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Full Version: you were never meant to be a tragedy
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hoping for some healing peeps (@Dove or @Arlette or @Vein maybe if any of y'all have the time?)

Though it seemed incredibly unlikely, the midwife thought it might be prudent to check for signs of spring's arrival. At times, the weather seemed to fluctuate fitfully, ranging between a mild chill and biting cold with fickle impulsivity. 

That morning -- as she broke her fast on a well won fish -- the porcelain seelie had spied a drove of plump, red-bellied robins. She'd let her gaze follow the humorous songbirds, thinking perhaps if one caught many of them, they might make for a meal. For a moment, she'd had to smother an urge to chase after the winged critters, snapping and yapping at their tail feathers as they took flight in a startle -- instincts borne of her canine heritage. 

The birds were a good sign that the seasons might change soon, that and the women appeared to be going into heat, but one could never be sure. Not long after the fish had been reduced to a pile of sharp bones, Aerin had lost herself in the forest again. Her tiny paws had become muddied to the ankle as she wandered, occasionally drawn to bend and examine budding foliage or else scratch at a promising patch of dirt to test its quality. 

The healer was quite eager to see the new growth flourish here -- for the Strath was rather beautiful even in the cold season -- and looked at home searching through the underbrush for any sign of sprouting herbs. Her examination of the forest floor was careful and thorough, her focus intense in a way only medics could know of. 
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Newly welcomed to the pack and unsure of the territory the massive white brute blundered around looking for a safe place to tuck his macabre portable herb caches, As he moved though the unfamiliar land trying to familiarize himself knowing that once spring thawed the world he’d likely have to start this process all over again as landmarks changed by the seasons

He caught the scent that would draw any male from anywhere, he didn’t even realize why his course had changed, but soon his gaze fell upon the sweetest little thing. The massive filthy white brute stood trying not to let the tools and bits of wood having from the moose skull dangling from his side clink together and disturb her. He admired her messy paws and her attention to detail.

He turned and nosed through the wolf skull hanging from his other side. Pulling a bit of sweet cicely from it, the dried white flowers still pretty, He drew closer to her and offered her the sprig. “Hello Milady,” He rumbled softly
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The soft clacking of his bone ornamentations alerted the once-druid to his presence, papillion auds cupping in the sounds' direction curiously as she straightened and turned towards it. Wide moonstones lifted to another gaze of goldcoin but this one did not belong to Donav. This man was larger even than his doppelganger, the warmaid they called Nyra, with his snow pelt dirtied and rusted in streaks of old blood. 

For a moment, it was all Aerin could do to stare at him with unabashed fascination -- starshine orbs taking in the giant and his morbid saddlebags. Her lips parted just so, as if perhaps she wished to ask him a question -- or several -- but could not settle on the right words. 

Then her eyes moved to the tiny sprig of white, a whisper of a smile present on her lips as she stretched to take it from the achromatic behemoth's jaws gingerly. She placed the offering at her paws before looking up to him once more -- dwarfed by nearly 150 pounds. "Thank ye," she lilts gratefully, though she feels a bit odd to be addressed by the title -- one she associated with her past of servitude. 

"Vhat is it?" the healer inquires of the Otherworldly spiritualist, paw moving to brush tenderly over the pale blooms with admiration, certain she's seen the herb at least once. The sweep of their petals was pleasant against her pinkpads as she waited for the icebear to answer. 
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Vein smiled at the fern like leaves and the long stem that supported now dried but feathery leaves  and it’s almost sickeningly sweet albeit enjoyable smell was no less pungent now then it had been fresh,  The flowers on top were pretty to look at, thought not was pretty as the one he had given it to. His smiled widened as he heard her voice, what a pleasant melody.

His deep and yet rich intonation held it’s own rhythmic accent “It is called Sweet Cicely, something I’d use to sweeten bitter brews, or in a tea of it’s own to help with Sore Throat, or coughs and nausea, some females end up with cramps during their heats and a tea with this would help ease that as well, It has it's uses in poultices for sores or skin irritations.”
He lifted his head and looked around, distracting himself from continuing to bore the poor female with the uses. Healing was his passion second only to serving the gods “If only there were drinkable hot springs about, I could make some tea to offer you.” 

His gaze returned to the charming thing before him “Humm, don’t suppose you’ve seen or heard of Hotsprings near by? I could also use a bath and I don’t relish how cold the stream might be. Should I get that wet.” He motioned to his stained fur, though the red stains were now more brown then anything. The white priest had painted his face in a bears blood, he carefully painted a stripe below each eye and along the top and bottom of his muzzle then he had painted lines down his sides with his nose. Though only he knew the meaning of those lines it was clear they were deliberate.
The brumal sprite felt herself react subconsciously, her usual mask of stiff composure dropping to the earth in her surprise. Moonstones widened a tic of their own accord, like full moons of pale light, and she struggled to keep them from wandering along the esoteric lines drawn neatly over his countenance of marble as she listened attentively. 

It was clear to her that the shaman was one of the most skilled healers she had met by far, if not chief amongst them.  He even surpassed the cutwife who had tutored Aerin herself, when she had been the slave-girl of another life -- the one they called Hui. 

Though the healer wanted to bombard the icebear with a million questions, she settled on one for the moment: "Vhat is..eh, 'ow ye say? Tea?" Her slender crown of hoarfrost canted aside, cocking curiously at the term -- which niggled at a long forgotten memory somewhere in the hazy recesses of her childhood. The word like one of her first Masters' language, the two-legs who had enslaved her dam. 

"Ehm, vell yes, but I'm afraid it is too far to be of much use to ye," the doe's tiny paws patted a regretful tune as she grimaced apologetically. "It is in ze 'eart of ze grasslands east of 'ere. Ye vould 'ave to follow ze river north all ze vay to ze sea an' zen journey around ze mountains," here she gestured towards the peaks edging the Strath, "south into ze Flatlands." 

She cast a curious glance about their surroundings afterwards, then looked back to the winter goliath's gilded gaze with a bright smile. "Perhaps we might find some 'ot springs 'ere though, no? I am rather new 'ere myself an' 'aven't 'ad a chance to explore ze land in depth." 

"I could 'elp ye look fer one if'n ye'd like?" The midwife offered, rising to her feet with a few eager wags of her tail. 
Vein was a peaceful pond in comparison to the ripples that were the spites movement, he found himself looking down upon the purity that was Aerin with a fondness in his eyes.  He’d answer questions all day and night just to hear the sweet tones from them.

Warm water with herbs that have been steeped in them, a way to get medicines inside the body more readily

He lifted his head and looked in the direction of the hot springs that she spoke of as if he could see them in the far off distance, of course that was impossible but he knew of those Hot springs, he had visited the sulphuric waters.

He nodded absently, “Yes much to far to be of use” His face turned toward his agile partner and he could not help another smile “Those waters are not quite so palatable either I’m afraid

His eyes met hers and he felt his enthusiasm grow as hers did, His tail even gave a few upbeat waves

I’d be delighted to have your company, where should we start do you think?” He looked around his eyes moving over the landscape, toward trees the stream and caves, though most of the landscape was as white as they were.
"Ah," the healer rasped softly, as if she understood. Truthfully, she wished to ask him what 'steeped' meant, as it too was foreign on her ears, but rather than ply him for ceaseless definitions and explanations, Aerin again resolved herself to asking but one. "Vould ye show me sometime -- 'ow to make this tea?" Then, by way of elaboration, the Acolyte tacked on: "I vas trained as a 'ealer in my childhood an' I 'ave served many Masters as a medic and midvife but I 'ave never 'eard anything like ze things ye speak of." Her argent optics were open and unguarded for once, excited as she was to meet a medicinal colleague, revealing a hint of her amazement at Vein's revolutionary techniques. "I vould very much like to know more -- if'n ye are villing to teach, of course." Some cultures differed, perhaps there was some taboo in his homeland that prevented him from teaching women or outsiders in general. 

"Oh, I 'ad not considered that.." she trailed off, considering the unpleasant smell of the earth-warmed pools, unfamiliar as she was with the whole idea of tea. She lit up considerably when Vein readily agreed, surveying the area with a few keen sweeps of his molten gaze. She too cast a cursory glance about them, though she knew she had seen no water sources but the river that flowed through the Hinterlands and into the valley of the Strath. "Ze caves, I think.." she murmured uncertainly -- realizing for the first time that it would mean going back into the dark. 

Her brows pinched together with a sudden spur of anxiety, gaze dropping as she tried to get a grip. She was Aerin, a Saint, now. Saints feared nothing -- not even skeletons in the closet or monsters under the bed. Besides, Vein would be with her.

"Zere are no 'ot springs out 'ere zat I 'ave seen but maybe we vill 'ave better luck vithin ze mouintains. I donnae often venture into them." 
Vein nodded easily He voice rumbled rhythmically “Oh tea is very easy Mi’Lady, We take the warmest water we can get and drop certain dried herbs into the water, once the herbs have steeped for 5 minutes we can remove the herbs or just drink around them. There are so many flavours one can achieve with tea and mixing different herbs and so many different health benefits depending on the herbs that I shall not bore you with the details unless you wish it” His passion for the subject bled through in his words and the bright light that shone in his eyes he’d go over the technical side of herbs all day if he were allowed.

He glanced back down at her once they decided where to go and he saw the minute changes in her body, the subtle body shift, the slight glance downward the tenseness in the muscles. He frowned even as he watched her resolve firm and wondered if he should ask.

Vein lead the way to the caves at an easy pace not in a rush to get there, for the sooner they explored the sooner they’d part ways. He looked at Aerin then to their destination “Humm… I wonder if there are Glowworms in those caves. They are like fireflies but they live only in caves, the give off light. It’d be nice  to have their help just don’t eat them they’ll make your tummy ache” Vein chuckled softly. “I made that mistake as a youngling, mum brought me to the caves to look for rare healing herbs and we found these glowing bugs, of course they were so fun to hunt and jump at. Needless to say I needed help that night with a cramping belly, that was the day I learned of teas

Vein’s nostalgic smile soon faded “I miss my mother” he whispered almost inaudibly
Once more the blanchard was swept up in the healer's tales: of his mystery drinks brewed in warmed waters and worms that twinkled like stars. They were fantastical, the mythical realms of the druids where the lands were always rich with summer and filled with game. "Vhat a land ye must 'ail from fer such things to be commonplace," the combat medic murmured, tones faintly colored with stupefaction. She placed the sweetly scented flowers he'd gifted upon her on top of his skull contraptions after he'd lowered them to the ground, slipping out of their travois to travel with ease. They left their belongings in a secure location, Aerin falling in beside Vein as he set off for the caves.

And then when a particular phrase registered, spring-faceted moonstones turned to seek yellow tourmaline -- her ivory diadem tilting back and up to find his gaze. "I am not bored," the nymph of frost reassured with a gentle smile. In her next step, Aerin attempted to bump her shoulder against his as they walked along in a gesture of spontaneous affection, but soon found that she was so short in comparison to the giant shaman that she had to hop up a bit just to bump against his side. 

A soft chuckle escaped under breath as she settled back into her former leisurely pace beside Vein, a touch of embarrassment tinting her laughter for her miscalculation. 

When his words turned to nostalgic memories and loss, the chuckle died in her throat -- her wan features sombering and softening simultaneously. "I'm sorry fer yer loss, it sounds like ye vere very close to 'er. She taught ye to 'eal, yes?" It was only an assumption, based on his story. 

"I know yer pain, friend. My mother vas a slave to a pair of two-legs -- as 'er own mother vas an' many mothers before 'er," the girl admitted -- remembering a time when she had but one name. Amaltéa, which her dam had pressed to her brow on ruined vocal chords. "Zey vere my first Masters an' eventually I vas separated from my mother as my siblings 'ad been, as most slaves are." 

Thoughts of the two-legs and their senselessly cruel ways fled her mind when the abyss of the cave's maw yawned to life before her -- the hellish void of a monster's jaws. Subconsciously, she shifted into Vein's shadow, auds pinning to her skull as she eyed the cave entrance with a vague expression of dread and haunted eyes. 
Vein didn't much like speaking of his past but it seemed he and she had a common like past, they were forever changed by the two-legged.

Before he add anything more to the conversation they stood in the maw of the caves and now he knew without a doubt she was bothered by going in. He could not fully understand her fear for his memories of spelunking were only good ones and he enjoyed the thought of being alone with her in the depth’s of the earth, the caves were doubtless warmer then out here.

He looked down and her his eyes softening before looking deep into the cave, What had those two-legs done to her? As he peered into the cave and could not help but curl a lip at the thought of her pain. He wanted to walk back through her past and destroy all those who wronged her.

Instead he yawned and lay down casually, offering her his side, to lay against and his warmth to cuddle into; at least he hope she’s accept his offer. 

His voice rumbled as he both answered her question about his mother and told her his story, His rich voice lending to the story “My Birth pack was in the north far from here we were all white wolves, better to blend into the snow. But that did not save us from the two legs, some how those things took offence to our being alive… My father, Of course the Alpha, decided upon war, We were not to leave, we were there first and we had rights. The two-legs don’t care for nature and didn’t care that they crossed our borders again and again. No matter how often we marked them. Slowly they killed our members one by one, and not even honourably. Those cruel two-legs could attack from afar or when they were no where nearby, they left nasty things that could claim our lives when they were not there to hunt, many died without the honour of being looking their killer in the face.

The wounds created by the two-legs or their trickery were nasty no matter how hard our healers tried, the usual healing did not work. My mother taught me all she knew, which was plenty, and I took it even further, I eventually surpassed even her healing skills.

Vein sighed and smoothed his tongue along his leg feeling the stress of dredging up these memories again, a few minutes would pass before his eyes lifted to stare into the cave distantly his voice would pick up were he left off.

However no matter how good a healer, I became it was never good enough to combat the two-legs poisonous treachery. It was an unwinable war the the Alpha made us fight to the very last of us. All the other’s had fallen to the two-legs and their trickery.

It was just me and the alpha left. One night the alpha got his head caught in a large loop of wire as we hunted a rabbit. The darn thing hopped through the wires untouched, I tried to warn him, but I was to late, the wire pulled taught and no matter what we did the wire pulled tighter and tighter.

He lost his war that night, and the two legs came to collect their reward, they left his head since they too could not free it easily. Perhaps they thought leaving it there would deter any other wolves. Little did they know it was just me left then. So when they left I took the only thing of my pack left to me…. His head… since he had not served his pack in life, he’d serve his pack or what was left of his pack, in death. And that is why I keep his skull, to remind myself not to loose sight of the bigger picture and to give in when the gods are not in your favor.
He drifted off in his story telling and dropped his head on his paws the re-telling of his story taking a lot out of him when he was not distracted but healing. He completely forgot he had not been wearing his portable herb cache when he met her so she’d not know of the wolf skull or the moose skull he had carried with him across the continent.
She was consumed by the void before her for a moment, the wolf at her side forgotten as her blank gaze peered into the pitch like she was staring into the belly of the beast. As if at any moment the cave would swallow her up like a ravenous daemon.

Aerin startled slightly as the behemoth of snowfall beside her stepped forward, brought back from the echo of horror in her memories. She watched, a little dazed as the panic creeping over her began to dispel slowly, as Vein chose a patch of snow on the ground and stretched himself out -- seemingly abandoning his quest for the hot springs, at least for now. There was an invitation in his sunbeam gaze, beckoning her silently closer. A strange, fluttery feeling seized up in her heart but the porcelain doe crept forward shyly anyways, accepting the offer of companionship and warmth. The halfling sat and settled against his broad shoulder comfortably, haunch pressed against his elbow and her own shoulder nestled near the peaks of his shoulder blades. Her argent gaze slid over the rusted streaks painted on his features with new curiosity as she examined them from this angle.

She was soon lost in his tale, though this one was not a story that filled her with awe or mystification but rather inspired empathy and a touch of grief for the man's loss. When the pallid brute fell silent, the sharp tang of his agitation perfuming the air as it escaped his pores, to rasp at his leg in anxiety -- the medic was drawn forward with only a touch of hesitance. Uncertain if it would bother him, the white taper of her thin muzzle reached out and began to work gently at the snarls in his thick ruff -- grooming him soothingly as she had been taught to do for stressed wolves, or those in shock. In the span of a few minutes, he would eventually pick up his story again but Aerin continued to untangle his coat and clean the debris of the Strath from the coarse strands, given that he had no objection, of course. 

After he'd finished, Vein lowered himself to lay flat along the ground -- seeming a little drained or dejected. Aerin shifted, allowing him the room to move before settling her hips alongside his ribcage. Uncertain of how to help, she did her best to comfort him -- turning and laying her small head in the middle of his broad back and resting like that for a minute or two as if the empath could somehow absorb the negativity that sapped his strength and offer him her own warmth in return. 

"I am sorry ye 'ave lost so many," she murmured, knowing it was inadequate but attempting to offer what she could to the shaman.

I think you might've actually mentioned his father's skull in your first post, when he gave her the flower, but I wrote this on the assumption that he had maybe left it behind when they went looking for the caves and that Aerin had maybe left the flowers he gave her behind with his skulls? I totally forgot about the flowers and his skulls too lol. just lmk if I need to edit anything!
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Vein noted with more then a little satisfaction that she came to him easily. His story had taken most of his attention though, he hadn’t even realized the tension he had been holding even as he had licked his own leg until he felt her comb through his coat she didn’t seem put off by the painted lines that still marred his body.

The longer she turned her attention to him the more he melted into her touch, his body releasing endorphin’s and dopamine, She might fast become something he’d be addicted to if she wasn’t careful. 

When he finished his story and she lay her head on his back he closed his eyes drinking in the sensation of her body against his, the warmth of her chin upon his spine. He felt his sorrows wilt away.

The healer had not known of the unseen wound he had carried with him for so long, or how it had festered. He was more practiced in the physical, and his social skills though practised were not his strongest point

It was so long ago, it shouldn’t hurt, I didn’t realized it still did.” Vein lifted his head and turned it so that he could better look over the beauty nestled beside him.

Did you want to go into the caves or just nap here a while? I’m game for either so long as I get to spend more time with you…” it was at this moment he realized that they had indeed not shared names he supposed he could call her flower, it seemed wrong to ask her when they were cuddled so closely.
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"Many things are often like zat," the midwife lilted with a hint of weariness, her sallow smile knowing and all too ancient for a woman who had just reached her prime. Aerin was a magpie of thin scars and half-mended wounds, a patchwork quilt of angry reds, pinks, and ashen whites -- she knew all too well what it felt like to carry around ghosts, if not skulls. She straightened as he did, lifting her head off him and allowing her expression to soften (if only a tad), the curve of her lips imbued with sincerity as she banished the brief bout of angst.

Her moonlight gaze trailed to the cave at his query, vaguely apprehensive as she considered. Though her ministrations had been intended to calm Vein's worries, she found her own malaise had abated as she groomed him -- which was perhaps owed to the fact that she was a healer, maybe focusing on someone else was all it took to calm the Saluki. Either way, she turned back to Vein with a nervous smile. "I promised I vould 'elp ye find a 'ot spring. An' I must admit, I am curious to know more about this tea ye speak of." 

"We should look. We 'ave already come this far," she pointed out as she stood, shaking loose the snow that had gathered on her ivory pelt and then gave him a bashful grin, realizing she'd never introduced herself after hearing him trail off uncertainly. "I'm Aerin."
I’ve talked to the pack on Discord we are setting up a hot springs hollow according to what these guys find
The Cave Pic A.K.A The Chambers
The Gaia’s alter pic is here
He’s hoping to create an opening to a path something akin to this. What do you think?

Vein smiled “My name is Vein,” His eye were warm as he looked at her, He reached to muzzle forward like was was about to caress her ear with his tongue, he hesitated just a fraction to long, He did not want to touch her without her permission.

Vein quickly shifted his feet below him and stood almost regretfully. Then slowly walked into the cave “Keep an eye on the walls I’m sure glow worms must live in these caves and we can herd them to give us light the deeper we go.” As they entered the cave the walked into the area that was relatively well lit by the mouth of the cave, The entrance chamber was much larger then it have appeared from the outside; the first few rooms smelled of wolves, including himself.

He had been in the room known as Gaia’s Alter another massive room with a large pool of water that was warm but only mildly so even though it was winter. They would have to skirt past the mini underground lake over the rough terrain of soil, rock, moss and herbs, some that could grow here in winter due to the light from the entrance chamber and the warmth provided by the warm mini lake.

Vein led the way past the water and deeper in to the caves he invested the fall wall of Gaia’s Altar. “You know…” He called back to Aerin “This is a warm source of water but that warmth has to come from somewhere, I bet there must be hot springs near by.” He reared up on his hind legs placing his forepaws on the back wall. Scraping gingerly here and there and in some spots the rock flaked away beneath his paws. He pressed his muzzle to the rock every now and then and breathed in looking for signs he was on the right track.
Aerin pattered into the cave after him, swallowing back whatever apprehension lingered. Despite her bravado, the halfling could not help but lower some as they passed through the entrance of the Chambers -- shoulders drawing up protectively as her moonstone gaze flitted around the nondescript entrance in search of these glowing worms Vein spoke of. They widened in surprise as the shaman led her through to the hidden atrium of Gaia's Alter, which was so very different from the caverns where the once-slave had been held and tortured that she found her anxiety beginning to die down a bit. 

It was amazing, this secluded sanctuary and she regretted not coming to investigate it sooner. It had become her habit to avoid anything underground and on the rare occasion that she did manage to find sleep, it was always out in the open with her back against a tree or rock of some kind. Begrudgingly, she was forced to admit to herself silently that this place was too wonderful to simply ignore now that she knew it was here. Here, she could find warm shelter and there were even herbs for the healer to study -- maybe even enough that she could begin cultivating them. Vein might like to help with that, she pondered to herself, gaze moving to her colleague as she made a mental note to ask him later.

She was drawn from her inner musings and appreciation for the caverns as Vein trotted up to the back wall of the hollow, rearing back and scraping at the stone. She couldn't be sure what exactly he was doing but she was sure he had some intention behind his actions. Her ears perked to catch his words as she moved up next to him, drawing back on her hindlegs and beginning to scratch at the wall much as her companion did. 

It made sense when he explained it, Aerin had just hadn't really considered where the source of heat was coming from. After a moment, their combined effort caused a chunk of rock to crumble away. From within the darkness that lay beyond the small hole, the Saluki thought she heard a faint trickling noise. Excitement was visible on her features as she glanced to Vein then returned to scraping at the edges of the hole to widen it.

ooo, neato! And that sounds good, hopefully I got the descriptions right -- he's wanting to dig through the wall and find a sort of path made out of water, right?
Vein’s tail began to sway despite himself, as they dug into the rock, more and more of the wall crumbling beneath their paws and combined effort. He reached higher and broke away all he could so the the entrance they were carving would not collapse behind them. All to soon there was rubble at the paws but almost a smooth pathway deeper into the cave, this tunnel was not as volumouness as the chamber they were currently in and it was darker.

Vein stuck his head through the opened they had widened enough so that even he may past through it freely. He barked loudly, the sound reverberated off the walls, no creatures flew around

but hundreds of tiny lights further down the tunnel filtered off the wall some going deeper some coming up toward them. “Oh these are the Glow worms I told you about” Vein chuckled as one landed upon the tip of his nose. “Just don’t eat them, they are quite fearless.

Vein led the way with his glow worm tipped nose, Almost a wolfish version of Rudolph. As he stepped into the tunnel intending to lead the way he splashed into water, which trickled through the center of the tunnels floor, the water was warm but not anymore then the pound in Gaia’s alter.

Mind your steps it could he slippery” He rumbled as he moved deeper, the glow worms lifted of the walls and swirled about them as he passed by almost leading the way deeper.

He moved ahead oblivious to the fact if she followed or not. It took him a good two minutes to reach the end of the tunnel which opened into another chamber that was sweltering and this chamber  had a crystal clear spring of water “Aerin” He called out enjoying the way her name rolled off his tongue. Turning to look for her, his glow worm pal finally flying away from his nose which he licked reflexively.
His excitement rubbed off on her and the wolfdog felt her muscles begin to quiver and tremor as she helped Vein to carve away the opening they'd made. A reverberation of panic tugged at her heart strings when the duo of porcelain canids pressed determinedly on into the dark, but pushed it down as she felt her shoulder brush against the shaman's broad side. Surprisingly, she didn't feel more than a touch of apprehension to be in the dark with him -- no longer the same girl who had balked at the mention of Kynareth's past crimes and deviances. 

The tunnel was only dimly lit by the illumination of the glow worms -- the sight of them one that somehow inspired more astonishment than the medicine man's stories had. Her lips parted of their own accord, looking on as one dripped from the ceiling to land on Vein's nose. His tales didn't do them justice, for the insects were somehow more beautiful and wonderful than the stars she had once worshipped as gods.

"Oh," she breathed, when she stepped up beside Vein -- moonstones drinking in the dark room, its centre occupied by a large crystalline pool. Clouds of steam rose from its surface to fill the small cavern around them like a sauna, the air heavy and hot as it pressed damply to her coat and skin. Cautiously, the halfling paced forward, moving to sniff at the strong-smelling waters -- which still weren't as offensive as the Firestone Hot Springs they had spoken of earlier.

"Vill zis serve yer purposes?" She posed to him as she turned back to him, ears rising in lieu of his answer as a single paw lifted absently to dangle in the air, dripping with warmed beads of balmy water.
Sorry we lost one of my hamsters abruptly and suddenly I've had to console my kids while dealing with my own grief, such a small animal to break our hearts so thoroughly. The report of her necropsy will come back soon I hope, I don't know if we will be continuing to breed hammy's from her line if it's cancer

Vein enjoyed every bump of her hip against him, He felt delight and sheer contentment in the fact her body touched his when she sought comfort. His soft golden gaze watched her enter this new cavern without any of the trepidation she had displayed earlier, he wondered if that was because of his presence, He allowed his gaze to roam her body as she walked away memorizing her gait and the easy movement of her lithe yet muscular body before he stepped into the chamber proper.

Then his gaze moved around the cavern they were in, he caught movement as little lizards darted along the wall likely never having seen the anything of wolves before. Then he realized that this cavern which was somehow brighter then it should be and his gaze moved upwards finding the source of the light a small cravas in the ceiling of the chamber that allowed a small bit of light to pour in. Likely were the lizards came from to feed on the glow worms which flew about the caves like tiny mobile stars.

His gaze fell upon the true beauty of the hollow they were in as her pleasant voice reached his ear, an easy smile upon his maw. Her dainty paw raised, her earnest expression, he was in awe of this sweet wolfess hybrid. He found his paws bringing him to her side before his mouth could form an answer, He lowered his muzzle of gently brush along her cheek before he shifted into a half crouching position with a huge grin his rumble playful “Let’s see?” Then he launched himself upwards and only slightly forward cannon-balling into the pool of hot water. This water far far warmer then the water in the outer chambers of Gaia’s alter

Vein groaned in delight and ducked himself under the water rolling on the rocky floor of the spring as if he were rolling in a grassy knoll. He burst up out of the water and shook even though the water was up to his mid chest as he tried to get the water from his ears. His coat easily coming clean in the waters

It’s delightful, and tastes just fine, more pure then those sulphur pools across the mountains” He licked his lips “I will be able to teach you all abut tea with this.” He watched her wondering if she’d join him in the water of it he’d have to get out and soak her deliberately. They’d have to sing their find to the pack but he found he didn’t want his time with her to end just yet.
A peal of laughter ripples from her, echoing through the grotto as the healer watched her colleague splash into the wellspring. Her cheek still tingling where he'd surprised her with a sudden kiss. She'd have been worried they might sully the pools by diving in but they appeared to drain into the prior chamber of the cave system, into its huge sapphire pool namely. Plus, Vein was eyeing her in a suggestive manner -- though she couldn't quite discern whether his look was appreciative or playful, if he was admiring her or thinking of trying to get her wet again. 

The alabaster hart chewed her lip shyly as she slipped into the waters, the warmth curling around her soothingly and soaking into her bones. The girl of many names could not quite be certain but she had taken Vein's behavior to indicate a desire for courtship, or something akin to it -- she thought perhaps he wished to get to know her as much as she did him, to see if they were compatible together. Perhaps the midwife was wrong, the only example she had to go off being Memory who was hardly more than...well, a memory. If so, the sighthound assumed the pale icebear would stop her as she glided slowly to him, peering up at him through a layer of snowfall lashes for permission before pressing in even closer. 

Her paw would nudge at one of his forelegs gently beneath the surface of the water, silently encouraging him to move it aside just a little bit -- so the irisvar could settle herself neatly between them. Her slender snout tilted up and back, the ivory selkie smiling up at him with a hint of mischief, though it was tempered with vulnerability at having put herself in such a position. "I vould like zat," the sainte murmured as her gaze roamed over his features, "but we 'ave brought no 'erbs vith us." Here she let out a muted chuckle, eyes sparking with bemusement. 

"Perhaps ye could teach me something else," Aerin's tones hitched as they dropped to a whisper, breath catching in her throat for a second at her own brazenness. Her gibeon gaze flickered to the male's lips and her body shifted forward seemingly by its own volition, the sighthound reaching to sweep her muzzle along the length of his neck -- a caress. "Is zis okay?"

I'm sorry to hear that. :( I understand, it's been a few years but I kept hamsters as a hobby for about 5 or 6 years (because they're just so darn sweet and adorable plus they have so much personality) and people are usually surprised how attached you can get to such a small pet that only lives for 2-3 years. But it's always hard losing a little fur friend. My condolences, hope everything goes well with the necropsy and breeding business. <3
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The over large alabaster man touched the roof of his mouth with his tongue in order to stop himself from panting, be wasn’t even sure if he’d be panting for the heat or for the alluring pearl that moved toward him, the warm water sluicing around her feminine curves.  He drew in a breath unconsciously holding it deep within his chest almost afraid to move lest he wake up from a dream. 

He’d shift his body in anyway she asked, easily giving way to her every desire. Very carefully he’d dip his muzzle to brush through the ivory hairs at the nape of her neck, though for what ever reason he didn’t open maw to tease her with any teeth, he just enjoyed the scent of her and feel of her damp silk as it slid across his nares, As she settled herself beneath him, he had trouble breathing, his breaths coming out in shallow puffs.

He lifted his head so that he could look down into her eyes as she spoke, her delightful tones zinging along his nerves. As she asked if this was ok, his own voice became deep and husky  “Yes Aerin, assuredly yes…” he almost groaned in pleasure as her muzzle moved along his neck, his eyes heavy lidded. In this moment he was hers, a slave to her every whim, His whole body thrummed with blood and warmth, that could not be explained by the hot spring they stood in, that filled his ‘every’ extremity.

He lifted a paw and carefully slid it along her shoulders, he did not exert any weight, just brushing his limb along her body carefully, enjoying the sparks that ignited along his skin where their bodies touched. His head dipped to hers, his tongue gently gliding over the soothing and sensitive spot where her ear met her head as he whispered suggestively “What would you have me teach you?” Asking her a question that he hoped she’d answer in full detail.
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The blanchard's cloudwisp auds flittered as the breath burst from his lips, his own alabaster muzzle sweeping over her throat. She leaned into the paw brushing featherlight along the pale summits of her shoulder blades, shivering as the warmth of the dhochtúra's tongue pressed to the slight dip behind her ear. A warmth had bloomed in the pit of her stomach, a trembling and nervous sensation -- or maybe it was just anticipation. 

His question stilled her as she took to preening the fur at the crook of his neck, dithering indecisively. She was not ready for sexual intimacy with anyone just yet and they hardly knew each other. This wasn't a situation that the sylph was accustomed to falling into -- in fact, she'd never done anything like this -- but she'd decided not to question her actions. They had some kind of connection and she was learning to accept who Aerin was, Saint and all. Why wallow in anxiety and overthinking, deny herself joy or pleasure for the sake of propriety? 

"I do nae...I 'ave not," she stammered, shifting uncertainly and wincing at the splashing sound it caused which seemed sinfully loud between them. "Just...'ow to touch. 'ow to love." Her octaves had dropped, almost as if she were bashful, until they were almost inaudible over the sound of the burbling springs.
Vein’s body thrummed with desire he could almost feel his skin vibrate where her body brushed against his. Her delicious words made him weak in his bones. He wanted nothing more then to take her and make her his. Despite his bravado and his easy confidence he truly was trying to fake until he could make it.

No male would admit, even to themselves, that they were not an experienced lover. And no matter how much he wanted to be, The truth was, though he could and would appreciate the warm curves of another wolf, he had never taken another, had never found someone that would accept him as he was. This had never bothered him before, he only ever needed the gods. This little spirit before him though, sang to his soul and swam through his veins.

His body slid over hers, the warm water rippling away from their bodies the sound becoming a song admits the echoing chamber. His muzzle searched through her rich damp white pelt for any sweet spot and when she twitched or shivered beneath his touch he’d deliver tender kisses and the gentlest of nips, he intended on driving her to madness as he explored her body slowly like the goddess she was. His auds perked to collect any sound she might offer him in guidance toward any particular sweet spot as he worshipped her body with the same reverence he showed the gods.

He went only as far as she’d let him go without pushing her for anymore.

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He moved over her and for a horrible second, flashes of past encounters blinded her. She stiffened, waiting, but the shaman did not crush her beneath him; nor did he sink his fangs into her neck. The action was reminiscent of how lovers embraced but Vein took nothing from her, only gave. Inexperienced as she was, the Saluki felt for a moment that she was at a loss of what to do -- merely melting underneath him as snowfall lashes nictitated and concealed her mercury gaze from sight. The sighthound folded into the icebear, ivory pelts melding as the two hungrily searched over each other in exploration.

Later, they would have to drag themselves from the warmth of the springs and alert the others to what they had found. Perhaps they would receive some odd looks, or their packmates might make assumptions based on their damp fur but in the moment, she couldn't bring herself to mind too much. Only one thought registered when such a scenario popped into her mind: let them.