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Full Version: Dangerous Agenda
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A quickie! @Polaris

The grasses smelled like some other canine creature she had yet to meet... it didn't smell like any coyote she had ever met, nor like any wolf... it was strange, and every now and then a flash of red would catch her eye but vanish just as quick. Like a flash, it was there and gone. Conquest almost believing she had gone mad in this place and was starting to see things! 

Eyes scanning the horizon, she was watchful for these wisps of red, careful to not engage with something she didn't understand or know anything about. She glared, a hardened stare shot out to the next flash of movement in her eye - but this one was not red... and it was bigger than the mysterious figures were.
she had been rambling quite aimlessly through the humming glade, seeking only to find respite in the tranquility it always seemed to provide. a place that even in the harshest months of winter where the world appeared brittle and frigid had that steady hum of life thriving in its many nooks and crannies; a reminder that spring and summer would soon emerge and provide sweet relief for the earth and its inhabitants. 

she hadn't expected to stumble across another, the valley had seemed to slumber with a lack of travellers roaming the rolling lands and even the ursus wolves rarely seemed to encroach on the sheltered glade. it wasn't just your average someone either, it was...yes, it was in fact a girl, looking as if she were carved from fires themselves and standing there looming and robust in her noteworthy size. polaris blinked, meeting the pierce of that glare and finding herself uncharacteristically silent, simply opting to await the words of her company first.
The figure became more clear... soon enough two wolves were watching one another eye to eye. The not-even-yearling could tell this one was young, but still older than herself by perhaps a year or so. Lowering her head, she stared at her with fierce eyes below her brows. Silently issuing a challenge for the other as opposed to walking away, around, or trying to speak. She would walk through, either the other young lady would make way or Connie would force herself through this one's path. Approaching with a few steps, tail lashing behind her with ears lightly folded back. What would this one do?