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Full Version: Redhawk Caldera
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Pack Basics

Name: Redhawk Caldera
Ranks: https://wolf-rpg.com/index.php?action=showranks&gid=99
Location: Great Bear Wilderness
Acronym: RHC
Founded: November 1, 2020
Pack Colours: Red & Blue



Towhee: Soverign (11/01/2020 — present)
Niamh: Regent (11/01/2020 — present)
Phox: Regent (11/01/2020 — present)




A sprawling grassland stretches for miles before leading to the base of this extinct volcano. Its slopes are thick with greenery and lead up to an uneven ridge line. Instead of a peak, the mountain top features a sunken lake, its surface remarkably smooth. The southern rim of the crater is comprised of particularly tall, jagged crags; they are the misplaced peak, broken into pieces and blown aside during the volcano's final eruption. The terrain is beautiful but rugged. On the surface, it may not appear to be a very homey place, yet the caldera harbors many secrets below the surface.