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Full Version: Blood of the dying Breed
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Permission to PP Chad given by Mai. Any who wish to join Odessa to go to the off-site pack, Kingstead, may do so. Just a one post reply if you'd like, as this will be Odessa's last post too! @Zephrine, @Cynefrid and any others who may be lurking around.

Celnes had led them to ruin. The High Elk, for all his efforts, had guided them towards their new home- a beautiful, lush and flourishing home for his followers to make their own. But the rule of their people was corrupt. Celnes blasphemy to her own God, her disrespect to their traditions, betrayal to their blood and disregard for her brethren had brought them to an end. She had attempted bringing in a white wolf, only for him to flee (best for him) and thus leave her to failure. She'd bring in every piece of sin and filth she could just to try and prove a point. The treachery stacked and as so it did, and the winter storms came, Kingslend would fall. 

Where was Brewster, Eadwulf, Corliss and Rohesia? Zephrine, Whitney, Glædwine, Aethelstan, Wymond and countless others? All gone. They had been here and why would they leave their family? Odessa could only assume it was because of their unhappiness, of their knowing of what their supposed Kings were doing to them-tearing them apart. Odessa had stayed because she felt their god was here. Felt she had no choice. But she felt him no more. And she could take no more. 

She rose to her paws, head high, cast out over the treeline that stretched out for miles. The home which she stood at the edge of, already the scent of their claim beginning to fade with so many they had lost. She takes a heavy breath of the crisp, bitter cold air and then she howls out a song of her departure, of gathering for any and all who may join her. She does not know if she will make it, but if even one wished to stand by her side to join her in their next endeavor she would try. It is first @Chad who comes to her side and she smiles deeply to the handsome young wolf, nosing him affectionately. If more came, she would open herself to them just the same.

To Kingstead they would go. And so, they went.