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Full Version: You think that you're space ghost
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set for evening, heavy snow, 23F

She was bad about following the rules; she had never seen a real reason for them beyond her parents fears of what might happen. That was never enough to make her stop and think about anything. Like any stubborn child, she needed to learn things the hard way. 

She was well on her way to learning one of many lessons tonight. She had strayed from the borders hours ago, confident that she could find her way home when she was ready. She hadn't accounted for the possibility of a storm, though. The trees of her home had sheltered her from the worst parts of the weather, and so she didn't factor it in when she decided to go on her adventure. 

Day had turned to night so quickly and with the darkness, came the drop in temperature and the start of a heavy snow fall. She grew worried and when she tried to make her way back home, she soon realized that she was very lost. All she saw was white around her; the snow blocked out the silhouette of the forest, and she wasn't able to orient herself. Suddenly, the air felt even colder and the night seemed even darker. She was alone, and her confidence had vanished long ago.

She wasn't sure what to do. She eventually found a small thicket and wedged herself inside, shaking with chill and fear. She hoped the storm would pass and she could see the tops of the trees to lead her home. Until then, she stayed where she was, unsure what else to do.
Mal worried a lot. What was it about his sons vanishing? Was it just because there were more of them to vanish or was there something special? He'd spent more time on patrol trying to run away from his thoughts, trying to make sure his two remaining children in the pack were safe. What had happened to the smiling man he'd tried to become? Gone, probably.

When he found his daughter's trail leading out of the territory, it was a whole new spike of fresh fear. He couldn't be too far behind, could he? From the borders he veered after her, hurried. Snow made the hour seem later than it was. But she was out there, and no night nor storm would stop him from bringing her back. He couldn't take losing another -- it didn't matter if they were getting older, they were his children. They needed to be safe. He shouted into the storm as he went, Nuala! He'd stop, he'd listen, then try to pick up the fragments of her trail as he wandered onward. Screw the storm, he'd be here all night if he had to. He had to find her.
What felt like hours passed as she remained tucked into the thicket, tired but too cold and too scared to sleep. She kept hoping the snow fall would at least slow down, but it never relented. 

But then a voice carried into her hiding place—a familiar voice that was calling her name. She stood, her muscles stiff from being tense for so long, and poked her head outside. She couldn't see anything. Her eyes searched frantically, but she couldn't see him anywhere. 

She stepped out fully into the storm. Dad! she cried out, her voice panicked. I'm over here! Nuala was afraid she would get more lost if she tried to find him, but maybe she could lead him to where she was.
Mal was just another grey shadow moving about in the white. For a moment he wondered if he was too late. Was she gone too? Hell. Giving up wasn't an option, though. He'd shout himself until he had no voice if he had to, and he was well on that way. Could he just make the storm end? Make it part? He'd try to will it

But there was another shadow. This one tawny. That was her, right?! Nuala! More relieved this time, but his voice still had to fight the wind. He bounded towards her, eager to confirm that really was her, that she was okay. Maybe for a few moments hours ago he might have been angry but that was lost ages ago. Now he was just relieved.
She heard his voice again. It was still from a direction she couldn't quite pinpoint though. She searched frantically through the white static, desperate to find just one single glimpse of grey, of dad. He would help her get home. 

Painful seconds passed, and she was about to call out once more but then she saw him. He was barely noticeable though the storm, but she knew it was him. She bolted completely out of the thicket and in his direction. 

When she reached him, she threw herself against him, shivering with fear and cold. Dad, she panted. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, she repeated that a few times before falling silent. She knew he would be mad, but she didn't care; she was just so happy to see him. He would take her home.
He rushed to meet her. To block her from the storm, save her from, well, everything if possible. Guess he'd have to start with just trying to stand between her and the wind as much as he could. They were out here, far from home, far from shelter, in the cold. But for the moment... He was just glad to see her. One step at time. 

He was just glad to see her for now, clinging to her as best he could, Nuala -- it's ok. It's ok -- you're safe. You're ok, right? We'll get you home -- it's not safe out here. He pulled back a second to briefly glance her over, then held her close. I was so worried-- A truth. There'd been so much loss. He couldn't stand much more of it. He hoped the others hadn't been eaten by the storm. Nuala had maybe been close to having that happen.