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Full Version: I want to do all the things your lungs do so well
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@Kynareth Deagon
Forward dated to 2/12

A week had passed since her heat, and everyday she looked for signs of life growing within her. She wondered how she would know for sure. Eventually, it would be obvious with the swelling of her sides, but she didn't want to wait that long tong to know. She wanted to know now. She was impatient. She thought maybe a talk with Arlette was in order and decided she would seek the healer out soon.

In the mean time, she operated under the assumption that she was, just to be safe. It didn't keep her from her duties, though, it just meant she was more careful than she would normally be.

Thoughts of their children drifted through her mind as she patrolled near the opening to the strath. She wondered what they would look like and what their personalities would be like. She imagined Ky as a father, and it made her smile to herself. 

A rustling sound nearby brought her attention to her task, and she paused to sniff the air—nothing there but rabbit and various packmates. She brushed it off and continued on, nose to the ground to inspect the scents there.
Kynareth’s mind has been going into a reel. It shoots everywhere. From more brutal things like planning the upcoming war to the softer side of his wandering mind like his children, Simmik, the well being of his pack. It almost drives him crazy, yet he is not new to responsibility of such kinds, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself when the thoughts just won’t cease.

So after his own patrol of his Strath, he seeks out his love. Nose to the ground, in the air too, as he moves this way and that trying to find and follow her trail. Finally he perks up as he finds it and he’s quick to trail behind her. Tail wagging the snow off his hips at just the thought of her.

Only when he sees her it wags harder, his retched dog half betraying him always. Trotting up to her he chuffs you let her know that she isn’t alone, followed by a long, borderline teasing, “Simmik~.”

Moving to brush against her side he lavished her in attention, licking her face and ears soothingly. “How are you, darling? You look beautiful, as always.” He chirps softly, golden eyes full of passion gaze down to her.
She knew he was there even before the chuff reached her ears. She could pick out his scent anywhere, and it had filled her nose as she inspected the borders. It hadn't taken him long to catch up with her after that. She turned her head slightly when he said her name. She leaned into his affection and gave a soft, contented laugh in return. She reveled in his affection and the compliment he offered. For now, she teased. Soon I'll be fat and slow. Not that she really minded—it was a small price to pay.

As for how she was, she nuzzled his jaw and offered playful kisses there, then she answered: I'm fine. Even better now. She smiled at him and brushed her shoulder against his. She loved being the focus of his attention, and it showed in her expression and in the way she stayed practically glued to his side as they walked. I was patrolling, she added. Would you like to join me? She wasn't sure if he had already done that today, but she had a feeling he wouldn't mind doing it again if he had.
Her laugh makes his stomach flutter and he smiles even wider. “And still just as beautiful.” Kynareth interjects matter of factly like the smart ass he is. 

Yet he’s quick to quiet when Simmik moves against him extending an invite to go with her on her patrol. Of course, he would. He would try and do anything she asks of him.

Kyn can tell she’s preening at his attention and he laughs smoothly at how sweet she is. “I’m glad.” He comments on her status and moves to walk with her. “Of course, darling. I’ll do anything you ask of me.” Are his next words without hesitation as he intentionally bumps into her side, playfully biting at her neck. 

Onward they go and Kyn looks ahead for only a bit before turning to glance at his lover. “Got anything on your mind?” He asks just in case. He’s always willing to listen to her and assist her in any anguish she might be going through.
He countered her words with the same compliment, and she smiled and shook her head. I'll hold you to that, she added playfully. She knew he meant it, though, so she wasn't actually worried about it. His attraction to her had never been something she questioned. She felt the same for him, and she could see those feelings mirrored in his words and on his face.

He gladly accepted her invitation, promising the same thing he had many times before: that he would do anything she asked of him. So far, he had done just that, even if it meant going against packmates. She had no question his promise was genuine. She leaned into him further as he nipped the back of her neck. She liked when he was playful with her. 

His next words pulled her gaze from from the trees ahead to settle on his face. She had a lot on her mind, always. She was never really completely free of her worries. She had wanted to talk to him about something, though; an idea she had been silently mulling over. She had only kept it to herself until now because she wasn't sure she could actually do it, but it was starting to become quite clear that she couldn't leave this unresolved. Actually, yes, she answered, worry filling her expression. I've been thinking a lot about Mal and what to do about our situation. She sighed and shook her head, lookg down and away. I can't leave him wondering where I am. I have to talk to him. When she looked up to meet his gaze again, there was desperation and determination in her own. I want to travel to the forest and talk to him. I want to try to make him understand. She wasn't really asking permission either, but she wouldn't just take off without talking to him first. Whether or not he would be okay with her plan, she didn't know, but she watched his reaction closely as she waited for him to weigh in.
He isn’t quite surprised by her worrisome expression that takes over her face. She does seem to worry about many things; something he hopes to alleviate from her with time. Yet, as she begins, he walks silently beside her. Then she’s bringing up Mal and Kynareth watches her curiously, he knows where this is going. Or at least he has an idea. 

So when she finally admits to wanting to go over there and speak to him he raises his brows at her suggestion. Humming a considerate “Okay.” Wanting to hear her out on what she has to say.

Then he is quite, weighing his options and thinking of everything that could go wrong. His expression is pensive, brows furrowed in thought. Finally he sighs giving up on the war waging in his mind. 

“I’ll go with you then.” He says finally, a small hopeful smile coming to his face. She could probably tell that he is hesitant, but it isn’t towards his trust with her. Rather his distrust of the other wolf she holds so dear, Mal. Yet, his expression becomes more playful then. “If I get fucking eaten I swear I’m going to punish you for it.” He chuckles lowly, a suggestive threat in his tone.
At first he only offered her one word: okay. It wasn't enough for her to gauge how exactly he felt about her plan. He was quiet for a few moments, and she studied his face more as they walked. He finally spoke again and he seemed hesitant as he suggested that he go with her. She wondered why. Did he not trust her to come back? Or maybe he was just worried about her making the trip on her own? Either option would irritate her; she was perfectly capable of the journey, even if she was pregnant, and she thought she had more than proved her loyalty to him. 

His suggestive words made her temporarily forget her thoughts. She smiled and raised an eyebrow. That's not really a deterrent, she replied just as playfully, reaching up to nip his lower jaw. 

But getting back to the more serious matter, she asked: Do you not trust me to come back? If that was the case, then she wanted to sort it out right now. She wouldn't have him doubting her loyalty.
A smirk crawls onto his handsome face as she teases him back with witty words and a nip to his own jawline. A low chuckle erupts from his maw as well, his chest reverberating with the sound.

Or this is what he was like prior to Simmik asking her next question. His playful attitude flying right out the window as he looks down to her and shakes his head in a curt ‘no’. As if she’s got it all wrong, which to him, she does. He trusts this woman with his life now. He trusts her to come back; he knows she wouldn’t leave him now. Especially with the pups slowly beginning to morph inside of her. 

“No, it’s not that.” He begins softly. “I trust you, but I do not trust them.” He says the next words with conviction. As if they’d steal her away from him again. He would go insane if anyone ever tried. “I want to go with you. So, I am.” He says as if she doesn’t have an option. “You are also presumably pregnant. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you on the way there and back.” He reasons, voice softer and less vile.
She hadn't realized just how much his trust meant to her—how much his next words would mean to her. But as he softly assured her that she was not the one he didn't trust, the knot in her chest loosened and she nuzzled his chin in thanks and to soothe the storm she could see building in his gaze. 

He stated that he would be going with her, and she would normally have bristled at that, but she could tell how worried he was. Especially with her possibly being pregnant, she could tell it would be too much for him to handle if he had to sit here and wait for her to return, not knowing whether or not she was okay.

She stopped walking so that she could kiss his cheek and nuzzle her head under his chin. Okay, she murmured. You'll come with me. She wouldn't fight him on it, and if she was being honest with herself, she was glad she wouldn't be alone, especially after her meeting with Mal; she would probably be a mess after that, and his company would be appreciated. 

You have to promise not to hurt Mal or his pack, she said, meeting his gaze, her own stern. She started walking again. I won't let them touch you either. I just need this to be as civil as possible. The last thing any of them needed was a fight with her former pack.
She’s nuzzling her head beneath his own and he’s tilting his chin down to lap at the top of her head with a black tongue. Confirming that he is now allowed to go with her he sighs and nods. “Good.” Is all he says before she’s moving out of his grasp. A humorously frustrated huff is released from his maw. He wasn’t done cuddling.

He continues following her nonetheless, moving into step right beside her form. Her voice is stern when she talks next and Kyn is looking down to her expectantly. He scoffs playfully. “I’m probably the one that’s gonna get hurt, darling.” He’s stating it dryly. “But yes, I’ll shut my trap and let you do all the talking. How about that?” He asks, a smile forming on his maw. “When do you want to go?”
She didn't miss his response to her breaking their affection to move forward. She loved knowing how much he enjoyed her touch. She loved him so much that she sometimes couldn't handle how much it filled her heart. She slowed, her intention to go back to him and offer kisses to his cheek. 

So when he told her that he was the one to be hurt, she couldn't help but quickly close whatever distance she had put between them. She raised up on her rear legs and pressed her front paws against his chest, indicating that she want to push him to the ground. She knew he would oblige—he always did. 

Once she was atop him, she nuzzled her head into his chest before lifting her gaze to meet his. I would never let that happen, she told him. Her words were stern and fierce, love filled her expression, and heat filled her eyes. Never. She was his completely now, and she would protect him from anyone. She hadn't answered his question yet, but she waited to make sure he took her promise seriously.
It seems she takes mercy on a poor old beggar. For shes coming back to quench the thirst he has for her — a thirst that is never satiated and forever growing. The feeling only increases when she’s kissing sweet kisses to his furred cheek. Unbeknownst to him, he’s maw twists onto a horribly corny, lovey dovey smile.

He continues on to say what he said before shes raises her cute paws to shove gently at his pale chest. He chuckles and goes willingly, not one complaint from in the least. He finds himself lying flat and she doesn’t hesitate to climb on top of him and seat herself on her thrown. Another rumble comes from deep within his chest as a pleased hum when she nuzzles against him. 

Then he’s the one being surprised when she’s promising him she would never let it happen. She’s never let them hurt him. It’s so passionate, fierce, fiery — so very Simmik of her. He loves it — he loves her. His eyes even widen slightly and his brows raise a fraction.

“Oh.” He says dumbly, awestruck by the intensity of her words and the way she says them. “Fuck.” He breathes then, not noticing he was holding his breath in the first place.

Wrapping thick limbs over her shoulders he reaches up as far as he can and squishes her against him violently. A wet nose trailing her neck before lapping at her muzzle. “I love you so much, Simmik. I trust that you won’t let them kill me.” He says the last sentence with a huff of a laugh.
Her words had surprised him it seemed, which baffled her. Did he not know what he meant to her? Maybe it wasn't as obvious to him as it was to her. 

She felt his arms around her and willingly let him pull her tightly against him; she loved the feeling of it. She was completely surrounded by his warmth and scent, and she was content to just stay that way forever. His words made her smile and nuzzle deeper into his fur. She was happy to hear that he at least knew she would protect him if she had to. She looked up at him from where she was pressed against him. Are you aware of just how much I love you? she asked, the question more serious than playful. She really wanted to know and to quickly quiet any lingering doubts he might have. Her love for him consumed her—it influenced every decision she made. It overwhelmed her and instilled a fear of what life would be like without Ky or her love for him.
He’s aware of Simmik’s feeling for him and he offering himself back just as willingly. He’s so insanely hungry for her attention. So much so that if he truly asked him to stop fucking around with other wolves he might just be able to pull it off. He’s never felt such a strong pull to anyone like he does with the beautiful woman before him and he’d kill anyone who tried to do harm to her in heartbeat, spit on their body, and decorate the Strath’s entrance afterwards. 

Yet when she asks him said question, he’s looking down to her. Pulling back only slightly to get a better look at her, to show her how much he loves her back. His eyes are full of such heart swelling passion and adoration for her and he’s defeat a whole army and die to stay with her until the day he dies. Which would hopefully be after her. He’d rather himself feel the pain and sorrow for her loss than her. He’s not sure if she’d be able to handle it and he doesn’t even want her to have to try. Yet, he’s reckless. Even with pups on the way and a beautiful wife, he’s still so ungodly reckless. Something he probably should grow out of. Except he’s already grown, hopefully he’ll learn sooner or later.

So he smiles down to her. “Simmik do you know how much I love you?” He’s turning the question around on her. “I would do unspeakable things for you. I would die for you. I would bend to your will and do whatever you ask of me.” His smile is wipes off his face as he says the words. He’s deadly serious. “I’ve never loved like this, but I don’t want it to ever end.”