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Full Version: i wear my soul on my sleeve at night
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the coast to his left, mountains to his right, and snow coming down all around him.  the protective canopy of the shadewood protected him from the majority of the onslaught of the blizzard, but it had been snowing for long enough that there was a buildup that he had to break it up with his powerful forelimbs to effectively move forward.  it was simple but tiresome work; broken from his meditative state, he stopped dissociating and landed back in his body to find somewhere to stop and rest.  a particularly large elm tree was his target, beneath it was a grouping of rock that would help shield him further from the weather.  paces later, he let the ancient trunk support his weight as his aching muscles were relieved of their duties for the time being.
Whrist had gone ahead of two wolves she had given instructions to the coast too and they had not come this way. Now she was annoyed had she let two wolves jaunt past the packlands without harrying them just to allow them to gather intel possibly to give to their enemies. If she ever saw them again she’d be sure to deliver the appropriate message.

During her wait for the pair of wolves she had dug a hole below an elm tree beside some rocks and waited. Sometime during her stakeout she had fallen asleep, the snow had begun falling so thick that over the night it had coated her makeshift den and her body entirely. 

She awoke to the sound of crunching snow and only opened her eyes she didn’t move for fear she might reveal herself to her quarry. Very quickly it became evident that is was not her quarry, but yet another new wolf and this one nearly trampled her. 

Slowly the black wraith sat up allowing the snow to slide from her form as her piercing white blue eyes focused on her newest companion. She eyed him cautiously since he had come up upon her hiding hole and sat less then 2 feet from her. She made sure he wasn’t going to attack as she slowly stood to shake the remaining snow forcefully from her pure black pelt all the while keeping her eyes on him, she remained quiet allowing him to break the silence or leave.

It was not often that he could be found in such a compromising position; weary, he had let the snow blind him.  As soon as the other wolf emerged from where she'd been laying a low snarl ripped from his throat, quelled as quickly as it came.  Without looking behind him, now aware of his surroundings, he took a few paces back.

He paused for a moment, said Sorry, and cringed internally at how clunky the apology sounded as it tumbled from his lips.
The black female ignored his unnecessary apology and yawned exposing teeth, in a relaxed you are not going to take me on manner.  Then she leaned backward kicking each leg out behind her in turn, taking her time stretching the sleep from her muscles. Then she sat despite the snow,  She cut to the chase deciding to ignore preamble unless he insisted it. Her tone was clear and concise and matter of fact she was not one to mince words if she didn’t need to. “I was waiting for someone, have you seen a father daughter pair about lately?” She watched him then looking over his form assessing him from head to toe, things she needed to know should he turn foe.

She examined his build, his movement, looked for weakness, noted any strengths he might have in comparison to her. She blinked once and tipped her ears to him in order to catch his words.

The longer he was able to observe her, the less he was sorry about having come upon her in such an unexpected manner. Her demeanor annoyed him — anything that reminded him of himself usually did.  For her size, she had the confidence of a warrior; from this he assessed she was likely swift of foot and fang.  Cocky and sure, she ignored his apology (and at least for that he was grateful), instead pointing a question his way.  His expression was stoic and unchanging as he responded simply, No.  

As she surveyed him, his haunting galleon gaze was focused on her general form.  His massive toes crunched the snow beneath him as the gargoyle simply let her linger upon him; he had already done his sizing-up and was uninterested in a fight.  Moments passed, and finally he questioned flatly, Were they supposed to be here by now?  With the snow, her company might be having some issues finding the location.
The black wraith snorted, “No, they passed by close to my pack and I gave them directions to pass by here, I wanted to see if they were truly going here or if they were spies
She fought to wipe the sneer from her face. Then she continued once see managed a more neutral facial expression "I know they have not found our packs location but I mean to find out just why exactly they are about.” She moved her eyes back to his face “What are you doing in these parts?

The pack was 70% female they needed more males, this one was not bad looking and seemed battle fit. She’d wait to invite him though she wanted to know his intention “I am Whrist by the way” she added in a much more conversational tone

She weaves him a tale, which for now the man would take at face value.  Impassively, he watched her struggle to maintain neutrality in her face.  She tells him their pack's location is hidden away somewhere, and he wonders how much his snowblindness had obscured.  Was he closer than he realized to pack-claimed lands?  She directs a question towards him that pulls him from this brooding, and he replies at first with a roll of his shoulders.  If it were not these lands, it would be any other.  There was nothing special about this wilderness to him, it was simply where he had ended up.  I am Jecht.

He releases a long-held breath and asks, Since it does not look like your company will be arriving, will you be heading home?
A lone raven flew overhead and landed in the tree above them giving a loud singular Caw, The black wraith looked up and Yipped once in return then returned her gas to her new companion, she allowed her eyes to linger on his pelt giving herself the opportunity to take in just his masculinity. His thick shoulders and narrow hips, she wondered it he was a hybrid of some sort, it turned out he had a third for the hybrids.

She found her lips curving into a smile as her heavy lidded white blue eyes moved back to his, mischievousness hinted there “I’d thought to hang about a while maybe have some fun. Especially with such good looking company
She licked her lips subtly and stood drawing just a bit closer to him, so her meaning might not just be implied, her voice became just a little husky
Why? Do you want to get rid of me.. Jecht” She allowed his name to roll off her tongue tasting it as one might a fine filet mignon.

this is VERY fun

In the silence he waited, and as the raven flew overhead his gaze flicked upwards at it.  He paid it no further mind, even as she called to it, communicated with it.  Instead he closed his eyes as if lost in a memory, and when he opened them again he appeared slightly removed from himself.  When he refocused, she was looking at him in a curious way.  The thick fur along the back of his neck and shoulders rose, and a shudder ran through his spine that made him appear momentarily possessed.

The dark-furred minx had pegged the wrong man, the DARK MAN, for his breed was bloodblack and war-branded, not the kind who could be so easily seduced.  With intention she moved towards him and with surprising speed he again punctuated the air between them with a sharp clack of his teeth.  He would tolerate her company and made no further move to make his point, but he was not interested in sex.  Not with this woman and her heavy-lidded gaze, or with anyone for that matter.

It is not that I am refusing your company, he clarified slowly, it is that I will not be touched.  He forced the words through the bars of his teeth and melted seamlessly back into the stoic gentleman he'd been moments earlier.

The wraith scented the air drawing his smell into her nares, memorizing him holding him close in her minds eye. The clack of his teeth bothered this femme naught, she enjoyed a challenge, and he was piquing her curiosity on many levels.

  “Mmmmm” She agreed and nodded, She moved past his actions with water running off a ducks back. “How about a hunt? The raven up there told me of something huntable to the north past the tree”

She lifted her head and scented the air then her nose pointing to the north as the wind blew gently in her face she smirked then turned to look at him “By the faint scent I’m picking up it might be a badger,” The black wraith grinned with a bare of her teeth “If you are up to the challenge” not waiting to see if he’d follow, She stood, turned and trotted away through the snow. It would take more then one wolf to take down an adult badger they were mean and nasty and Whrist was about to throw herself into the lions den so to speak.