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Full Version: fairest one
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a new home in the cliffs. at first solaire found the terrain... different, than what she was accustomed to. she had not liked the change, but soon decided to take it as it was: a chance for growth. a rougher terrain created a more chiseled guardian, did it not?! that was the mindset she wielded, even as she heard of nearby danger in the form of some piss poor neighbors. she had yet to encounter them, but as she rested beside a lone little tree she kept an eye tilted to the mountains, naturally wary.
The move was an unusual one; it was not his first time relocating but, deep down, he hoped it might be his last. Readjusting to new areas was hardly a struggle anymore, more so a learning curve than anything else. But he adapted, as they all would in time, with each step taken. Steps that eventually took him to Solaire, who he eyed curiously for a long moment before finally chuffing in an attempt to gather her attention.
solaire turned at the chuff coming from behind her, looking upon aningan. their former leader- her father, supposedly, when she had asked erzulie- but she was happier with her mothers on top, though she wouldn't say that to him aloud. aningan, hi, she addressed him, standing and wagging her tail playfully. despite the relation she had been informed of, she held less familiarity with him than her more direct family. how do you like it here?
The chuff was enough to alert her, earning him a greeting. “Hello,” he returned, mirroring her actions as his tail, too, swayed behind him. “It’s different.” As the lands always were when they relocated. “What about you?” he asked in return. Youths were meant to adjust quickly, weren’t they?
aningan wasn't long with his words, but solaire didn't mind that. instead she was eager to share her own thoughts, it's okay, she offered rather half-heartedly, i miss home, but... i guess being here, it's good to adjust to a new environment. i think i'll be stronger if i don't worry too much about what's home, and just focus on being a good packmate. she shrugged her shoulders, not yet old enough to be confident in her words. she tilted her head at him, you were... leader, before. how did you do that? did you have to be strong?