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Full Version: It's the start of another new year
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He'd left Neverwinter Forest with the intention of tracking down a meal near the Heartwood, but along the way the cruel winds altered his course, gently and gradually shoving him so that with each side-step he took, he meandered closer to the borders of the Glen. He was oblivious to the peril which had visited them short days ago- and was merely out looking for a meal for himself. It was only when he noticed the pattern of divets in the snow left behind by a patrolling Firefly wolf that he realized he was wandering parallel to their patrol route. The skies were grey, but even still he could tell that at least he'd stayed north enough of the boundaries to avoid trespassing- and there was no harm in meandering along as he made his way to the distant forest, right?

He saw another pattern of footprints leading across his path and to his dismay, they belonged to at least two jackrabbits, which were headed into the Glen. He would have loved to track them- but they crossed the very visible set of tracks in the snow that marked the borders. With a groan, he continued along, hoping that perhaps he might find something a bit further on, and perhaps rubbing shoulders with one of his neighbours as well while he was at it.