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Maybe a caregiver/medic thread for her?

She'd been in this pack for a few days. Resting, eating. Letting them baby her a little.
Of course, she wasn't useless and did - gingerly - find for food for herself. She did try hunting and did manage to catch a few little rodents. But there wasn't much in the way of small prey for her.

Now, Ryn settled outside the abandoned badger sett Anteres offered her to stay in. It was cool having her own little den. It was filled with dry leaves already and did smell a little funny, but it was starting to smell more wolf now.
She licked her cracked and scabbed paws. The rest and warmth had helped them heal a little, but they were so itchy now. She dug her teeth into them, trying to satisfy the itch as she pulled a scab off, blood leaking into her mouth hand into the snow as she licked it to stop the bleeding. but that itch still remained.
Lane approached the badger den in a roundabout fashion, unsure of exactly where she was going. She was also new to the Glen, and shortly after settling in she had been asked to check over their smallest new addition. Thankfully, the pup she sought out was reclined outside of the den, which made locating her a whole lot easier. 

"Hey kiddo," Lane chuffed softly. Her greeting was somewhat garbled by the medkit in her mouth, but her friendly body language would communicate her intentions well enough. Her tail swung back and forth in wide, easy movements. She slowed her approach, gauging the child's reaction before she drew any closer. 

The familiar scent of fresh blood met Lane's trained senses, and she noted the bright red patches that dotted the child's face, paws, and the snow around her. The child's instincts were good-- despite the mess it made, breaking open the scabs to clean and drain them would aid the healing process.
A woman popped from around the back of her den. Ryn wondered how long she'd waited. How long she watched before approaching. Had she been told to come? Or seen and took it upon herself to care for her situation?
Ryn tilted her head, eyes holding childish curiosity at the woman and her bundle.
A smell wafted from it - Speedy. A medic. Herbalist.

A smile touched her lips at the greeting.
"Hey," she chirped back. Her tail wagged in greeting and for friendship as the woman did too.
She was older than Ravaryn herself, but not as old os Keyni or Antares (judging by appearances).

Her left paw was still raised, still welling with a dark red.
"I'm Ravaryn, but you can call me Ryn," she smiled, tail still wagging softly.
Well, wasn't she just the most adorable thing ever? Lane didn't really consider herself much of a puppy-person, but for some reason this one was particularly endearing. 

Ryn didn't seem put off in the least, so Lane continued her approach. She dropped the medkit on the ground before she spoke.

"I'm Melaine, but you can call me Lane," she answered, lifting a brow humorously. "So.. I was hoping we could maybe help each other out, Ryn."

In addition to going by shortened versions of their full names, the two had something else in common. Lane lifted her right paw and turned it over, so the pad was facing upwards. Lane's pad was cracked as well, but instead of blood it leaked an icky-smelling white puss. Her puncture wound had healed very poorly, thanks to the hard traveling during the blizzard.

Lane wrinkled her nose dramatcally, drawing attention to the putrid smell. "You've been doing a good job taking care of yourself, Ryn. Me, not so much. I didn't get enough rest, and mine got infected." Lane watched the child's reaction, wondering if anything she was saying might pique her interest. Lane's parents had instructed her to do this with all of her younger siblings-- to use every opportunity as a teaching moment.
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Coincidentally, Keyni had been away from Ravaryn's den site the Glen's newest member opted to pay the youth a visit. With the storm beginning to subside, yet with plenty of snow remaining in it's wake, she thought it was prudent to check on the caches. Prey would soon begin to return and the sites of their stores were all buried under layers of snow. They needed to be easily accessible before being filled again.

Her return was marked with a fresh dusting of snow on her pale paws, evidence that she had been busy digging. Softly padding up to the renovated badger den, her ears pricked at the sound of voices. Ravaryn was not alone. With her was a wolf older than she, but younger than Keyni herself. After a quiet moment of observation, she padded up to the pair. "I see you've met our youngest member, Lane." She offered the tawny girl a smile, having caught her preferred, shortened version of her name. "I am Keyni. I found Ravaryn just a few days before your arrival." Displaying the same tender affection as she had before, Keyni reached down to gently nuzzle the younger one's cheek, with jade eyes on Melaine. "And good timing too. The poor thing was half frozen."
Lane. That was a nice name.
Ryn beamed, wondering what she was talking about. Of course, they had more in common - they had the same pack and seemed to enjoy medical pursuits. Well, the latter she wouldn't know.

She turned her paw over to reveal the swollen pad bursting with puss, the stuff oozing from it. The smell had been hidden under her paw and by the herbs she'd brought. Not enough rest when injured did that. Right.
Ryn inched closer to sniff it, but Keyni arrived. Her attention was drawn away as she greeted her saviour with a chuff, wag of the tail, and a lick to her muzzle.
She offered Keyni a quick smile before turning back to Lane and her god-awful paw.

"To clean the wound you need uh, to put it in water." That's what Speedy said. A river. But Ryn knew there were no running rivers around here. She stood, looking around. She needed moss.
"I can help you," she grinned, tail wagging to LAne, then glancing to Keyni to see f this was ok. If this was allowed or whatever parents thoughts. Well, Keyni wasn't a parent but seemed to be some sort of temporary guardian.
Lane noted Keyni's arrival out of the corner of her eye, but she didn't really expect to be interrupted. The pack knew who she was by now, and what she was here to do. She couldn't remember who had suggested to her that she check on Ryn (names and faces weren't her strong suit), but the reason for a medic to approach a bleeding child, medkit in hand, would be pretty apparent. 

And so, the medic was surprised by Keyni's interruption. Lane was aware that there were wolves out there who mistrusted medical professionals... perhaps Keyni was one of them? Lane plastered on her most demure smile, trying to appear nonthreatening despite not fully understanding what sort of threat she could have theoretically posed.

"Keyni," Lane greeted, offering a nod of respect. She understood her own place to be ranked somewhere below the other wolves, seeing as her position in the pack was temporary. 

"That's pretty lucky," Lane commented after Keyni recounted her version of events. Lane had heard it somewhat differently. She'd heard not that the child had been found in the sense of a rescue, but rather that Ryn had walked herself, all alone, all the way to their doorstep in the middle of a blizzard. Lane also had done exactly that, arriving at the Grove at roughly the same time, and so she knew from experience exactly how much strength and fortitude it would have required the child to get herself here. It was another thing Lane and Ryn had in common. 

Keyni must have been the sentry who received Ryn, then, and now she had taken up the mantle to look after her. Keyni bent to nuzzle the child, all the while keeping her eyes trained on Lane. The overall effect was that she looked quite protective, and the whole show felt oddly like a power-move. Again, Lane smiled deferentially. She wasn't here to step on anyone's toes. 

Ryn seemed thoroughly engaged by the partnership Lane had posed, and she began immediately offering solutions. With a final nod of respect to Keyni, Lane turned her attention back to the kid. 

"Whatcha lookin' for?" Lane queried, "One of... these?" She pulled on the loose end of her medkit's wrappings and the whole kit unfolded, revealing a large piece of moss soaked in fresh snowmelt. Yep, Lane was basically a magician. 

A medley of dried herbs also tumbled out of the cobweb bindings. Lane nosed through them, separating out what she wanted. Coltsfoot and horsetail, and a bit of marigold. It was all soggy from being wrapped up alongside the moss, which was good. That would help get the poultice started. Lane began to chew them up methodically. 

"We'll stfart wift yours, since yours ift awlready clean," Lane instructed through a mouthful of herbs. Ryn had done a good job pulling away the old scab and licking her paws clean; all that was left now was to apply the antiseptic and wrap it. Lane spat the concoction into the snow and then looked up expectantly. She was ready to apply the medication to Ryn's paws as soon as they were offered.
"That it was." She replied with an easy smile to Melaine. "I couldn't just leave her." Her version of having found Ravaryn may have been missing some pieces. She had neglected to fill Melaine in on the finer details, being that she had just arrived on the scene now. Ears flickering, Keyni keenly noticed a second smile from the slightly younger wolf. Aware of how she might appear, she stepped back to give her and Ravaryn some space. The tundrian was not the type to actively pull rank or to abuse what power may come with it. But, under the right circumstances the laid back Keyni would assert herself.

She had arrived in the middle of a lesson in medicine, it seemed. So she was happy to sit back and observe the two, while taking mental notes. Nodding to Ryn, she wasn't about to hold the child back from learning or having her sore paw pads tended to by a medic. Jade eyes skimmed over the assortment of herbs in Melaine's bundle, reminded of the time she had tried dabbling in medicine herself. While she may not pursue that field anymore, it never hurt to know a trick or two, just in case.
Sorry for being so slow!

She glanced between the two. It seemed like there was something there..something that put them at odds. Like a coat zipper that won't quite do up.
But she didn't pay any heed to those politics. She wasn't the issue nor a party. Ryn was just there; a subject.
And was content to stay that way.

She lifted her left paw to look at it, it was worse off. The blood had left the pale snow stained crimson. At least it has stopped bleeding so much.
Lane drew her attention back to her pouch. Her head tilted slightly, thinking. Then, Lane pulled off the best trick ever, revealing the herbs rolled up neatly inside. Ryn let out a soft "Whoah..." Her eyes nearly bulging from her head.
She wanted to do that.

And there, the moss. Her tail wagged faster, grinning wildly. She could help her first patient!
She watched and picked out the herbs Lane picked up to chew. They all smelt heavy and strong. Those seemed to be healing types then.
Ryn nudged the moss, saturated with water. She'd use that to clean Lane's wounds, and maybe some melted snow if she needed it. "This is so cool!" She grinned even wider if such a thing were possible.
"This is so cool!"

"You really think so?" Lane wagged her tail, encouraged by the kid's enthusiasm. Was she a medic in the making, perhaps? "Well, what we have here is a poultice.. with coltsfoot to soothe and soften, and.. horsetail and marigold to stop bleeding and lower the risk of infection." Lane chatted happily as she spread the poultice on Ryn's paws. She wrapped each forepaw deftly using the cobweb bindings. 

It was Ryn's turn now. Lane held her paw out to the child. 

"You know how to use that thing, I take it?" Lane prompted, nodding toward the moss. She had already demonstrated the application of the poultice and the binding process; it was just up to Ryn to imitate the procedure. 

Oh! Lane remembered something that had been bugging her for a couple days. She turned to Keyni with her question, keeping half an eye on Ryn as the child worked. 

"Hey Keyni, I actually had kind of a dumb question..." Lane started, her gaze darting away sheepishly. "So, the other day, when you guys put down that motherfu--" Oh wait, there was a kid here. "--Killed that bear. There was that huge white lady that was there, and you guys attacked her too. So um.. why did you do that? Why'd you go after the lady, I mean..?" Lane had a feeling that this touched on one of those unspoken rules of pack life. You know, those rules that she had never learned. She'd never had any reason.
Whether or not Keyni and Melaine were actually on the same page, as pack mates they had to develop some form of understanding between one another either way. She hadn't been present at the time Melaine joined of course, and thusly was unaware that her stay in the Glen was only ever meant to be temporary. Her attention switched away from the preparation and application of the medicine once Melaine said she had a question for her.

It was in reference to the battle with the bear. One of her delicate brows rose skeptically as the traveling medic very nearly let a swear slip her lips, but caught herself. Dismissing it, she nodded, prompting her to continue. Her question was not so much about the attack on the bear itself, but on the large white woman. Keyni gave a measured sigh, but did not appear regretful. "She was an intruder. She stepped on to claimed lands un-invited." She explained evenly, leveling her gaze before moving on. "She helped, yes. But I did not know what kind of person she was. Antares is our Alpha, and I simply followed his cue in assisting him. My intention was not so much as to attack, but to drive her out, past the borders." She said, being as diplomatic as she could pertaining to the matter.
She watched keenly as Lane worked on her, the poultice smeared into her congealed wounds.
It didn't hurt, but it cooled her pad.
It was nice.
Then, rather quickly, Lane swept the tangle of cobwebs over them, coating them with a silvery mass.

Ryn could only look in wonder.

Then she was asking if she could use the moss. Ryn nodded, taking it up and washing out the wounds on Lane's own paws. Dirt and a little blood washed out into the snow. Good.
Just as she was scooping up the poultice, ALne said something interesting.
Motherfu-bear. Why did she pause?

"Muf-a-fu bare?"
She asked, the poultice still on her tongue as she glanced between the adults before applying the poultice. Reminding herself of what was in it.
Coltsfoot soothes and softens, horsetail and marigold stops bleeding and infection.

They spoke of some woman they'd chased out. Trivial adult things, she guessed.
Ryn moved onto the cobweb and tried to copy how Lane flipped it over then soothed it down so it stuck. It was clumsy but secure. Good enough for a beginner.
Evergreen eyes tilted to the adults, questioning and looking for praise.

Lane cringed inwardly as the child repeated the half-swear. Keyni seemed willing to ignore it though, so Lane followed suit. 

"Looking good," Lane murmured to Ryn, hoping to redirect her thoughts back to her task. It seemed to work, as Ryn began spreading the poultice on the wound without any more questions. 

Keyni's explanation didn't make a whole lot of sense to Lane. If the stranger had helped, then didn't it stand to reason that they knew exactly what kind of person she was? She had risked her hide stepping into claimed territory to help them bring down a monster. She was a hero, and the pack had treated her like a villain. 

Keyni's explanation edged on defensive toward the end, so instead of pushing the issue, Lane made an effort to dissolve the tension. 

"Oh, sorry, didn't mean that to sound like I was accusing you of anything. When I asked why you did that, I meant like all of you. I'm still a little fuzzy on pack-life stuff." It was moments like that, when all of the Glen wolves sprang into coordinated action without a word, that left Lane feeling a little lost. Whatever that instinct was that had all the pack wolves working together reflexively... yeah, Lane didn't have it. 

Lane really wanted to change the subject. She looked down at her paw, which was now wrapped. She wiggled her toes. The bindings were a little loose maybe, but they held. It was good work. 

"Well lookit that. I think you're a natural, Ryn. Once you're up for it, you should join me on rounds. I could use an assistant with your talent." Lane bumped Ryn's shoulder in congratulations. She then began cleaning up, sweeping her supplies back together to bundle them up in what remained of the cobwebs. Speaking of rounds, it was about time for her to get going.
She sent a side eyed glance to Ryn, who repeated a jumble of the swear. She said nothing, but would speak to the girl later, educating her on how the use of such language was improper. But even she had been known to let her tongue slip, when she lost her temper. Which was rarely. 

Melaine attempted to clarify what she had meant, and Keyni shook off her apology, relaxing. "It is not a problem. I hadn't known you were new to the pack life situation." She breathed, easily. "I honestly do not have the answer as to why we acted as we did. Only that in times leading up to that day, everyone was under a lot of stress. Emotions were running high, as were mine. Perhaps we were running more on instinct than using logic." She wasn't perfect, as level headed as she so often was. Managing a slight smile, she left it at that and hoped Melaine would be content with it. 

Glancing with approval to Ryn, she smiled with a spark in her eyes. She would make a fine medic one day. "Very nice work. I am sure you will learn a lot from Lane here." Nudging her ear on the way past, Keyni excused herself from the pair, happy that Ryn was on the mend and had made another friend.
They both seemed very happy with her, leaving the girl beaming with pride.
Though, they both seemed to have a strange air about them. Perhaps a little confusion, perhaps something more. Ryn didn't know what to call the tension.

It sounded like they were talking about some sort of game but someone they didn't want joined in. And Lane didn't understand why she wasn't allowed. 
But their praise chased away those thoughts of their conversation she didn't care much about.
Lane offered her a place as an assistant on the rounds, and Ryn grinned with a nod, "That sounds fun!"
She assumed it was something to do with being a medic, especially as Keyni praised her so.

"Thank you," she beamed to them both, tail wagging.
But soon enough, Keyni was leaving and Lane was packing up too.
"I'll see you guys around," her beam faltered. She should do things like finding herbs. Not mope about being lonely. Ryn missed her sister. And her Mama. And her Dadas.
Lane nodded. It was as she had thought: Keyni and the others had acted on instinct-- an instinct that Lane didn't possess herself-- and the Glen woman was unable to really explain further. Perhaps Antares would be a better person to ask, but she didn't want to seem like she was questioning the alpha. From Keyni's explanation, it seemed that he was used to being followed without argument. 

Ryn enthusiastically agreed to join Lane on rounds. She was positively glowing under Lane and Keyni's praise. Keyni left a little abruptly, which concerned Lane. She hoped she hadn't upset the Glen woman. Speaking of upset, did Ryn's tone also have a bit of an edge?

"You could come with me now, if you wanted," Lane suggested, hoping that might be the ticket to put the smile back on Ryn's face. "Wanna carry the medkit?" With Ryn close by, Lane would be able to keep an eye on her bindings and make sure she didn't chew too much do anything else that might cause them to fall apart. Pups could be hard on bandages.
"Really?" She beamed tail wagging again.
Maybe she could actually help out! Oh, Lane would teach her surely! It beat laying around here.
"Let's go!" She bounced with a grin.

Ryn picked up the folded medkit gently despite her body buzzing with excitement. She wanted to learn more and know how to help everyone. So when Lane moved off, Ryn followed with a bouncy step and a grin.