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Full Version: Long Live The Queen!
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Celebration Nyra’s crowning to Overseer and Derg’s position to General!

Calling all of the Saints! @Nyra @Derg @Arlette @Dove @Simmik @Hemlocke @Leigh @Whrist @Aerin @Auriel

Posting isn’t mandatory, cameos welcome!

The Saints are growing strong, even in one of the harshest winters he’s known. Their might only becomes more impressive and he feels a twinge of heated pride swell in his breast. A love for his pack mates that he would never trade — a love for the pack mates he would die for no questions asked.

Today is a special day — Nyra’s inauguration to become his eyes and ears during battle, to become his second half — his Overseer. The battlemaiden has been loyal to no end, always meeting the packs needs. Her skills in battle are formidable and her ferocity during battle unmatched, he knows she will make him proud. 

As for Derg, the former Overseer has done just as many valuable deeds. His strength when he was need was unwavering. Though Kynareth could sense an uneasiness within him that came from such an important leadership role, he delivered more than well enough to satisfy his Grandmaster’s insatiable needs — the needs of the pack, of the many. His role as General is just as important and Kyn knows that Derg will stay true to what he must do and when he must do it as a true General would. 

So he stands before his strath — his beautiful home — and howls for his pack. Hoping they will come in honor of their pack mates.
She hears his howl, familiar and powerful, calling for all the Saintsmen.
The occasion must be special, but she doesn't yet know for what it will be.

The surprise will be pleasant. 

Nyra sprints for Kynareth's howl, taking a good few minutes or so before she put on the breaks and slowed before him, tail swaying gently as she gazed upon him with an open pant, inquiry in her eyes as she asks "What's the occasion? Are we going to war?" Though his call didn't sound like a call to arms, she could never truly know until he spoke.
Another play, another set. This one was a special occasion,  one where you were to dress in your finery because a queen was to be born. Oh it was true that the Dove did not know this play just yet, for now she had taken the crown she had taken. This was not her ceremony but it was fitting to wear it, no? 

A howl and a smile, the first Overseer's skull over her own very much alive one and she was on her way. 

She had arrived in all her beauty, feathers along her nap and skull overlaying her own. She heard the battle maiden's question and shook her head, no, not to war. His howl would have held a different tone, thos was a special occasion.  With a few swishes of her curled tail she dipped her head, she would await her king's words.
It had been many moons since the departure, since the first overseer's head had rolled. Yet, it felt like only yesterday. This was strange to the she-wolf, this new snow queen was fresh. Auriel had not gazed upon her face before. She had been back not even a day, had not even greeted her former packmates or the newer ones. Still, this woman was to be her superior. She just hoped this she-wolf and the last didn't have many similarities.

She had already been close by when the fearsome howl erupted in the air, so it did not take her long to arrive. The dove was a familiar face, and although she knew the other white she-wolf must be her new queen, Nyra was unknown to her. Are we going to war? The female asks. Was this another of Donovan's playmates? Auriel would not be surprised, the hybrid must have a female in every corner by now. 

That is when it sinks in, Dove was wearing a skull. A wolf's skull. Nemesis? Her rival is still here to attend these meetings in spirit, then. Auriel would not speak a word about it, Nemesis had never been worthy of her respect. It was no different in death.
The world was cold, bitter, stilled by the harshness of a winter that chilled the half-blood at times to the bone. Perhaps not as plush, dense furred as his full-blooded cousins and without herbs to search for had hidden away within the safety of the pack territory for the most part. His mind wanders however... Wanders where his long legs could no longer. He thinks of Dove as often he does. He thinks of the night wolf, @Zsuzsa, who had seemed to be lost to them by the storms. And he thinks of @Leigh, who seemed to have changed bu the trails which she had since endured here. Maybe they all had changed, for better or for worse.

And then his leader calls out to them all. It is not an angry cry, a call to battle or one of distress. There is a strength to it, a pride. Hemlocke is curious but both weary. Last a gathering had been made a slaughter had occurred. The warlock wondered if more blood would be fed to the land.

He slinks quietly along the overcast winter day, remaining to the protection of the shade for the most part still. When he arrives, it is to see already a few gathered and a new face he did not recall. She was dressed in odd patterns along her coat, but they were mostly all odd, werent they? Nyra was the biggest woman he had ever seen. His leader was stripped with a boxy muzzle and rounded off ears. Dove wore her head-dress, feathers in her fur. The hellhound smiles.
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A melodic and deep beautiful song filled the crisp air of the strath a voice that was curl her tail and warm her deep down to her bones, to this voice she would come. Oh yes she would come.

She turned toward the source of the sound, only slightly disheartened by the fact she knew others would be there. As long as she got to see the grandmaster without that white mutt at his side she’d be happy enough though. She’d not hang around to long if that bitch were there though her teeth itched at the thought of staining her white fur red, that was until she saw the wolf beside the grandmaster. All thoughts of killing a white wolf fled as she looked over the imposing form of Nyra as she towered over even Kynareth Deagon of the Abbey.  The black femme passed by the three wolves that were largely unknown to her, they were pack that she knew, but little else. Not even their names though she thought the black one might be called Hemlocke due to her conversation with Derg and the white wolf that wore death on her face might have been referred to as Dove if her memory served her from the night in the caves.

Whrist moved closer to the grandmaster and to Nyra and bumped her head first on his shoulder in greeting, then she moved to Nyra and bumped her head on the white brutes shoulder before sitting between the pair. “That did not sound like a call to arms, But I’m ready for anything

Whrist grinned she half wondered if either would stare her down and ask for more space she’d give it freely mind you but for the moment she wanted to bathe in their presence and their scents
Derg wasn't in any rush today. Certainly not.
He was about to be, to take up his place as Overseer by Kynareth. This was a call for announcements.
But then remembered that wasn't the case anymore.
So the agouti took his time.

He wished he didn't when he arrived.
The woman he'd defended from Nemisis in the canyons, who'd vanished without word or trace.
He let out a short bark that carried her name upon it and trotted to her side, head tilted as he bumped her shoulder and checked her over.
No marring. No pains, as far as he could see.
The wind must've taken her then.
"It's been a while," he mused with a smile.

He glanced to Kynareth. He'd start when they were mostly all here.
He was surprised to not see Simmik beside him, but that wasn't his problem. What was his problem was Arlette, whom he now perked his head to look for.
Arlette heard the howl. She was with Derg so it was easy to travel together. She was glad for Derg taking his time as his wounds were not fully healed yet. She made sure to keep an eye on him that he didn't do too much. As they arrived in the group, Derg seemed to perk up. Arlette looked at him curiously and then followed his gaze. She barked at a female, see was new.

Arlette's red eyed glaze turned to the female Derg so happily greeted. A light glare dusted her scarred maw when he seemed to check her out. Arlette stepped to her friend Nyra and Whrist, clearly not very impressed. Perhaps she was so used to Derg giving her all the attention she was getting a bit spoiled by it. She looked at the two of her friends, clearly questioning who this female was by motioning her eyes in a certain way.
Auds of trailing cloudwisp flutter attentively as Donovan's (Kynareth's, as she'd had to remind herself multiple times since returning to the brotherhood of warriors) sonorous tones echoed through the trees. 

Casting aside her current task, the midwife picked up a canter as she turned towards the summons, coltish limbs soon lengthening into the effortless sprint of a greyhound with ease. Her hasty gait slowed only when the blips of her pack mates dotted the horizon, slipping into a lope that was not so atypical of a lupine. 

How much could change in only half a year, the pale hart would muse silently as she trotted up to the impromptu grouping -- perching neatly somewhere along its fringes upon marble haunches. It was an overgrown garden path that Aerin could not (would not) allow her mind to meander along, even later when she found herself alone again with the treachery of her own thoughts. 

Perhaps if she'd stayed, if she'd given Aliroth up for lost..

The halfling pushed it away forcefully, sequestering back in the shadows of her subconscious where it lay amongst the other things she refused to speak of. She was here now, the Saluki reminded herself as she nodded respectfully towards Kynareth (pondering for a moment where Simmik might be), offering a faint smile of polite warmth towards anyone whose eye she had managed to catch as she trickled in amongst the last stragglers. There were several faces she recognized, but many more that she did not. 

The halfling kept quiet, focused on keeping her thin limbs from trembling with nerves, as she turned an inquisitive gaze towards the brindled titan and the pallid Amazon who stood proudly at his side. He would explain soon enough and her curiosity would be sated then. 
She had been napping outside the den in a patch of sun that warmed her fur comfortably. The call had woken her and grumpily, she considered ignoring it. She was tired today, and the thought of getting up and sitting with pack seemed like far too much work. It was really unlike her to sleep in the middle of the day, but she had not been able to ignore the sleepiness when it overcame her. 

With a long sigh, she stretched and reluctantly got to her feet. Finally, she left, trotting through the territory in the direction from which the sound had come. When she arrived, it was from behind Ky, and she could see a good number of the pack already there—a few faces she didn't know very well and few she knew too well. She came up beside the Grandmaster, and brushed against him languidly as she passed, giving him a soft smile as she took a seat close but off to the side a bit. She gave Whrist and Nyra both a cold stare before laying comfortable down in a sphinx-like position. It was then that she saw Aerin, and she offered a curt nod before letting her fiery gaze rest on her mate's face to wait for him to explain why he called them all here.
Kyn stands tall amongst the strath. He’s always been to prideful, but seeing his pack grow in size and strength makes his heart flutter. Especially with so many old faces showing once more. 

So there he stands alone, until Nyra is the first to appear, as she usually is. Her timing is always impeccable but her guess as to why he’s called this meeting is not. He only smirks deviously at her in return, offering a playful “Not quite.” to is all he gives. Intentionally meaning to make it mysterious just for her new surprise. 

Finally, more faces show. The next is Dove. With her elegant feathered pelt as white as the snow, unblemished. He smiles to her, his eyes brightening as he offers a nod. He never gets over seeing that skull frame her beautiful face like the worlds most fucked up crown. 
Next to show is Auriel, his smile carries onto her as well as she seems to await his highly anticipated words.
Then the hellhound. Kynareth’s eyes wander over his tall form and he holds a greeting in his eyes with a dip of his head.
A black form moves towards him then and he recognizes them as none other than Whrist. Her pitch black fur catches his eyes and he smirks when she brushes herself against him.

Only then does he answer her comment. An easy “Your guess is a bit closer.” He hums, entertainment obvious in his tone. He loves a good guessing game.

Incoming next is Derg. He seems excited to see Auriel and it makes him laugh softly at the sight of them two catching up. Then, Arlette. The scarred beauty is always just a step behind the agouti male. Kynareth tries his best to give her his most flirtatious wink as he looks between Derg, Auriel, and Arlette, eyes full of mirth. 

His eyes must deceive him, for he sees the wispy haired wolf-dog next. He’s smiling softly to her and even nods his head in a motion that universally means ‘come closer’. Until his eyes are catching on his wife. His lovely, lovely wife. Surprising him as she brushing against him and he catches her gleaming smile with his own before finally facing all of them.

“Saints!” He yells softly to get everyone’s attention, a wide, proud smile on his face. “I called you all here so we can celebrate and acknowledge Nyra’s coronation as our new Overseer — my equal.” His voice is filled with a delicious base, strong in tone and pride as he announces the woman’s promotion.

Then his eyes drift to Derg and he smiles at him. A friendly, almost loving gesture. “As well as Derg’s new position as General — lead of the Blades. He served me well as Overseer. Always vigilant and ready to lead, but now he has a different place. One just as important.”

Then he steps aside to glance at the two. “Congratulations.” He says to them both, finality in his voice.
Nyra tilts her head a little at Kynareth's answer. Not quite.
So, not yet.
Not war, not just yet. 
Dove confirms this with a shake of her head, wearing the skull of the original Overseer - Nemisis, if Nyra recalled right. 
Next comes a female Nyra's not sure she's ever met before, even in the canyons. The time will come to make introductions with the firebrand female later. 
Coming soon after Auriel, who Nyra knew not, Hemlocke. 
Then Whrist, bumping her head against the Grandmaster's shoulder, then Nyra's and sitting between them. 
Nyra chuckles softly at this, watching as Derg and Arlette join the group.
Derg barks at the firebrand female, and Arlette does not look pleased as she joins Nyra and Whrist, a clearly jealous Who the fuck is she? On her face. Nyra shrugs and mouths "I don't know" To Arlette, barely paying any attention, if any at all, to Simmik as her mirror image gives the yin-yang a cold stare before settling close to Kyn, off to the side. 
At the same time comes a dainty, small canine Nyra also doesn't remember, but will make introductions with her too, later. 

Kynareth finally calls attention to everyone gathered, and what comes out of his mouth, the battlemaiden is clearly not expecting. 
A look of pleasant shock springs on her face as Kynareth announces her as the new Overseer, his equal, the second alpha of the Saints. 
As he deems Derg the new General, the lead of the Blades, Nyra is already pulling forward to take her place beside Kynareth with tall, confident posture, her gait dripping with purpose and authority. 
At his congratulations, finality in tone, she dips her head briefly with a few wags of her tail.
"I will make you proud." She vows, standing beside him and after a few moments, she's lifting her head into a booming yet beautiful howl, one of celebration, and one she silently hoped most if not everyone else would join in on. 

This is a happy day, why not sing for it?
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Whrist took Arlette’s glance and more thoroughly examined the red femme but frowned slightly and gave only a bare shake of her head.

Then simmik arrived and got to close to whrist as she was sitting between the Grandmaster and Nyra, as Simmik drapped herself across the Grandmaster. Her pitch black muzzle wrinkled in something akin to disdain or disgust or was that jealously she was a mess emotionally and not even she knew.

The black wraith was not a social wolf she had raised herself, amongst others who shunned her. She was an emotionally stunted mess, Her emotions were something she never had to deal with out on her own as a lone wolf and her confusion only made her crazier. She was going to snap soon and that wasn’t likely going to be pretty.

As the white witch lay down Whrist forced her face to smooth out, hoping no one aside perhaps Simmik herself saw her unguarded emotions.

She pointedly turned her gaze to the grandmaster as he spoke and then the Nyra. Whrist joined in Nyra’s joy and Shifted to lift her voice in harmony with the new Overseer’s
So many new faces. Even the priestess, who she had spoken to on occasion, was vastly foreign to her. I have been gone far too long. It was time to make up for her absence, she would work herself to the bone to prove herself to her pack. To her Donovan. The first new face besides the huge white she-wolf was a shadow, darker than the night with eyes of smoldering red. Terrifying, she had to admit. A hellhound. Like the stories the no-furs used to whisper around the campfire late at night, when the snakes had long headed for their burrows. He smiles at Dove, a strange expression on a creature so fearsome. Auriel dips her head to him in greeting, but she would certainly not be nuzzling against that. 

Another black wolf, this time much smaller. Almost an adult by the looks of her, but not quite. This one's eyes were not so fear-invoking, instead, they were the beautiful blue of deep ice. She moves forward to bump against both the leaders and Auriel cannot help but wonder if she too is another of Donovan's playthings. He must have toyed with half the Wilds by now. Should she have bumped heads with the alphas? Having been raised in a sanctuary she knew not the rules of pack life as well as she should. Auriel dipped her head too to the black she-wolf, regarding her carefully. Females were harder to deal with. 

And then, finally, a face she could welcome with a carefree grin. "Derg!" She yapped, circling him with a bounce in her step and a wag of her tail. "I apologize for leaving so suddenly. I have missed you." The agouti had been the most welcoming to her when she first came to the Saint's, and although she had long gotten over her little crush (or so she thought) he was still her favorite besides Donovan. 

Close behind him is a female as white as snow, another with those red eyes, not so scary. Despite her scarred maw and body, despite the strange defect that made her this way, Auriel noticed she was quite beautiful. Like a fallen angel. The snow wolf finds her way to the other two females, and with a sinking feeling, Auriel realizes the three are not pleased to see her. I was here first. Get over it. It reminded her of the she-wolves back at the sanctuary, and how they would gossip about her. Childish, really. 

Next cam- oh...my. Beauty incarnate. There were no other words to describe the she-wolf who brushed so friendly against their alpha before taking a position nearby. Auriel is so distracted by her magnificence she does not notice the cold stares exchanged between her and the other females, or the strange horse-like dog that slips in. She knew Donovan was happy to spread himself around but she wondered if she would be allowed to bask in the glory of this one. I must know her name. "Derg." She nods her golden head towards the white she-wolf "Who is that?" Her voice is dropped to a whisper, not wanting to disturb Donovan as he began to speak. 

A coronation. That was the meaning of this meeting. The war-maiden she-wolf known as Nyra would be her alpha, someone who must earn her respect. The black she-wolf lifts her head to join the song, as such so does Auriel. As she lifts her head the howl that comes from her does not match her dainty appearance, it's a low ghostly kind of howl. As if it were echoing, despite there being nothing to echo off of. 
Her eyes flicker over the faces, lingering on none long enough to draw too much attention to her unceremonious entrance. She allows her lips to quirk upwards faintly with warmth as Simmik enters, brushing along the Grandmaster in some secret language only they speak before settling on the ground nearby. Her own diadem of marble dips in return before her gaze slips back to Kynareth -- as Simmik's undoubtedly would. 

Her brows tic faintly in the barest echo of surprise, wondering if perhaps there was something wrong with the spot she chose. Maybe the brindle just thought she wouldn't be able to hear. She rose and padded silently, discreetly, over to the Sandraudiga's side (one of the few she can consider a sort of a friendly acquaintance) and sat near the snow-pelted Specialist somewhat shyly -- a move that might have unknowingly been seen as allying herself with Kynareth's wife to some of Simmik's enemies in the audience. 

Unaware of what she might've (literally) stepped into, the waif's opaline gaze lifted to Donav as he called for their attention. It drifted next to the zircon-eyed Overseer as she was promoted and then to Derg -- whom she was very glad to see still resided amongst the Saints. They'd had little chance to become close friends before she left but given her aspirations to become a combat medic, Aerin figured that would soon change since he would someday be her leader as a Blade. 

A grin of camaraderie spread over her lips, the snowy sprite soon letting her own head fall back as her howl  joined the others', happy for Nyra (even if she didn't know  her well either yet) and Derg's success. 
There was an unsettling among the women, eyes shooting like daggers to one another, as they looked over Simmik and her rise from slave to a woman of importance. Those same eyes moved over the newer members with the oddly marked figure and Hemlocke would only study from afar, quietly.

The drama which stirred in the Saints realm was not new. Many women carried eyes for Kynareth and some for the war-torn face of Derg. The Thinman did not capture such attentions. He was a silent wolf, reclusive, humble. He did not have a powerfully large figure or moved with a prideful sway. Good. The shadow couldnt imagine he would know what to do with such attention anyhow.

Briefly, his bloodied eyes cast over @Dove. She had enough beautiful, might and pride enough for the both of them.

And so, focusing on the reasoning for their arrival, the fallen would rise his muzzle along with those gathered. The deepen bellow of his voice calling out into the heavens.
Yikes sorry for this one lads

He grinned to the strangely coloured she-wolf.
Her joy at being back was evident. He had no doubt she would let herself slip again.
"You're back safe and sound now," he smiled. He could feel Arlette step away. But the air thickened.
He glanced towards her, questioning why she was on edge, but was soon drawn back into his conversation.

"Simmik," he answered her question before Kynareth spoke about their promotions and whatnot. Derg smiled back to the Grandmaster, a wave of his tail and a tilt upwards of his chin.
They all knew the pressures of leadership...and how he clearly wasn't like Kynareth. But Nyra...she was his equal. Where Derg was the counterweight, Nyra was the wind to the fire.
He too tipped his head back to howl, a strong symphony to show their power. The Saint's power.
Once over, he turned back to Auriel.

"They have a strange relationship. I'd advise against questioning it," a soft smile, one to soften his warning.
Simmik was a force to be reckoned with he knew that, and Kynareth wasn't one to be questioned about his playtoys.
It was easier just to accept it.