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Full Version: If everything is going well, you've obviously overlooked something
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Swish swish swish, snow and dirt flew between his legs and piled behind him. A deep hole was forming as yet another cache was found and dug up by the overweight and lazy brute any meal he could get without hunting it himself was taken and eaten without delay.

His white pelt was covered his dirt and getting wetter with each flick of the cold wet earth. He only vaguely wondered why there was a cache out, here but he also did not care, a free meal was a free meal and he’d eat every bite hungry or not.

The cache uncovered the brute crawled in and lay down in the hole and started in on his meal, wondering if company would come along like it had in the past. He wouldn’t mind sharing a bite or too of this bounty
seraph had a plan. okay, it wasn't strictly a plan, per se, but it had the skeletal frameworks of what most would call a plan and so in seraph's mind, that made his few vaguely coherent ideas about where he should go next or indeed, what the hell he should be doing with his life a perfectly coherent and well-structured plan. and obviously, like everything else he created, it was magnificently perfect and if done correctly, everything would go accordingly and he would be exactly where he would want to be in life. except, he wasn't going to follow the plan (because he never does) and it was very likely - though he would not admit this to anyone else - that his plan was a perfect pile of shambles. nevermind. it was not like he needed the plan anyway. 

as he sauntered through the woods, he took a sharp sniff of the air and grunted. these woods were very unfamiliar and yet, strangely enough, felt familiar. seraph knew exactly where these unwanted thoughts were coming from and shook them off with a huff. he might be damned by the pack, and maybe damned by the almighty - although who knew of what the almighty wanted anyway? that was the whole point of the almighty, that absolutely no one knew of anything they were plotting - but he was going to enjoy his life, and he was going to enjoy it more than them, those unholy bastards.

scuffling noises. seraph stopped, pink eyes darting around, and he inhaled softly. food. and then he was off, walking as fast as he possibly could. it did not cross his mind that another wolf could very possibly be eating there as well (for some strange reason), and it definitely did not cross his mind that said wolf would be so...well-fed? was that the politically correct term? oh damn political correctness. he was hungry. he needed the fooood. seraph paused in his steps a respectable distance away from the stranger and their hole and let out a drawling chuff of greeting. "hello there."
Vein turned slowly so as to not startle the wolf that spoke, if he moved to fast it might make them think he'd attack to protect his bounty.
This was not so, not today at the very least.

He realized belatedly after digging though the dirt that he was traipsing through what used to be a packs territory but those pack wolves had abandoned these lands and their caches for what ever reason and Vein was planning on finding every single cache and eating every single bite he could. One did not just become as large as he, they had to work hard at it.

"Hello there" he echoed in his richly deep baritone "I am Vein and I could use your help getting this carcass out of his hole, we could share it for your efforts. I think it was elk once"

The white brute didn't fancy the hole caving in upon him as he ate, He turned back and slowly began tugging the largest meat chunk backwards up the hilly edge on the hole he'd dug toward the flat surface of the ground. well actually he made it look like he was putting a lot of effort into each slow tug, in reality he really wanted the other wolf to do most of the work so he didn't have to waste anymore energy then necessary.
okay. well that deal was not fun. in any way. seraph did not like doing the dirty work. he loved reaping the rewards but he did not like actually doing the work. but he did need the food. hmmm. "as long as i get a share," seraph said with a quick glance around him. the plan was to look like he was heaving and sweating and trying his best to get the elk out of the hole but not actually do that much work. "i warn you though, i'm not actually very strong at all." 

seraph padded toward the carcass, grabbed onto a chunk of meat and began half fake dragging, half real dragging the elk out of the hole. ugh. i just want the goddamn food.
Between the two of them and their mediocre effort slowly the food was freed from the hole it probably could have been freed much quicker had either male put forth a decent effort.

Vein nodded to the other wolf,  then yawned exposing large teeth before he lay down and tore a hunk of meat free and chewed thoughtfully, allowing the other wolf to grab bites too. He had yawned to show the other wolf not to steal the entire meal but laid down to show he was not a threat either. He spoke volumes with his body language.

The large white brute knew the other was hiding it’s name for what ever reason so he asked pointedly “With whom do I have the pleasure of dining with tonight” He grinned easily hoping to at least have some entertainment along with his meal
the work was slow, and long, and hard and seraph was about to give up when with one final pull, the carcass was freed from the hole. ugh. okay, to be fair, he didn't actually do much work at all and he wasn't all that tired but still, he would've like the food without the effort. 

collapsing next to vein, seraph tore a scrap of meat off and munched on it lazily. this would hopefully fill him up, and then where should he go? oh. the other man just spoke. what did he say? ooh. "raphae- i mean seraph. i'm seraph." oh for god's sake. he still wasn't used to the change in his name but well, this encounter would definitely hammer home the need for a complete name change. raphael was dead and gone. f that boy.
"If you are going to change your name, perhaps one that isn't so similar to the first one might help" Vein chuckled, "Vein is not my first name, but it is the only name anyone alive will know me by. At least since my birth pack has gone to serve the gods will"

With that thought Vein's mood soured a bit and he turned his attention to the food, He opened his maw and pulled a large bite off to chew thoughtfully. after a long moment and a hard swallow later "Why did you change your name? if you don't mind my asking? Mine reminded me to much of my mother whom I loved dearly and with that memory comes the pain of her passing so I have given that name to her and chose another to suit me in a life without her"

He worked another bite free and contented himself with chewing hoping he'd not offended his dinner guest
a tinge of pink shaded seraph's cheeks and though he managed to will it away after a few seconds, it put him into a rather sour mood. in fact, he wasn't even sure why he had blushed in first place. so the man had criticised his choice of new name, so what? since when had he cared about some random peasant's opinion? ugh. anyway, he had deliberately chosen the name seraph because of its angelic roots (so as to spite his family) and because it bore some resemblance to his old name (which he was, in some strange way, rather fond of). so, yeah. 

"oh, i changed it because i got kicked out of my pack and my family disowned me," seraph said lightly, swallowing a rather thick chunk of meat. mhmmm. nice. "it's a bit complicated to explain, but my new name is sort of a kick in the face to them," he lifted a shoulder in an offhand shrug.
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Vein nodded thoughtfully and pulled more flesh from the food and continued to enjoy the meat thoughtfully, He pulled a bone closed and cleaned it of meat and then began to gnaw on a bone enjoying the clicking his teeth made against the tough material.

He paused on the bone and smiled “Names are a personal thing, but if changing it helps to get revenge for wrongs done to you; well then your name has power and it deserves respect. Thank you for sharing this meal with me Seraph. Are you looking for a new pack?

He began to chew on the bone again while waiting for his answer.
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in more ways than one, seraph held little respect for the other wolf. not in a bad way per se, but rather he viewed him as rather insignificant, a dot in the vast universe, a blinking light which would go out with little consequence to many in a blink of the universe's eye. to be fair, that was what he thought of the majority of the wolves, and indeed animals, who lived on this earth. however, vein's words and the validation he gave seraph made the yearling flush almost happily. exactly, that was exactly right. thank you very much!! 

'it was my pleasure," seraph said with a lopsided smile, "and....i don't know, maybe? maybe not. don't really have many plans if i'm being honest with you."
Vein was just enjoying this little blip in life, this moment was not life changing nor was it especially memorable however it was the little things that made life worth living and so he was enjoying the moment for what it was, however it was drawing o a close he knew this so he gave a bit more info in hopes this lone wolf might yet come to the pack they needed more numbers for the war that was to come.

"The Saint's of the Dying Light are a pretty hostile pack, and you’d best mention my name should you find our borders. We could use more warriors or others to fill the ranks. If you are looking for action this pack is a good place to start

Vein grinned then slowly stood picked up a singular huge chunk of meat leaving the last of it for his dinner companion and paced off toward the Strath he’d stop somewhere to finish his meal entirely before entering the pack land with a cursory border pee.

an offer came. well, an offer of sorts. a hostile pack huh? that would be a big change from what he was used to but...to be honest, as much as his family tried to frame him as satan's favourite minion or something along the lines of that, seraph wasn't much of an aggressive wolf. he liked playing tricks, liked messing things up but downright aggressive fighting was a bit too, well, bland. it lacked sophistication, it lacked a certain flair that he craved and loved.

"ah alright, i might check it out sometime," he flashed vein a smile and when it was apparent he was about to leave, seraph gave his companion a cheerful nod. "thanks for lunch, cheers." when the large brute was out of site, seraph gave a huge side and settled into a more comfortable position - though it would look vaguely serpentile and definitely uncomfortable to any bystanders watching - and bit into his dinner. ah. yes. this was life.