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Pack Basics

Name: Sapphique
Location: Dragoncrest Cliffs (Sequoia Coast)
Acronym: SPH
Founded: 11/21/2020
Pack Colours: #89009E & #6CF4E9




Erzulie: Obsidian (11/21/2020 — present)
Rosalyn: Tanzanite (11/21/2020 — present)




Sapphique has a rich past, beginning with the formation of Rusalka beneath then-matriarch Caiaphas. Ironsea had fallen to a bear attack, and the seawives found a new beginning in the coastal pack that blossomed. Rusalka's defining moment was the war against Drageda, which solidified their claim to Ankyra Sound with a victory. Their enemies later disbanded, and the sea-cliffs became a silent place.

Rusalka moved several places through its years, but the tumultuous leadership left Rosalyn and Erzulie wearied. Sapphique was founded after necessity when the presence of an ursine yet again threatened the lives of the pack. They took their children and those who would follow back to the cliffs where the war had been won, claiming it for themselves and beginning anew among the high stone with a new vision that prioritizes the feminine, the sea, and the loyalty of Sapphique to one another through familial bonds.


Sapphique is, at its core, a female-first pack. While they do not turn away males, Rosalyn and Erzulie have little respect left for them, and this shows within the core of the pack's making. They are a familial group, tightly knit, and it is expected that every member be well known and well integrated within the pack's circle.
[Image: Vr37auM.png]


PPC is available in Sapphique for longer-standing members. Requests should be sent to either Erzulie or Rosalyn (or sent via discord!).
If you'd rather work out a reason for your character to leave the game, we are always open to brainstorming. <3

Pack Hierarchy

Roja (Leadership)
The direction of the pack.
  • Obsidian
  • Tanzanite
  • Jade
  • Ruby
Rosada (Ranked, trusted) 
These wolves have been around and have proven themselves respected members of Sapphique.
  • Laramite
  • Tourmaline
  • Emerald
Lavanda (Entry)
These wolves have been accepted as full members but have yet to earn true trust.
  • Sapphire
  • Beryl
  • Topaz
  • Pearl
Borgoña (Unproven)
Family, but still tentatively.  Their longevity within Sapphique is unknown.
  • Granite
Blanco (Colorless, youth)
Children who are learning the ways of the pack.
  • Pebble

Rank Shifts

The Roja will rank members as they see fit, relying on trust and longevity to determine how each member compares.  There are a few ways to concretely rise, however.

The Seafoam Run
Each month, members of the Rosada tier may take part in this swimming competition.  The winner will take the rotating Roja position of Ruby.

If members feel their rank does not reflect their role, they may challenge.  This challenge may or may not be against their desired rank, but the requirements and the outcome will be overseen by the Roja.  They will determine whether the challenger truly deserves to rise.
[Image: 75YIPDq.png]

Claim: Dragoncrest Cliffs

Quote:Intimidating, sharp cliffs that line the coast. They are a popular nesting place of many different birds, and their slopes are dangerous but passable. Trees line the ledges that descend irregularly towards the coast, but the impressive cliff faces form a sheer barrier between the coast and the forest above. Only those knowledgeable can hope to find passage down without instead circling to less intimidating routes further down.

Internal Territories

Coming <3