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Full Version: Firefly Glen
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"In October 2020, Osiris from Moonspear branched off to form Firefly Glen to aid his parents' dreams of conquest and keeping the Great Bear Wilderness safe...."

Acronym — FG
Demonym — Fireflies
FoundedOctober 31, 2020
Founding LeaderOsiris
Founding SubordinatesAtlas, Antares, Bronco, Leta, Toad Amelia, Lunaria, Dhalia, Meerkat, Charles
Pack ColorsSunset Orange  #FF5349 & Purple  #800080
Antares: Alpha (01/2021 — 04/2021)

Osiris: Alpha (10/2020 — 01/2021)
Atlas: Beta (11/2020 — 01/2021)
Antares: Beta (11/2020 — 01/2021)

This narrow region of land runs wild with thick vegetation. A canopy of greenery hangs from the trees, soaking up sunlight while the ground below struggles for survival. It's various creeks and streams easily become flooded during the lightest of rain showers, morphing the once solid ground into quicksand like muck. If it were not for the countless amount of fireflies that dwell within this dusky valley, little to no light would be visible, leaving the glen to be a dark and serene canvas under the night sky.

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