before the tracks are completely washed away by this rainfall.   

With the tracks, they could use them as perfect indicators of how close they are to their quarry. The less water there is, the closer they are. Easy.
There was nothing more that needed to be said. With a trail in sight, Calhoun was quick to follow, no longer lowering his nose to the ground as he could gauge just how fresh the tracks were by their water level. He moved swiftly, no longer bogged down by the rain with a promised meal just out of his reach. The growling of his stomach fueled him as much as his God's blessing. It wouldn't take long for the tracks to grow and multiply as more prints came into sight. A telltale sign that a heard must linger in the vicinity.

With so many options, the male went back to his nose, following the strongest scents amongst the rain until a small group could be spotted grazing and taking shelter under the canopy of the trees that towered above. At long last, his heart pounded with excitement at the sight. They were not elk either, meaning free game in the eyes of the High Elk. Calhoun let out a quiet chuff to garner the attention of his hunting mate as he crouched down to the mud. They only had one shot and therefore needed to make the right pick the first time or both would go home hungry.

Few males traveled with the group, something that would be lucky given their spearing antlers. Most seemed to linger close to one another, perhaps aware of how hungry a wolf might be or desperate especially now with the rain to hunt in this gloomy weather. Only two seemed to wander further than the rest, they would have to do. If a weaker member was amongst the center of their group they would straggle out in a run, but there were only two of them with odds stacked against them. Again, they could not afford to fail as there would be no second time.

A glance was cast once more to Aliana looking for her input. He might be a great hunter, but both would be unfamiliar with each other's tactics. They must be on the same page if they were to be successful, Which one has caught your eye?
Aliana gazed upon the small group of deer her Hunting partner had pointed out, before drumming up her mind for an idea. If there were more of them, she’d naturally suggest the small herd, just for the thin possibility of there being an injured, old or inexperienced youth amongst their ranks. There were only two of them, so no need to get too risky.

  Let’s go for the strays. Single one of them out,  She responded softly,   They could have been kicked out of the herd—possibly mature bucks being shoved out by the head of the herd? Or they might be careless—brash.  Doubtfully but possible. Mistakes could happen as well. During the chase, the buck could trip upon a root or slip upon a rock due to the stormy terrain. They have hooves, not paws after all. 

  One of them could also be injured? A gimp leg maybe? And they were forced to the fringes of the group.  Aliana continued,   But only one way to find out, hm? Let’s try to get as close as possible; conserve our energy till the last moment then strike. 

That was an obvious plan, but she had that glimmer of hope in her eyes now. They had to rain on their side when it came to that—the decisive strike. The rain was nearly masking their scent and their approach. All they had to do was get the upper hand; they could possibly snatch this buck without even have to chase it down.
The male hummed, acknowledging that they had singled out the lone two as well. It was true, the could be bucks who were encouraged to start their own or defend the edges of the herd, but he doubted that an injured deer would be forced to the dangerous skirts. The only strength a herd had was its numbers. Even injured, another head provided a daunting task that could ward of predators so keeping those weakened alive was important. They would be close to the inner circle. Still, they still had to account for stupidity, just as Aliana had suggested. Very well. We get close enough to startle them. Get the herd to run and single out the one that lingers furthest. From there we strike.

The plan was simple enough, Calhoun believed there would be no need to explain further, so he spurred into action. Keeping low to the ground and stalking through the undergrowth, the hunter did his best to stay silent as he neared the gathered prey until he was sure that the woman had followed in his tracks. It wouldn't take long to approach, for either they would notice and move to steer clear or they would easily surprise the deer drawing out the desired reaction. With the falling of rain, nature seemed to favor the hunter versus the prey.

When Calhoun was but a few paces away, he gave one last look to Aliana, gesturing with his head to run. He jumped from his place, a deep bark rumbling from his throat as he charged towards the group. It was the desired outcome as he brought the noise of the storm. Surprised by the sudden wolf that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, the herd dispersed, some running in lone directions while the majority charged away. For now, he chased after the whole, ensuring that they would not turn on the duo or realize that they did in fact outnumber their hunters.

He could only hope that his partner followed up behind him, all the noise in the world would only keep them from realizing for a moment due to initial panic, but the longer the chase the more time they had to add up the picture and make a plan in return. Aliana would have to drive off one of the members that had fled in the opposite direction and keep it singled out until he was sure the herd was far enough away that he could abandon his chase to aid in the takedown.
This was what Aliana loved about the Hunt. This is what left her heart pounding with exhilaration and excitement. The stalking, the chase, the uncertainty, and risk all to get that payoff. It wasn’t every day she gets a chance like this and she definitely wasn’t going to squander it. 

Aliana barked and snarled, snapping at legs that strayed too close to her. The last thing they wanted was for one of them to glance back, they needed to keep up the confusion and fear that spurred them on. All the while, she hastily glanced around the Herd till she spotted one straying, going off on its own in the panic and goes for it. Aliana couldn’t completely tell— with her running and the rain —whether it was a Buck or a Doe. Either can be dangerous so it didn’t matter in the end. She banked away from the herd and pushed herself to pick up speed so she could be right beside the straying deer. Aliana kept to the right of the Ungulate, barking loudly and snapping her jaws at the legs. It snorted loudly, veering away from her, steering it further and further from the Herd. Just as they wanted.

She only glanced back for a moment, just to check if her Hunting Partner noticed she had made her move and hoping he’d catch up fast. The deer was starting to notice the rumbling sound of its stampeding Herd was getting farther away and strived to escape back to them. Aliana snarled loudly, snapping her jaws again with a resounding, sharp click! of fangs to remind it that it was still being pursued. It cried out in panic and turned away... but for how long? Eventually, the panic and adrenaline will subside, it will notice there is only one pair of fangs chasing after it and it will turn on her.

Come on, dude... I can only do so much in this position.

Aliana kept steering their target away until she couldn't see the Herd, it was when she glanced back that she barely dodges a sharp hoof aimed at her head. Times up. The target has turned against her, thankfully it was a doe but that didn't make her feel any better. She snarled keeping light on her paw while the Doe snorted indignantly; `I will fight, I will not die here!` it said visible but it will die. Aliana will make sure of that. All she needed was an opening. For now, it was a deadly dance, it was obvious the Doe wanted to escape back to the safety of its herd but Aliana kept it was getting far. Sharp hooves struck out wildly in her direction whether it just knocks her out or kills her didn't matter to the Doe. Aliana kept her distance but stayed close enough that the Doe could just slip by her, hopefully, buying enough time for her Hunting Partner to join her.
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The clicked like clockwork, each taking to a different role within the hunt as one was successfully singled out and separated from the herd. When Calhoun glanced back he could see the bear-like woman dance with the doe, they were on a timer now, one that was steadily counting downwards. The hunter put on the breaks, allowing the remainder of the herd to carry on while he slipped to a stop in the mud, and turned back towards his partner.

Alone this hunt might be over, but the doe was too focused on Aliana to focus on it's second pursuer. Calhoun wasted no time as he flung his body, teeth bared to snap and grab hold of the doe's hindquarters. It was a vulnerable spot, with the risk of a nasty kick, but if he used his weight to off-balance the prey then maybe Aliana could topple it before it had the chance to strike. Should the beast go down, all they needed to do was end its suffering.

It was all but part of the circle of life, something Calhoun had the High Elk to thank for. This meal was necessary, and as such, it shall not go wasted.
Aliana wasted no time. The moment her Hunting partner came running in leaping and tearing into the Doe’s flank. The moment the Doe then reared back,  and for a split second glanced back at the sudden second assailant. Aliana leaped for it with a snarl, jaws bared viciously as strong legs muscles launched her upwards to meet the Doe’s neck. Aliana latched on, her weight causing the Doe to bow its head while it struggled to pull away. It wheezes for air and baying out for help, but the rain and thunder swallowed up its cries. The Herd was too far to hear, too far to turn around; it was over for the Doe.
Aliana had the perfect bite hold, just in between the head and neck. She had to dig her fangs in deep to make sure her hold didn’t slip due to the rain. The hold itself was less to tear and more to squeeze; stopping airflow to the lungs and sucking the strength out of prey. Aliana waited till the Doe’s struggles weakened and its legs began to shudder before moving in to push her weight on the Doe as well. After a few minutes, the legs slowly crumpled in on themselves and the Doe fell to the wet ground as if in slow motion. Aliana continued to hold until the wheezing ceased and its legs stopped kicking feebly for a solid minute or two before finally letting go with a pleased sigh at her handiwork. 

Perfect Kill in her book.

  Welp… I’m willing to admit I was wrong.  Only because they manage to catch something,   Though I wish the rain would stop…
The doe reared and in the split moment of vulnerability, Aliana struck the throat. She effectively pulled it down, crushing its airway as the life was slowly drained from its body, blood pooling from the open wound once she finally let go. They had been successful, and the rumble in his stomach thanked him. Of course, his thanks must go beyond his own skill or even Aliana's.

Calhoun only had the High Elk to thank for this meal, and a quiet prayer was offered under his breath after he too let go. He flicked an ear towards his companion's voice as she spoke up once more, a smile curling on his lips as she admitted she was wrong. Yes, well you chose correctly. Now you get a meal. One he was content with ripping into eagerly. He too wished the rain would stop though it seemed to have no end in sight. End or no end, you will need strength to continue.
She nods before looking back to the doe and placing a paw on it, running a tongue not only over her lips but over her snout as well.
She glances over at Calhoun for a moment, wondering if he was hunting for a group. She could only assume seeing how even if the two of them ate their fill there would still be some meat left. Most likely he was hunting for them. Hopefully, she wouldn’t just get shoved off the carcass, at least, not until she got her fill. Aliana helped take it down, she deserved at least some of it...as well as a chunk to take with her. She was ready to eat in a somewhat dry place. Eventually, she began to dig into the Doe's thigh, tearing away the skin and into flesh.