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Full Version: it's quiet uptown
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The borders had smelt odd when she'd approached, thin, and growing stale. Mum had always been vigilant; Clary had never known her as someone who would neglect the net of safety around her family. So she hadn't called. Everything just felt too weird, too... quiet. And when she'd squinted up to see Stone Circle, a tingling of apprehension made her fur stand on end.

Now she stood among the crumbled ruins, soaking in the broken home with piercing disbelief. She had come here expecting to find a great many things, but this was not one of them.

What had happened? Where had they gone? She paced around, picking up scents she knew, and some she didn't. Her brother, Merrit. Uncle Xan. Grandpa Kove. Mother. But hers was fresh, and concentrated around the mother stone. Clary scoped about the rock, and realized... it came from underneath and had begun to reek.

Her stomach plummeted; she felt wholly unwanting to be here anymore, but she needed to know, to find out what had happened. But how, when there was no one here to tell?

Various scents branched out from the Circle, and she picked one to follow. Heading Northbound. And Clary would follow, until she reached the end.