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Full Version: (BWP) Fade In, Fade Out
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The weather is unstable Teekons-Wide. Some days it breaks long enough to get to a further area, others it stays an unrelenting coat of constant blizzard. 
Prey animals have hunkered down in largely unknown locations throughout the last two weeks. Others have burrowed into their dens and holes to avoid being lost in the whiteouts. 
I have watched you fade in...
Wolves impacted are going hungry. Some may turn on each other and fight to near-death over a meal normally sharable. 
Is it truly every wolf for themselves?
Can packs remain steadfast and stable under such harsh stress?
What will become of everyone?
...Can they withstand the calamities caused by this?
You will watch me fade out;
and when the grip leaves my hands, I know you won't let me down...

-- Written by Nyra, Lyrics from "Fade In/Fade Out" by Nothing More