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assuming i can post now that my name is colored pink

It was dusk. The stars hung in the air, the moon was full. A cloudy sky with previous drizzle. The snow was wet and her thin coat was uncomfortable due to both the cold and the wet. Zola paced outside, wondering where to begin to make a den. It was in her blood as a wolf to dig one herself.

Yet everywhere she looked, she saw the 'family' that Valette spoke of. Zola did not want to intrude upon their den grounds. Perhaps she should make out a bit outside of their camp? The woman did not dwell for long, for footsteps sounded behind her. She glanced over her shoulder.

A wolf approached her. She said nothing to them at first, feeling uncharacterisitically shy.
You are good! And welcome to Easthollow! <3

He found solace in solitude. Away from voices that might question him, eyes that might judge. Easthollow felt a little darker each day, and not just from the quickening nights. The oppressive knowledge of Ursus weighed heavy upon him. The cannibals in the Glade. The feeling of flesh between his teeth. The sensation never quite left him; he reclused himself, and crawled through those hours he knew mother was most likely asleep.

Merrit found the newcomer on the outskirts of where most of Easthollow gathered, and he considered passing by. But she saw him before he had the chance to slink away - a glance, cast over her shoulder - and a certain loneliness compelled him forward.

"You seem restless," he remarked in the silence she afforded, "are you feeling alright?"
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The man would look back. He posed a question to her. Zola's head softly tilted. "Dis sky strange to me" she replied honestly. If she was to be family to these wolves, she would be honest. There was hardly any effort from that though - she spoke bluntly at times. "not know if ancestors watch me here."

Her eyes flickered to the sky, lips frowning. "Mayhap I homesick" Zola would admit. Amber eyes lowered to view the man. He smelt of Val-et. Was this one of her kin? Like West Tyree? She raised a paw to press against her cream chest. "Zola" she introduced herself, wondering if word had gotten out about her joining.
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He peered upward then, perplexed that the sky could be anything but ordinary. The stars shifted with the seasons, and with the distance you put between one place and another. But in the end those same stars remained, unless they died, as Gallows had once told him they would. That at times, the stars they saw were the light trails of stars already gone. It was a curious thought, and one he did not entirely know how the seafarer had come by -- but Gallows was even more well-travelled than him.

Merrit had no comment nor reassurance to offer on her ancestors.

"Homesick might be reason enough," he felt her eyes upon her and he dropped his gaze to meet her, too. She was... warm, to look at. Like a fire even in these frigid months. He knew enough not to expect the same from her, or anyone's, heart. "Merrit." Where she pressed her paw, he only tipped his head.

"What does your sky look like at home?"