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He didn't know where Mauti was at the moment, but Ole was eager to explore.  He had to get himself accustomed to the new land, go exploring, do.. something.  He was restless and needed to do something before his head exploded, so the wolf slipped through the forest on the trail of adventure.  Ole scented the air, finding nothing of promise, and ducked his head to wander.  

He had nothing else to do.
Winter was far from over, the shadow knew this to be such and yet he moved still with the hope that he might find something alive and of interest beyond the circled mountain barriers of his home. Within this forest, a pack once thrived, just like in the north one had. Both having gone now, by their own accord or from being run off by the might of his clan, he was uncertain. 

He knew only he was able to stride freely and so he did. Ahead, an open field, a creek cutting it's way through. A pretty forest, like that up north from here. He then spots the other wolf- tall yet a small, thin frame, such as Hemlocke's self. The shadow watches curiously though does not approach the stranger.
Ole moved through the foreign land cautiously, his ears swiveling like enthusiastic radar dishes upon his head all the while.  Mauti was out there somewhere resting and he had learned several times over the worst could happen in such a vulnerable state, so he didn't stray too far.  Just enough to dip his toes in the proverbial waters of the great big unknown.

It was the scent of another wolf that drew his attention away from exploration.  Ole couldn't deny there was some anxiety knotting in his chest (were the wolves here kind? Insane? Occultists?) at the way the stranger leered at him from afar.  That wasn't creepy at all.  Not one bit.

"Hi," he called, a thin smile scraping across his white muzzle.

And those dark bloodied eyes did stare and Ole would not be the only one by a long shot to think that his stare was a bit creepy. Still, the stranger gave a small greeting and what seemed like a forced smile on Hemlocke's behalf. In turn, the helhound dips his muzzle downward and lowers his head in silent gesture of greeting. He does not approach further, though casts his eyes away from the other wolf and down the length of creek. A nice place... He muses delicately, the deep vocals calm and gentle. I pack was here, before. Did you know them? He asks curiously as devilishly pointed ears perked high and his attention befalls the wolf once more.
Ole found there to be a disturbing similarity between this wolf and a ghost from the past.  They both had a stare that made him feel like a butterfly pinned beneath a microscope, wings flapping and getting nowhere to save himself.  An unfortunate vision to have in his head while trying to also appear as nonchalant as possible, but he'd pulled off crazier things in the past.

"No, I'm sorry.  I'm new to these lands entirely.. and not really even sure where I am." Ole cocked his head, clearly intrigued that he'd met a.. native?  Someone more native than himself, anyway. He glanced around as if he might be able to find something helpful for the wolf but came up predictably empty, left to stand there like a clueless fool.

If anything, Hemlocke in all the silence and stares, had become not only quite the listener, but an observer, all the same. The uncertainty the young man had was fitting for any wolf meeting a stranger in what Hemlocke now learned, as a new place in a new land. However, Hemlocke could only feel as though his presence here did not help the man, but further hinder him in his exploration.

Hemlocke then turned once more away from him and onto the creek. His silt-tall legs moving in closer and his head lowering to sniff the waters. This creek smelt fresh and crisp and the forest providing ample cover but not a mess of tangled reeds, vine and bramble. Yes, a good place and one he would put to memory should he pack have a need to relocate once more. 

It is King Elk Forest. He then states, Kingslend, once ruled. But did not now, obviously. If he was unsettling to the wolf at least the shadow could make up for it by providing some information. If needing to settle for winter, this would be good. The naturalist allowed and then, gesturing outwards with his muzzle as his crown lifted once more. My home is in a valley east of here.