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Full Version: But nothin' ever stops you leavin'
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late afternoon, 32 F, cloudy

She had finally been allowed some freedom from Ky's watch and from anyone else's too. She had walked for hours, careful never to get too close to the borders; maybe if he never scented her there, he would start to trust her even more, and she would be allowed even more freedom. Aside from staying away from the edges of the the territory, she didn't really have an idea of where she was going or what she was doing. She wandered around, moving quickly to keep her mind busy until an ache started to move up her still-healing leg. Although the obvious injury was mostly a long scar of new, pink skin, it still caused her some problems. It hurt when she woke up in the morning, if it was a particularly cold day, and if she did too much walking or running—so really a lot of the time. The ache would always start out faint and then grow stronger until it caused her to limp and required her to rest. 

Today when the pain started, she tried to push on anyway, and it only resulted in more pain. Finally, she limped to the edge of a stream and settled down on the ground to take a drink. She winced as she adjusted the position of her leg to try and find a more comfortable position. But her leg ached no matter how she rested it, so she eventually just gave up. To try and soothe it, she slowly dragged her tongue along the length of her forearm. The warmth helped some, but not enough to provide any real relief. The injury was one of many reminders of her captivity and of what Ky had done to her. It was hard to look past how he had hurt her as her leg radiated pain, and it added more confusion to an already confusing situation.
Arlette was really getting familiar with the territory. She also liked to think that she was getting to know all the pack mates. However, when she came across the stream she saw another female! She had white fur and almost had the same color hue of eye color. Arlette trotted closer, her tail happily wagging in her approach.

As she came closer she noticed the wound on the female's leg. Her tail stopped and she grew more serious. "Are you alright? Do you need help with that wound?," she asked the other kindly. The wound looked clean enough but perhaps it did give the female some discomfort.
Simmik stiffened at the sudden company; she had hoped for some time to herself for once. She studied the other woman with an icy, blank expression, her gaze falling to her painful leg a few moments before lifting back to look at the Saint's wolf. The wound seems mostly healed, she pointed out. But my leg hurts often. I just did too much walking, I think. She wasn't sure why she offered up this information. It wasn't just that the stranger had asked—she seemed genuinely concerned from what Simmik could tell. Whether not it actually was genuine was to be determined. 

Unless you can help with that, I'm not sure what else you can do.
Arlette studied the wound. She didn't take much note of the prickly greeting of the female. She could understand she was annoyed being injured in the first place. "It does look like it healed nicely from the outside," she commented, with the emphasis on outside. "It could be that internally things have not healed yet," she stated. Arlette nodded compassionately at the female when she mentioned the pain.

"I have something for you for the pain. However, like you said, the reason you have this ache is probably because you did so much. If I give you something for the pain, then you might not know when you did too much," she advised. "Resting is the best for you to do. But if it also aches when resting then I can fetch something for you?" Arlette offered.
No—I'm fine, she answered quickly. I don't need anything that will alter my mind. I can deal with a little pain. The pain was only severe when she did too much, and she could try and take it easier. The last thing she wanted was to be compromised in a place where she did not feel very safe. 

I've dealt with much worse, she said darkly. Then she looked over at the presumed healer. You seem too nice to be here, she pointed out. Why are you?
Arlette would respect the wished of the one in pain. "I am not sure it will alter your mind but I respect that. Perhaps holding it in a cold stream will numb the pain as well. Cold tends to do that," she advised the female. That wouldn't mess with her mind. Arlette slowly dipped her head when the female spoke of dealing with much worse. "I understand," she spoke compassionately. She didn't ask about what was worse.

Arlette was surprised by her other words though. "Huh? Really? Everyone here has been really kind to me. I don't think I am kinder than them?," she offered. Arlette turned her head more to show the scars. "I've also dealt with a lot too," she commented. "Here I found a place that is safe," she admitted to her. Especially with Derg she felt really safe.
Holding it in the cold stream—she could manage that. Thanks, she offered. I'll give that a try. Anything to help that wouldn't have other effects. 

The surprise surely showed on her face with the widening of her eyes and the raising of her eyebrows. Kind? she repeated. She shook her head, unable to wrap her head around that statement. Kind is the last word she would use to describe any member of the saints. She huffed. When you're here against your will, they treat you quite differently, she said darkly as she looked over the other woman's scars. She certainly didn't consider this place safe. But perspective played a big part in what felt safe, and clearly this healer's was very different from her own.
Arlette nodded happily. "I'm glad I could help with something. I wouldn't mind to look at it if it keeps hurting," she commented, a soft smile on her lips. "Hopefully the pain won't linger for too long," she spoke. Perhaps she should look for something that could help with the pain and not be as affective as poppy seeds might be.

It was Arlette's turn to be surprised when the female was so surprised. Arlette was a bit startled when she spoke that she was kept against her will. "Your kept against your will? Here? Right now?," she asked, frowning. "I-- Has-- Has Derg been awful to you as well?," she asked. She could imagine Kynareth being a lil mean, but he was really friendly if you got to know him. "I don't understand...," she let out, baffled.
The healer stumbled over her words, clearly taken by surprise to hear that the Saints were keeping her here as a captive. Simmik studied her face for signs that she was just fucking with her. It seemed so unlikely that this woman wouldn't know what the rest of the pack was up to, or Kynareth at least. She nodded after a moment, when she realized Arlette seemed genuinely surprised. Kynareth and I have a long history. But lately we've been fighting—he's been different. Simmik shook her head. So, now I'm here against my will because he wants me to see things his way. 

Her next question was odd. Derg has been fine. He hasn't touched me or treated with me with disrespect, she answered. Although, she had a  feeling that was purely for Kynareth's sake and not hers. I don't know why you're so surprised. That's how they do things here. Maybe she was new here?
Arlette listened quietly. Also trying to get over her shock. She wanted to listen though. She wanted to make a good therapist one day. It sounded like they had been friends, or at least acquainted. Arlette nodded. "That doesn't entirely sound fair that he keeps you here just to see his side of things," she commented.

Arlette was relieved to hear that Derg had been nice. She was a bit afraid that he was not the wolf he had said he was. "I really don't know. I've joined because of Derg. I won't deny that. Kynareth was a bit scary in the beginning but was really friendly and even told me that I should see him as my friend," she explained. "I haven't seen them do anything bad," She added.

"Wait--- Kynareth touched you, without you wanting it?," she asked with a frown. She glanced of Simmik. "Do you want to go? Truly want to leave the Saints?," she asked, seriously. Perhaps she could help her escape.
Well, when it comes to Kynareth and me, we have always had issues seeing eye to eye. We lead very different lives, and he can be cruel sometimes. She paused—hesitated a moment before continuing, unsure how it would feel to acknowledge this truth right now. But it was the truth no matter how she felt about it. We always seem to be drawn to each other regardless, though. We can never stay away. It had been a constant struggle with amazing moments peppered in between for the last almost year of their lives. It was like they were linked in some metaphysical way that neither of them had any control over. 

Kynareth can be nice when he wants to be. As long as you stay on his good side, you have nothing to worry about, she assured the healer. No need to worry her unnecessarily. She seemed nice enough that Simmik felt she needed to be protected from the darker side of the pack. 

The shift in subject made her tense but it was not because of what Kynareth had done. No, she said abruptly. He has never forced himself on me. Her expression darkened, and she swallowed the bile that came up from her stomach. That was someone else. Before I was here. It was clear she wasn't fond of talking about it. She hadn't told many the details—only Mal and Kynareth knew. As for leaving, she focused back on the other woman. I do want to leave, but it's not that easy. I'm injured and wouldn't make it very far. Kynareth would know I was gone and come after me. He doesn't leave me for long enough to be able to get out. She sighed and shook her head. And I don't want you trying to help me either. I don't want to put you on his bad side. She didn't deserve that.
Arlette listened to the female and what she had to say. So she didn't always agree with him then, but they couldn't stay away from each other. Interesting. The female had never really had such a relationship before, if she didn't like someone she would just not spend much time with them. It seemed there was some arousal between Simmik and Kynareth.

"He doesn't sounds so nice if his bad side is hurtful, like keeping you here against your wishes," Arlette stated. Perhaps the leader she had been hesitant with in the beginning had a reason because deep down she knew he was bad? Arlette bit her lip a bit. She didn't agree with those methods.

"Oh-- Simmik I am sorry for asking," she spoke. "We don't need to talk about it," she spoke. It sounded that Simmik had been through a lot, since well, with someone forcing himself on her and now another to keep him captive.

"I don't care. I had a cougar attacking me, and... He wouldn't... He might not hurt me as much as you think. I'm ... He considers me Derg's mate and their respect goes a long way." Then again, she didn't want to draw rift between Derg and his friend. "It doesn't sound right that he keeps you here though," Arlette spoke. She thought about it for a second.

"Well, if you don't want me to help you escape. Then let me help you in a way I can, and that is to be a friendly face? Perhaps even a friend one day?," she offered her.
She gave a sad huff of laughter. Yes, well, remember what I said about staying on his good side? I am currently very far from it. Things had turned so horribly wrong so fast. 

Simmik shook her head at the healer's apology. It's not your fault, she assured the other woman. You didn't know. She was thankful for the out, though, because she really didn't want to talk about it. If I decide I need to talk about it later, I'll come find you if that's okay.

Yes, he and Derg have a strong bond, so it makes sense that he would treat you well to avoid upsetting his friend. Still, just be careful, okay? She knew how quickly things could go bad, and Arlette seemed far too nice to get caught up in that. 

She appreciated Arlette's offer more than she could really express, but she smiled and nodded. I would like that. I don't have any of those here. Kynareth claimed he loved her, but so far, he had a shitty way of showing it. It would be nice to know someone here considered her a friend.

Arlette nodded with a serious expression. She would keep that in mind and stay really close to Derg. He would protect her, she was certain of it. She disliked that Simmik was in so much trouble just by being on Kynareth's wrong side. But there was little she could do about it. Perhaps ask Nyra to help, Arlette was unaware at this specific moment that Nyra and Simmik would not be match.

"I know it isn't, but I am just sorry that this happened. It shouldn't have," she admitted. "Please do. You can just rant or be sad or come to me for anything. It will stay with me," she offered. "I will be careful, I promise," she hummed. She smiled when Simmik admitted she didn't have any of those here. "Me too." she just grinned, happy that they could support each other in this way.

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