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Full Version: Take you like a drug
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Eeee so excited for these two to meet!!
Set late evening!


Kynareth’s dutifully moving along Cedar Sweep. Taking his patrol a bit further than he usually does. He moves in between the trees casually, eyes peering around the deep brown trunks and through the rest of the forest. Keeping his eyes open for anything unusual as per usual. 

He’s pleasantly surprised of how quiet it is. Now chilling wind whispering past his ears and making his eyes tear up. Nothing. Just a quiet sounds of the forest — birds chirping. The streets hardly even creak. He dismisses the thought even though he finds it strange but comforting and carries on with his patrol.
@Nyra some vague pp of her leading him (also @Vein since I'm not sure if he would've already returned to the Strath or not)

He followed along the shieldmaiden, silver gaze occasionally sliding to the side to admire the carved curves of marble she wielded -- as deadly as a loaded revolver in a true outlaw's grip. Ever respectful of the authority of his natal, militaristic clan, Matias positioned himself at her shoulder (within easy sight) but a step or two behind her out of deference to her rank. Even if he was a rogue at the moment, the Stormborne could no better shake old habits than he could keep his gaze from wandering. 

It was easy to put aside the muted, stinging burn that tugged at his shoulder with every movement but harder to forget the irritation bubbling beneath his skin as he remembered the source of his pain. He itched for violence, to spill the blood of the pious man who so loved to see the ruby flow himself, but knew it was unwise to make enemies for himself so soon after entering these lands. He resolved to maintain a distance between himself and Vein and to warn others about his malpractice if need be. 

Pushing the incident from his thoughts, he inhaled deep breaths of crisp air to calm his ire as the strangely uniform stand of timberland enveloped the duo in its embrace, admiring the few colorful leaves that had managed to cling to their branches despite the harsh weather. Matias had smelt no borders nor did he detect any signs of civilization so, it was safe to say that he was quite shocked when Kynareth materialized before them in the trees -- as if he knew that the Ujier searched for him. 

"They told me you were alive, hermano," Matias called out from his place by Nyra's side as they approached, a shit-eating grin spreading across his face (since he just knew that Kyn was gonna lose his shit at seeing him), "but I don't think I truly believed 'til just now."

It was the only pleasantries or greetings he gave before trotting past the warwife -- whispering a thanks again as he brushed his muzzle against her shoulder in gratitude -- to embrace his battle-brother in the masculine, gruff way that men do. 

A booming chuckle escaped him as he pulled back from the brindle, tail wagging in wide sweeps of joy. "You glorious bastard," he laughed again, feeling giddy enough that he could have kissed him right there in front of Nyra, "how the hell did you wind up all the way out here?" 
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Nyra appreciated Matias' respect, and walked in confident silence with him towards the Strath. Upon seeing Kynareth, Nyra smiled, already knowing Matias saw him.
She said nothing as her fellow leviathan nosed her in thanks, only offering a firm nod and a smile as she observed the reunion between the two. She couldn't wait to see Kyn's face.
"He's been looking for you." She stated with a grin
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Vein moved along easily at Nyra's other shoulder imitating Matis's respectful position. That and he could allow his eyes to roam the perfect white curves of her strong yet feminine form, and so the trio moved the two males looking like a vanguard for the every impressive Nya.

Vein paused alongside Nyra when the grand master came into sight. "Take care, MiLady" Vein spoke in a hushed tomes managing to make his words sound warm and sincere. He nodded to Kynareth and then again to Nyra before trotting off to the left he moved on so as to not get in the way of the reunion. He slipped into the trees and was gone presumably into the pack lands and likely to Gaia's alter
He’s simply meandering along through the trees, not thinking that he’d be meeting someone so significant today. He thought today would be slower that it’s already proving to be. 

Yet a booming, accented voice startles him from his reverent staring at the ground. The fur along his spine prickling and his auds flick forward — he’s alert. At first he doesn’t recognize it until he’s turning to meet the source of the noise. The man continues, his grin horribly wide and full of mirth. Speaking as if he knows him — knows Kynareth. 

Kynareth’s mind slows to a grueling halt. His brain short circuiting and firing at a thousand times per minute. He knows who this is and he feels his heart lurch of of his chest and skip a few beats. Goosebumps would’ve formed on his skin if they were able. The usually loose, confident, and sadistic Grandmaster resorted to standing there like a deer in headlights. Not even responding to the embrace the male gives him. Golden eyes are wide and the rest of his face is horribly monotone, emotionless. The only emotion playing anywhere is surprise and it rushes through the stunning yellow of his eyes. If one even looks enough, they probably be able to see the overwhelming love that penetrates his gaze.

He doesn’t answer him yet. Rather he looks towards Nyra, only a flick of his eyes. “Leave us.” He demands quickly. Hoping he won’t have to tell his Overseer twice. 

Assuming she has, Kynareth would glance back to the male before him. Finally getting some of the rigidness out of his stance and loosening up. Then within the second a face splitting smile would appear on his maw and he would jump to high into the air one would like he was about to fly away. All until he would hit Matias head on with his own body and send them sprawling over the snow. 

All the while Kynareth’s yelling and mumbling “Where the fuck did you go?” “Why the fuck did you leave?”, and “Fuck, I missed you so much you handsome motherfucker.” Until he’s licking and lapping at his face, borderline whining and yipping from excitement. His tail can only wag so fast and he find himself panting horribly. Eyes full of want, love, and questions — so, so, so many questions.
For several horribly long moments, which were likely only a few heartbeats in all actuality, Kynareth just stands there gaping at him -- not even moving to return the playful, almost brotherly, hug Matias has bestowed upon him. Slowly, the Seraph's smile dies as his expression morphs into one of vulnerable uncertainty -- their audience forgotten even as Ky orders them to leave. He knows a moment of horrible fear, not because he thinks the brindled wolfdog will hurt him (they're pretty evenly matched anyways, in size at least if not battle prowess) but because the Stormborne is suddenly unsure whether his former lover remembers their time as fondly as the Sergeant does. 

Then the golden-eyed titan has launched himself through the air with surprising litheness, striking the surprised Ujier in the chest full force  and sending the pair sprawling backwards into the snow -- where Matias lands on his back beneath the Grandmaster with an oof. For a moment, he tenses -- wondering if perhaps he had been mistaken and his best friend did mean to do him harm. He melts just as quickly, the keen of Ky's voice reaching his ears and the swipe of his tongue against Matias' masked features a balm to any anxiety, like the chocolate confections his pelt resembles. 

"I'm sorry," he mumbles, somewhat sheepishly, again and again as he wiggles under the Grandmaster -- unable to stop himself from reaching to return his corazón's exuberant affection, pressing the apologies to his skin with gentle nibbles and nips along the pale swath of his neck. "It was stupid..It was Sasha. I could not trust her. I thought she would break your heart," he admitted in a breathy rush, head falling back to rest against the earth once more, champagne gaze embarrassed. He'd had good reason to suspect the Deagon's first wife as it turned out, if what Nyra said was true.

"I'm here now, amor," the Peacemaker smiles shyly as he says it, his tail wagging despite being pinned beneath the goliath warlord, a hint of the boyish charisma from their youth evident in his adoring expression. "And I missed you too. A lot."
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Nyra watches Kyn as he registers who's standing with her. 
She's also almost disappointed to be told to leave. But with a soft chuckle, she begins to trot away, stopping a few good yards into the trees to look back at the two men as Kynareth launches at Matias. 
She hears the yelling and the happiness in both their voices as they sprawl over the snow. 
Nyra's eyes sadden some, but she smiles still, then she turns, and continues to trot further into the trees. She'd be waiting for them just out of eye and earshot so they had their privacy.
She had followed her husband's scent past the borders out of innocent curiosity. She wondered what he could be doing out here, and if he might be up to something fun. Or maybe he had run into trouble and needed her help. Regardless, she tracked him through the snow, her gaze searching for his colors against the bright white. She had been holed up in their den with him for days, not that she had minded at all; the opposite, actually. She found it difficult to be separated now.

At some point, she scented Nyra and that other healer—the one she wasn't too sure about yet, and her mood soured a bit. They wouldn't keep her away, though. It would just make her grumpy instead of playful. 

But when she finally arrived, it was to find Ky atop of some man she had never seen before, and they were clearly not fighting. She raised her eyebrow and took a seat. You get to have all the fun, she told him, a playful pout on her face. She wondered who this stranger was and how he knew her husband. Most importantly, she wondered about the nature of their relationship. Ky seemed to have many lovers, not that she minded, but he could at least share some of them.
I’m sorry. He hears and Kyn believes him. The next words aren’t surprising, but they still him in his wild frenzy of licking his former lovers face off. He’s pausing and looking down to him with a shake of his head. 

“She did.” He whispers solemnly. “You should’ve said something I wouldn’t listened. I would’ve chosen yo—“ Simmik’s voice rings through his ears and he’s absolutely freezing. 

Though her words and voice is buoyant with entertainment and playfulness, he still feels quite embarrassed to have his wife catch him like this. As if it were a horror movie, Kyn is slowly looking back to her with a sheepish grin and a laugh that says he’s only a bit embarrassed at being caught red handed. He offers a fleet of look of We’ll finish this conversation. before he’s moving.

He allows it to turn into a more confident laugh as he moves off of him and faces her. “Darling, this is Matias. He’s an old friend and uhh — lover.” He admits with a chuckle. “Grew up with him in the Saints and all that.”

Then he turns to Matias. “This is Simmik. She’s my wife.” He says confidently and surely. Quick to interject with “No need to worry, she’s absolutely nothing like Sasha. She’s so much better.” He gushes on his pale lover. “She helped me when I was having a rough time with the Saints fall so long ago.” The brindle explains softly. His gaze soft and trusting as if he could somehow telepathically show him all of the reasons she isn’t, and will never be, like Sasha.
His heart fairly stops. I would've chosen yo-

I would've chosen you. 

Before he can process much of anything else, Kynareth is looking at him in a different light before leaping off him to stand with another pale woman -- this one smaller, with eyes of fire. His wife. And it makes sense to him then, his gaze dropping from the couple as he rises and clears the snow from his mocha pelt with a shake as if the movement might help to fling away the hurt simmering in his chest at his once-lover's embarrassment. That whispered admission sours in his heart, suddenly very hard to believe when Kynareth is so blatantly ashamed of him -- or so the Sergeant thinks anyways. 

He's nothing if not loyal though. So, he plasters a friendly smile on his face and moves to stand before the group. It's not Simmik's fault that he levels her with a keen champagne gaze, wondering if Kyn is right about her trustworthiness. But the ivory lady before him seems collected, playful, warm as her firebrand gaze -- inspiring Matias' full charisma to shine on her as he beams a gentlemanly smile in her direction. 

"Hola, belleza,"  he drawls charmingly, dipping his head to her with as much respect as he might greet any of the other leaders. Even if she holds no postition of power, it's commonplace for Consorts to be treated just as respectfully as their mates in the Calaveras charter -- and the outlaw is a stickler for manners. 
She was surprised to see embarrassment on his face. It was clear by her words she had no issue with whatever had been going on. And because she knew his every expression and every emotion that ever flitted through his eyes, she caught the look he had given the other man. Was there something in his past that he didn't trust her to know? The thought hurt more than she was prepared for. She thought he trusted her to know everything about him, and yet, it seemed he couldn't speak freely now. 

She pushed aside the hurt for now; she would let it settle in her mind and then probably ask him about it later. For now, she took her spot at her husband's side and smiled lovingly up at him as he showered her with praise. And this man was Matias, a friend and lover from his past. 

Matias was very polite, offering her a respectful greeting that had a small but friendly smile curving her lips. She dipped her head in return. Have you come to visit or to stay? she asked him, bright curiosity in the fire of her gaze. Ky's friends are always welcome, she added. She was excited to meet someone from his past, even if Ky was not so willing to let her know what all was going on.