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The lightning mother had been awfully quiet lately. In the fall she had been very loud and bright, but now not so much. Caelum did not think much of it; she would return to him eventually, surely, and he could continue to learn her language. Meanwhile, one of his sisters had gone and he had received a new one in her place. He did not care much. It seemed that wolves coming and going was simply a fact of life. Perhaps one day he would be the one to go, although he did not consider himself a bad wolf and therefore did not expect it to happen any time soon. But perhaps one day.

Caelum was working on his den of treasures today. He had hidden a shiny rock he found in a cave and a jet black feather he had torn off a bird corpse he found in a small abandoned badger den near the rendezvous site. Today Caelum was out searching the mountain for more treasures to add to his collection.
Hydra knew her son was a collector of objects, just as she had been (and still was, when it came to trinkets such as skulls). It was with this in mind that Hydra sought him out in particular, carrying with her an old relic—one of her own first kills, the skull of a doe she had taken once the meat was gone and the hunt had long ended. It was something she had taken great care of throughout the years, but none of her children had seemed to collect things as she had with the exception of Osiris. She had given him his own gift, and to Caelum she would bestow another. 

Seeing him in the distance, the matriarch increased her pace to meet him halfway with her gift to him in tow. It was rare she gave anything beyond lessons to her cubs, and this gift was not without its own reasons behind it. Caelum had only seen hunts, and soon he would partake in them with the pack. Her children had grown so fast, but they were cubs still. She was glad for the ones that remained with her, and in now she found that in each of them she sought out traits that her father must have seen within her.
In her short life, Ciri felt that she'd seen much of the world. From the spires of her birth to the distant Nova Peak where her happiness dwindled, then all the way to the proud Moonspear. It had taken her family many days to get there and, while the exhaustion from her trip had grounded her for several more, Ciri longed to see more of it. The mountain on which Nyx and her daughters made their home was far grander than that belonging to her father, one on which she was recovering her bravery, and her goal was to some day reach its highest slopes.

She felt rather bored that day as she picked her way across the territory on the lookout for something to occupy herself, and the sight of a dark figure brought her to a sudden pause. Vivid eyes regarded him with intrigue as he trailed her way, and she wondered quietly if he was a cousin - like Altair. He didn't much look like the black-gold Prince, but neither Ciri she resemble Elke, so she took some time to study the boy's gait in search of other similarities.

One came in the form of an adult with a glossy raven pelage, who carried some object firm between her jaws. Ciri made no move to venture closer, her curiosity shooed away by the arrival of this regal wolfess whose stride alone seemed to demand respect. The girl lingered in her place, awkward and unsure how to approach no matter her desire to belong.
There were few similarities to be found between Caelum and Altair. Where Altair was built athletic, Caelum was stocky. In height they might not differ much, but with his broad appearance, fat face and small triangle-shaped ears Caelum likely looked bigger than his sibling. Where Altair was sociable and friendly, Caelum was withdrawn and often found on his own, so even in the way that he walked and was aware of the world around him there were few similarities between the two brothers.

By the time his mother found him, Caelum had not yet noticed the one who was spying him, so absorbed into his quest he was. His mother, however, was approaching head-on and so he noticed her immediately as he looked in her direction. He approached and when they met each other he reached in to lick her chin. Halfway there he halted, though, as he noticed a thing in her mouth. What prize did she carry? Stoic eyes sought her face as he canted his head in silent request for explanation.
Her eyes were for Caelum, but motion in her peripheral caused her ear to turn that way as she regarded her son. Hydra deposited the well-loved thing on the earth, her gaze shifting toward the daughter of Nyx she had yet to meet. The matriarch chuffed to them, inviting the girl to join them with a beckoning croon before she regarded Caelum again. 

She nosed the skull toward her son, regarding him with a twinkle in her eye. Do you know what this is? she drawled, wondering if he could identify the thing from its skull alone. Her ear twitched as she listened for the approach of her niece, shifting her weight as she waited.
Caelum glanced briefly at the girl, but it seemed his mother's chuff only chased her away rather than brought her closer to them. He turned back to his mother then, who put down a skull. A mystery was presented, as so often with Mother. Caelum sniffed the skull, instantly on the task at hand, but it was too old to tell from scent alone what it had once been. He studied its head and looked at every outline it had. There was only one likely possibility considering its size; the most common animal he had seen in his own life, at least, to have such a size. A deer. He looked at his mother, his assessment spoken stoically and without a doubt, and waited to hear that he was correct.
The girl meandered off, and Hydra did not seek to chase her. She was happy to spend time with her own son in any event, and her eyes flashed with pride as he correctly identified what this was. He was always a bright child, and she was not surprised he knew as much. But it pleased her to hear it all the same. Correct, she confirmed with a sway of her plume. A doe, to be precise. And this one in particular, she drawled, is the very same doe that I had killed with the pack, when I first was able to participate within them, she informed, nosing it toward him. She wanted him to have it, now; may it bring him luck in the hunt, and motivation to collect his own, too. 

The time that you and your siblings join the hunt is coming. You have only ever observed them, but soon you will run with us when the hunt is called, she continued. More pride at that; she and Dirge had again reared their children to such a point, and those that she could seen had grown well. She quieted for now, in case he had any questions to raise to her then.
Caelum listened as his mother explained, nodding along the way. A doe that she hunted on her first hunt. He knew that he was to have his first hunt soon, even before his mother said that they would. Caelum nodded, a serious but determined look on his face. I will do good, he said, very factually, as if he had already looked in the future and seen the outcome.