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I'll be NPCing this bear :> 

                                        !! BEAR ATTACK !! 


In the billowing snows, a large grizzly bear ended up smelling, at first faintly, wolves. 
She rumbled fiercely within the trees that would later make up the Cedar Sweep area, then into the Strath, where the scent was most prominent to her. 
Seeing at first no wolves, the massive Ursine stomped curiosly through the open areas of the territory along the snow-covered grasses next to the river. 

Her gruffs were heard by Nyra, who was patrolling as usual. Thinking the bear saw the Harbinger, she froze. But the bear ambled on. 
Slowly at first, Nyra began to move back toward the trees to warn the others. 

A snapping twig under her large white paws. 

The She-grizzly locked her eyes on Nyra. 

Then an earth-shaking roar as she picked up the charge. 

Knowing she stood no chance alone, Nyra sent out a brief yet booming howl, a call to arms for all Saints as she sprinted into the trees with the bear on her tail. 
@Kynareth Deagon, @Derg, @Whrist, @Evelynn, @Hemlocke, @Arlette, @Dove, @Zsuzsa, @Leigh, even @Simmik

They needed to defend their lives, and their home.
The black female hated snow she stuck out like a sore dewclaw (Bahaha canind thumb) This was once of the reasons she had gotten picked on so much in her early years. she had a hard time letting go, in fact she just could not let go, though none of those would ever bother her again.

Regardless Whrist would never give up an inch of pack land, even in this weather she patrolled and refreshed markers this was why when Nyra’s call went up she was the first to answer the call to arms.

Her paws remained ever silent even as they dipped into the snow, Her first year taught her if she could at least remain unheard, she might be yet unseen. Crashing was heard before she got to the source of the call and Nyra bolted by, Whrist’s eyes were wide as she saw what had the Harbringer running.

She darted forward catching up to Nyra her lighter form allowing her to skim close the surface of the snow rather then sink like the bear and possibly Nyra herself.

“Plan” Whrist shouted at Nyra? “We might need more wolves” She panted keeping pace with Nyra though she could go faster “in order to harry this thing,” She glanced back and purposely poured on more speed to stay at least a half stride ahead of Nyra. Keeping in mind that the one to survive a bear fight was likely the faster of the victims. She was worried that the sight of two targets might possibly enrage it more, Whrist being the obvious easy to see target in this white world when it was just her and the white harbringer alone.

Whrist tilted her head just slightly so that she could keep the pursuer in her peripheral  vision while charging forward following Nyra’s lead her ears cocked in such a way to catch any word uttered by her.
gonna go back n forth with you until others arrive! 

The bear was gaining on the Harbinger, though it stumbled on a dip in the ground just as Whrist came into the picture, giving the women more yards, thus, more distance between the ursine and them. 

Nyra meanwhile was still running. 
Hearing the Specialist out, the Harbinger glanced back fleetingly as the grizzly was catching back up 
"Zig-zag through the trees, do our best to avoid direct contact until more of our numbers arrive. Only attack at its sides and haunches if you can, and never take a bear directly from the front if at all possible!" Truthfully Nyra hadn't fought a bear before, but she remembered distantly when she was a pup, how the Cultists managed a lone grizzly and got it to eventually leave. They had mostly avoided the jaws of the beast then, but a few had perished. The zig-zagging idea just kinda blurted. She wasn't sure if it'd work, but damn she hoped. 

Panting her words in one go, Nyra began to run in zig-zags, slowly putting trees between her and the bear as she tried to get behind it. 

"If you can distract it from up there, do!" Nyra called, "I'll see if I can slow it down back here until numbers arrive!" 
From there, the bear continued to run after Whrist, snow flying from heavy paws. It only looked for Nyra briefly, but was currently staying on the target the Ursine thought easier to catch.

That was a bears desperate call.
It should be hibernating. What was it doing? Has one caught it on a rare amble outside and managed to piss it off enough to lure it home. Why? Who?
He'd fallen from his duties. Left the pack under Kynareth's rule.
He couldn't bear the burden anymore. The fear of having to drag the pack into a war, pulling them through it, and ending up with blood on his hands.
He'd settle as a Blade just fine. At least for a while.
To focus on Arlette.

She wasn't with him right now. Shit. He pulled himself up from the softer snow onto the frost hardened surface and spurred into a sprint.
He didn't know who was in trouble yet. If there were injuries. If his packmates were being mauled to death...
Whrist and Nyra sped through the trees, probably debating how to escape.
He huffed a growling bark. To distract the bear. A closer, easier target.

Derg was small, he knew the caches.
He had enough weight and training to land a few bites if needed.
He drove closer, hoping the bear would stop and turn to him. He snapped his teeth at it's hind.
Not them.
If he could lead it to a cache, it might stop and fuck off again.
A loss of what little food they had was better than losing their numbers.
Shuffling and wind in the trees. The roars of his people. The aloof beast blinked and reared on his back legs, looking about with curious snout as all at once, several wolves, followed by a bear.

A lady bear.

Understandably, she was upset about being among these silly canines and their frail little skinny legs. She was upset because neither of them should have been awake. She almost looked like a sister, so Bampa did what Bampa do and tore around to the side.

He didn't mean to flank the wolves, but indeed, it was from the trees he came to their sides, rearing up and swiping his huge claws at them, aiming specifically for the wolf with the scarred face and tattered ear, roaring to tell them to get away from sister bear. Defend her he would.

Kynareth hears a short, almost panicked howl. Strain obvious in the tone of voice who carries it. There’s trouble and he doesn’t even waste a second to even wonder what is happening before he’s kicking up snow to sprint into the fray. Only a short while later does her hear a bears call and he’s furrowing his brows may the thought of having to fight off a whole ass bear in the deep snow of the strath. Even now as the flakes continue to fall and only just barely surviving the blizzard that hit them a week prior. 

He almost wants to believe the gods want him and his pack dead. He doesn’t stay on the thought too long for he’s already eyeing down the scene before him. 

Whrist and Nyra running, okay. Then his eyes shoot to a growling bark. Derg. The bear is turning her attention on Derg and Donovan is about to jump in to put the bears eyes on himself. Until a chocolate blur is sweeping up from the side and dripping vicious paws at the agouti male and his eyes widen and his teeth bare.

“Distract that one!” He yells painfully loud to Nyra and Whrist. 

He’s snarling and growling with a devilish ferocity as he watches the second beast go for Derg. Drifting in the snow as he struggles to get behind the beast to bite the base of its spine. Quickly trying his damndest to paralyze it. His teeth tearing into flesh as he shakes his body as hard as he can. He’s desperate to take its aggro off of Derg as he attempts to reach bone.
Whrist nodded hearing Nyra’s plan and darted off to the left keeping her eyes forward but the bear in her peripheral, this was important to keep her alive and the bear in control, she rounded a tree and when the bear got to that same large tree  several strides behind her she veered right hoping to to force the bear to loop the tree and loose momentum

Whrist heard Derg before she saw him, having her full attention on moving forward and the bear behind her, He snapped at the bears hindquarters. Then she heard Kynareth’s voice it brought a wave of relief and then dread finally she noticed the second bear and Kynareth’s yelled to 'Distract that one’ however she had not seen him so she had no idea which bear he referred too. It was then she saw him throw himself at the second somewhat smaller bear.

Whirst turned faced the following Bear deciding this large female was the one the grandmaster wanted distracted

Whrist opened her dark maw her pearly white teeth bared in all their glory and roared a vicious loud sound from deep in her belly, a roar akin to what a bear could make, she darted two steps toward the female just after Derg snapped at her, keeping the Bears eyes on her with her challenge, then she darted backwards a few strides and snapped her teeth spit flying. A clear challenge to the female. Her throat Raw from her roar Whrist waited until the bear chased her before darting around trees and roaring again attempting to drawing the females agro fearlessly.

It would not double down on her grandmaster, not if she could help it, she needed to draw it just a bit further away from the male two bears in one place would be impossible if one wasn’t impossible on it’s own.
She was never very far from Kynareth, even now that she had earned a certain degree of freedom. The day had been pretty miserable, though; she was built for the cold and snow, but this storm was almost unbearable even for her. She had tried to look for something to hunt but realized quickly that it was impossible right now. 

She was headed back to Ky's den to try and get some kind of relief from the biting wind when she heard the roaring of a bear. Simmik froze. Then came the call from Nyra followed soon after by the sounds of a fight. She whipped around and headed towards the sounds, skidding to a halt just as she came upon the scene. She was hidden enough that it would be difficult for anyone to know she was there. Suddenly, she saw the situation as an opportunity to escape. Everyone would soon be distracted, and she could be long gone before they noticed. For some reason she hesitated, though. 

She had been aware of his presence even before she realized it. But when her gaze finally found him, her heart dropped into her stomach. He was charging after a giant, angry bear, and her instinct was to help him—for some reason it outweighed her instinct to make a run for it. He called out for Nyra and Whrist to go after the other bear.

Simmik wasted no more time; she charged from the trees, her gaze narrowing in on the second bear. She used the momentum of her run to thrust her through the air as she lunged for one of its rear legs, jaws opening to connect with flesh and clamp down as hard as she could.
For the lady bear, Whrist was proving harder to catch than she anticipated. Then another showed up, and another, a striped one! Just as a male bear pulled in to defend her. 
the she-ursine grunted sharply to her newfound comrade, a bear-only message of 'thanks but I got this' Though she didn't demand his leave. 

The black one roared at her, causing the massive she-bear to snarl and roar louder in return, chasing Whrist with Nyra hot on her haunches. 

Seeing her defender being ganged up on by another white wolf after a minute, the she-bear turned and went for Simmik with a snarl, not anticipating the following:

Nyra herself found a firm hold on the beast's heel, the tendon that would make or break the ability to use that foot. 
And she bit. 


There was a sickening sound of muscle and gristle as the Harbinger tore with all her might, a large chunk firmly gone from the she-bears right hind foot, followed by a thunderous, booming bear-screech of pain. 

Gods, Nyra would most likely be chewing funny for a while after this. 

That leg was gone from usage, and now Misses Bear...she had only three feet to defend herself. 
"Tire her out! We can do this!" Nyra called to Whrist and all others who could help, growling and roaring viciously as she flung herself upon the she-bear's back and went for the base of the skull. 
Hopefully out of reach of the paws.
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Another bear blindsided him.
He fell away from the female, his attempts of distraction unnoticed. Then Whrist started bellowing herself.
Heavy steps sounded to his side, followed by the Grandmasters orders, Derg looked in enough time to see that paw swiping for his body.

Derg was batted away, thrown into the deep snow like nothing more than a leaf.
Four long, agonising wounds ran from his crown to his shoulder, breaking in places the claws didn't quite connect.
The frozen water bit and soothed his pain, but didn't stop his bleeding. Thankfully, his neck was spared from being ripped open.

Derg staggered up, adrenaline fueling him now as he escaped his frozen grave and started towards the bear.
His eye wasn't damaged further, but the marring made his right side look even more gruesome. Especially in the fresh, bloody daylight.
He launched up, Kynareth at the back, Derg at the front. What were a few more broken bones anyway?
His teeth swept through the air, hoping to embed themselves in it's shoulder.

treat every wolf as the last wolf.
his mother had incubated it in his brain winters ago. in time, he would accumulate power not only in body but in mind, she would cant to ruined corpse of a grey canine she'd bested for an impromptu lesson, to squash the banes that hunger for their skin. treat every trail the last to be treath, every meal his last, but never forget to be in the present as he can not move on in the past or always have his toes in the future.

his mother also believed there was a truth in wisely picking your battle, as everyone hated a spineless coward, but everyone hated dense spineless coward greater.

as br'er caught on the tendrils of a battle between ursine and dog he contemplates his mother's words. the cry of a female and younger male. he cries for them over the sharp air and sets forth to the strath. the bloody red arrives, in the enraged spirit and littered at the toes of their natural foe and the chests of his own. the man takes up arms and rears on this legs, casting a bellowing roar of his arrival. the black wraith catches his eye as well, yellow teeth bared for the unsaintly mafioso. he briskly strides across the battlefield towards the wolf.

he'd never once stated he'd abide by his mother's lessons.

He slapped the agouti wolf aside without much issue, but that was only the start of his problems.

In the middle of his attack, Bampa found another right in his way, throwing itself after his backside despite the bear's upright position. Bampa swung swiftly in a half circle to greet this...wolf... What was it? It was some sort of fuzzy dogthing, the kind that men kept about their camps.

As the dogthing attacked him, the agouti wolf was at his front, rushing its teeth into his arm as he reared. The dogbeast pressed its teeth into his haunch, and the bear promptly rolled onto the ground with a terrible force to try to dislodge the striped wolf and the agouti one, and perhaps crush someone in the process.

Regardless of whether that worked or not, where the animal had bitten hurt and both areas began to bleed, which did little more than infuriate the simple bear. He promptly switched targets, charging headfirst at the dogbeast to ram it and knock it as far away from him as he could. The forces at play were earth-shattering.

A brother in arms appeared quickly, a brother he normally would have avoided, but they needed to rescue the sister bear.
His teeth are razor sharp at this bears back but Donovan gets distracted. Another bear appears! His eyes widening he almost wants to call off the battle. It’s becoming much too risky and the only thing that will save their hide is their speed. Perhaps he even wants to try a compromise with the bears. A ‘I give you some food and you go the fuck away’. A rather diplomatic way of handling things. Yet, he doubts these bears are very interested in something such as that by the looks of it.

Yet as he hears a whimper his eye struggle to find the voice. Having already leg out by this point he doesn’t even realize the bear rolling in his back to shake him off and it truly costs him. Only time though, thankfully not his life as the bear rolls onto his paw and he skids back in the snow on a vain attempt to get it loose. He doesn’t have enough time for that either, the bear is already charging him and his limbs struggle to find purchase on the slippery ground. 

Next thing he knows is that he’s being knocked several feet away by the massive head of the bear. Skidding and flipping into the plush snow, his lips snarled at the newfound ache that seems to appear all over his body. He knows he can’t stay there long, urging his legs to jump up and move anywhere but there. 

Just as he looks over, Simmik is being swiped away by the female bear. He’s known for his cool demeanor during battle, always has been. Yet he feels a spec of panic strike him at the site of her in danger and he’s switching targets horribly fast to meet the bear with his teeth. Launching himself into the air to latch long teeth into the bears arm. The bear’s form upright, causing him to dangle from her with just him hind legs touching the ground. Wrenching his muscled form back and forth to imitate a shining motion while suspended halfway into the air.
It was noted in a nudge the Br'er had attention on Whrist specifically, but I don't believe he had attacked outright just yet, she knows an attack is immanent so I will edit my last paragraph just slightly to address this, If @Br'er had phycially attacked Whrist let me know and I just adjust accordingly  

As Whrist thought two bears in one place would be impossible if one wasn’t impossible on it’s own. Another appeared, Well crap she decided no more thinking lest another show up. Her eyes were only for the grandmaster it was for him she had tried to draw off the female bear. She hoped to hear another command or see his bear fall to his powerful jaws, what she saw was nothing less then chaos.

The leader of their pack dropped everything and switched targets it looked like he saw limping as she skidded around the male bear and flung himself at Whrist’s target, didn’t he trust Nyra and Herself to keep it distracted like he had commanded. Why give commands if he didn’t except them to be followed. She had no idea that even in this battle he only had eyes for another female.

But now to save his ass, she needed to switch targets too, but which bear, there was only 5 of them and three bears she threw her head upwards and howled another call to arms  @Evelynn, @Hemlocke, @Arlette, @Dove, @Zsuzsa, @Leigh,

Then there was no time, the other bear was assessing the situation it had not yet attacked, but bears were not pack animals they did not know how to work together.

Leaving Derg alone against a bear like Kynareth had was certain death. She saw Derg went for the male bears shoulder and Whrist followed his trajectory. She roared again fearlessly aiming to disorientate her target, her teeth wide and bared as she went for the face, despite how close to the teeth that was, The Black female was aiming for the eyes or ear anything to remove one of the bears senses, anything to distract the beast. Strength they might have in bounds but intelligence beyond their next meal? Well …

She knew the third bear was about to go into the fray, and she knew by the primal stare she had been given by that large apex predator, that she could be attacked next. However Whrist was committed to this course of action now, and the other bear would have to close in on her target in order to close in on her.
Zsuzsa heard the rise of Nyra’s initial call, but had taken time to arrive. The snow was much deeper and required more work to sift through. The Mackenzie couldn’t recall the last time Winter had been as heavy as this. Coupled with the fact she had been poisoned prior by a coyote in Sun Mote Copse, she was more laggard than usual. Nyra’s call was typically one of immediate attention, but Whrist’s howl now sounded. Something was very wrong.
The scene was a frenzied blood bath. Nyra on the back of a behemoth female bear, snow at the ground in deep red from Nyra dismembering the right hind leg. Derg was bloodied even more so, seeing as how Kynareth, Whrist, and Simmik were pursuing the bear after Derg. Then there was another male that reeled on its hind legs to give a roar, announcing his presence into the ring, but making no sudden moves. There was so much escalating so fast.

The announcement of the third bear was a fault on his part, as without hesitation (and somewhat on autopilot) Zsuzsa instantly went for the female bear Nyra was on top of, throwing herself toward the she-bear and sinking her fangs into its left shoulder. Zsuzsa’s goal was to cripple another limb so it now functioned on two legs and was easier for the Saints to get the upper paw. There was no way Zsuzsa could have rushed @Br’er on her own so in pack animal fashion, her instinct drove her to be efficient in working together bringing an already injured opponent down.
Alas, the Hellhound followed suit. Long and spidery limbs taking a quickened pace best they could within the deep snowfall. Still, the snow came, more and more. Never seeming to end. It drowned out whatever plant life had remained for the herbalist. It snuffed out the scents of prey, long since safety tucked away in their burrows. But if they prey were to survive, they would have to go out and look for food too, right? Hemlocke had hoped so, hoped to feed his hungry pack-mates with what little he could, but Nyra's call demanded his attention elsewhere and so he followed to it.

Then Whist's call, panicked, desperate.  His movements were made quicker until the thin and sheer footed male was prancing over the snows quicker then he could sink into them. Quick at the heels of Zsuzsa did the shadow come. He stops as she continues, her attention placed on the bear which Nyra was already attacking. Alas, a good group was after a second bear and then a third, to himself. Hemlocke would not attack him, not alone and felt no need to if the third bear decided not to intervene.

Alas so, Hemlocke joined the night wolf, Zsuzsa and his white wraith Harbinger. He does not move in for a bite, though using his limberness and quick movements to dance in front of the face of the bear. To mock bite and move left and right, to draw her attention whilst his pack mates attacked.
I apologize for posting out of turn order but I am removing Bampa from the game - feel free @Derg to powerplay getting a bite in!

It was chaos. A tangle of limbs and fur and roaring and growling and snapping and biting was all he could see and hear. The young male tried his best to flail about wildly and kick up anything in his path, swiping every time he saw movement, but it was all for naught.

Bampa suddenly felt searing pain near his cheek as a gash opened from the black wolf. He felt it clamp onto him, and that was the only convincing he needed before none of it was worth it. More wolves arrived, and fear took over. He abandoned sister bear and the newcomer to the wolves.

Growling and panicking, he fled, leaving drops of blood behind him.
Her teeth snapped at mostly air, clamping down on a mouthful of hair before the bear turned on her. It was massive, even more so with its full attention on her; she readied herself to attack anyway. The bear roared in pain and then lunged forward. Simmik braced herself and started to leap up to try and grab the bears neck, knowing the monster would offer razor-sharp claws in retaliation—adrenaline kept her moving anyway.

But suddenly, Kynareth was there, placing himself between her and the bear. She watched horror as he clamped on to their attacker and was lifted easily from the ground. The way it was able to move his large form around made her gut clench with dread. She knew he was trying to keep her from danger, but she was a warrior, and she would fight no matter what. 

So she launched herself at the bear again, aiming her teeth for the sensitive spot beneath one of its massive arms. She hoped to sink a deep bite there and give Ky a chance to do whatever he planned to do. 

She missed the exit of the second bear, too focused on her own opponent and not having time to waste surveying the rest of the fight.
The mammoth ursine didn't expect to not be able to use one of her legs, nor for more wolves to begin attacking her as she kept up her assault with angry grunts and roars. Claws went for the smaller white wolf only to catch the striped dog instead. 
The first male ran, coward. But the second she knew not what he would do, instead frantically sweeping and attacking any wolf that got too close while blood spurted from the chunk of her heel that Nyra had ripped out. 

Speaking of, the Harbinger was prowling around to the front of the she-bear now, taking opportunity in her distraction. 
As the ursine female reared up, Nyra braced. As the bear came down, Nyra then lunged upward, clamping teeth firmly down upon fleshy jugular. 
blood spurted and sprayed as the Harbinger kept increasing pressure, biting as hard as she could and more as the she-ursine bellowed and kept trying, gurgling and gasping now as Nyra continued to writhe and wriggle in an effort to rip the jugular of the bear out.
claws and paws went aimlessly about as the she-bear flailed, trying to get free of immenent death.

But freedom was not to come. Nyra's risky lunge to the Ursine's throat was a wordless call to arms in and of itself - an action meant to inspire her fellow wolves to bring the Ursus to the ground.



The female bear was flailing. Wearing thin.
Her blood stained the snow more than theirs. Good.
However, this bear (Bampa) that Derg charged for for his vengeance bellowed in his attempts to fight off Kynareth.
As Derg reached with his attack, his teeth digging into the thick flesh of the ursine.

Then, Kynareth left. Charging to save Simmik.
To fight that female bear too as more swarmed her. She was the bigger target, but he couldn't gather the whereabouts of the third and newest addition to this wintertime war.
As he thought he was alone, Whrist flew in, teeth tearing at the bear's face.
It was enough to have it turning and running.

Derg wasn't going to let it turn back.
He chased after it, making sure it left, but with no further attacks; only posturing and snarling. His throat burning, face becoming matted with blood.
He turned back to the fight once he was sure it wasn't returning.
Since the other two bears have gone inactive for quite some time I’ll be PPing them out. If anyone has any concerns/questions feel free to hmu.

Kynareth has his hands full, but thankfully Simmik and the rest of his pack are getting the upper hand. The Derg and Whrist seem to be formidable enough to distract the other. Though it seems the other two bears are beginning to change their mind at the site of their bloody and dying female counterpart. Shaking off the last of the wolves the two skitter back out into the forest, a trail of blood leading behind then stark against the snow. 

Now, with those two gone, the she-bear stands no chance. She’s already so badly injured that even if she did escape she would starve, be killed by blood loss, or even an infection. She doesn’t stand a chance and at this his worry dissipates and a menacing grin spreads onto his maw. His teeth show viciously as he moves to assist Nyra and the others. Muscles shifting enticingly beneath a snowy, brindle pelt as he moves in for the kill. Rushing forward, kicking up snow, and his jaw flexes when he meet the bloodied pelt of the bears neck. Throwing his body into a horribly powerful shake he cuts into her neck, ripping and tearing. A sick laugh bubbling up from his bloodied maw he knows these are this bear’s last moments.

Her next moments will be spent feeding them and decaying outside of their borders. A perfect, beautiful, and powerful  decoration to their collection.
Whrist had been victorious with Derg’s help; one less bear for the pack to deal with as the thing fled with Derg hot on it’s tail; however that left her alone and exposed to the other bear that she had known had been hurtling toward her and her alone. She spun to stare death in the face, black maw riddled with white teeth bared wide.

She’d take on a the bear bearing down on her, she held not a ounce of fear she was a warrior and she’d protect her pack and everyone she could or she’d die trying if that was her fate today. The bear must have been overwhelmed by the number of wolves or the fleeing of the other male but it left just as abruptly as it arrived.

The black wraith assessed the situation the female still struggling as a white captive wolf held onto the under arm and Zsuzsa held it’s shoulder while a beautiful Black Male harried the female drawing it’s attention, taking the job Whrist had tried before committing to protecting Derg. Both the grandmaster and Nyra held onto it’s throat but even that might not soundly kill a bear, It needed more to bring it down, but if they could bring it down it’s flesh would feed the pack for weeks. It needed to die and as that thought clicked and the Adrenaline of fighting the other two bears and the euphoria of staring death in the face and coming out on top coursed through her making her feel invincible.

The Black Wraith threw herself at the female bear grabbing just behind the jaw going for the most exposed part of the esophagus. That put her in striking distance of those dangerous claws, she knew this too, Suddenly all her failed spars going for Nyra’s throat began flashing to mind, had she just made a mistake? Was it a fatal mistake?
Whrist was about to find out, she felt her invincibly fade but really how much damage could it could do as it struggled against two wolves hanging from it’s sides and struggled to for breath under the punishing grip of not one but three wolves upon it’s throat. She crushed down as held as tightly as she could trying to feel the trachea collapse if it died first would she then live?
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The other bears went and with it, the rest of the wolves came. Came to pile upon the single bear which still remained. The two largest of their party taking to each side of the bear's large and powerful neck. Others for the limbs and here Hemlocke found himself taking to an open spot, biting at the flesh which connected the hip to the torso. Though far from a warrior like the others, tooth, nail and force was pressed into the fray, to bring down the creature and make certain it could never come back to make the same mistake again.
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The Ursine's bellows got weaker, as did her movements, as more and more of the pack latched on. And with the effort, the grizzly was forced to the snow. 
Nyra grinned a demented Cheshire grin as she bit down with all her might and RIPPED

With her came most of the she-bear's jugular. An amazing feat the Harbinger was shocked she was able to make, as fresh blood sprayed and spurted over her and the ground like a macabre fountain. 

The bear would be long gone by the time every Saint present had taken a chunk, she would bet on that...

And like that, with the ripping of Nyra's own jaws and the rest of the Saints, the Ursine beast was felled, and she stilled. 
Nothing more than an eerie corpse to the weak of stomach.

This day, the Saints prevailed, and together they placed the Ursus at the borders, as a reminder to their enemies of their power, persistence, and might.

Long live the Saints of the Dying Light.