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Snow drifted down that afternoon, painted everything in a fresh layer of white. Patroclus even found himself dusted in the fine powder. The top of his coat now lightened up with the dusting. It did not help that he did not move. Comfortably perched upon a rock near the riverbank. The stone slabs were perfect for him to lounge upon.

Yet he felt awfully lonely out here away from his newfound place. Perhaps he could summon some company.

Softly he released a little call. Not one of alarm or demand. A simple open ended greeting for any who might listen.
The black wolf ghosted through the area heading for the pack lands having scouted all she could, her attempts at finding lone wolves to join the pack were less then fruitless. She never managed to convince a wolf to join, this was beginning to irk here.

She was glad it was winter as she past through this area the constant chirping of the cricket that was almost deafening in the summer was next to gone. Though he did hear something; a lone howl.. with a shrug she changed course and trotted toward the source.

She drew closer, standing in the snow and watched the male perched upon a rock. "You Ok?" she questioned. Looking over his body examining his pelt and body sizing him up.
Someone arrived. Someone who seemed akin to the others among the Saints of the Dying Light. His head dipped down some so that he might see her better from his perched place.

Better now. Honest, albeit simple in response. We have not met yet. Who might you be? A curious tilt of his head as he took in her presence. A swarthy figure with light colors eyes. Closer in appearance to that of Kynareth than Nyra or Aerin.
The black wraith narrowed her white blue eyes, The fact he stayed perched above her like his rank might be higher or that he needed to feel more powerful did not go unnoticed, she played at that game too. She did not like being asked her name without the gesture being offered in respect first. She felt a rumble deep in her throat this one was pack he smelled of it anyway, but she couldn't help but let the slight bother her especially in her fracturing emotional state.

Her voice was clipped but she gave the truth "Whrist. You?" She almost missed the fact that wolf felt better for her company. 

After a moment she looked to the sky and yipped three times in quick succession, A Raven cawed in return and circled lazily above them. Then tipped it's wings and drove at the pair of wolves it clipped it wing against the male wolf and it came to land and perch upon the similarly colored wolf. Whrist couldn't' help but grin at her pets impertinence.
Patroclus heard the clipped tone. She did not seem...pleased like him. Which was a shame and allowed him to wonder. Why be here if she did not wish to converse?

Patroclus. He answered evenly, feeling dismissed by her shortness. Eyed the bird perched upon her. Why was it here? There was no food around and they were but two wolves simply conversing. Sort of.

He rose, stretched and aimed to come down from his stone. A little shake of his coat. It was kind of you to answer my call. He started with slowly, wondering if he might soften what seemed to be a hard exterior.
Whrist resisted the urge the shake her body as the raven sunk it’s talons into her thick pelt, she mouthed it’s head and held it for a moment before releasing it and turning her full attention to the male before her. The raven sat perched on her back and cocked it head watching the other wolf with curiosity

Well Patroclus I was in the area and couldn’t help but respond to such a lonesome call, truthfuly I was hoping to find a wolf or two to bring home but it looks as if you are already one of the Saints.” She scented the air recognizing the scents upon the air, though she could be wrong, it might be herself she was smelling

How long have you been part of the pack?” She inquired perhaps she should spar with him and really gauge his worthiness of being called a saint of the dying light
She perplexed him greatly. Especially the relationship she seemed to share with this bird. He was...not fond of the sight.

We could always go look further. He offered gently. Despite some internal private reservations about being alone with her. Scared? Not exactly, but certainly a bit wary. So far no one had negatively confused him within his new home. It was bound to have happened sooner or later.

Oh, not very long at all. Answered honestly with a little shake of his head. Few days? A week? Although it always felt so much longer when he was greeted with friendly faces.
Whrist often set other wolves on edge, Her lack of social skills due to her unpack like upbringing, often rubbed wolves the wrong way, and the new feminine hormones rolling off her made her sharper then usual, not that she was pleasantly easy to get along with in the best of times. This was likely the reason she drove the lone wolves away rather then draw them in, perhaps having another wolf with her to soften her personality might help her in her self appointed task.

The black wraith decided to try just a bit harder to be social and nodded thoughtfully “I would love your help to find and bring home new pack members, This is Crawford,” She motioned to the young raven on her back, “I found him on the ground as a tiny fledgling and took him with me on my scouting mission, Arlette named him,” She added quickly in case he thought the name odd

She thought I could train him to do things, it’s not going to great, I’m trying to train him to spot prey and alert me. So far he brings me to anything he find interesting,” She turned her head and glared at the bird before pointedly ignoring him and turning her attention back to Patroclus “Mostly shiny things.

She frowned.  “Do you have any idea’s on how to train him?
He had expected to be turned away, shunned perhaps. Patroclus remained steadily aware that he was not the same as his other packmates. They all seemed so...brutish. Yet he still stayed with them all. Charmed perhaps by how small yet protected he felt.

She opened up further with introductions to the bird that joined her. Crawford.

Have you taken him out while tracking? Perhaps offer little treats and rewards for being near the herds. He might learn that good things come from being there.
Whrist nodded “Ha! That might be just the ticket” she looked around as if hoping to see a herd of something near by so that she could start this new training tactic right away, and seemed a little disappointed that there was nothing of note near by.

hum… want to go hunting?” She turned her white blue gaze back to him “Or we could do something else? What do you suggest? Has anyone shown you the caverns in the territory? The healers place has a warm underground lake and I think hot springs were recently discovered” of course it had a name but that was unimportant to her so she never took the time to commit the name of Gaia's Altar to her memory, though she had been there and explored.

There she gave him lots of options or he could make excuses and just fade away into the sunset, that is what most wolves did upon meeting her. Outside of the grandmaster, though Nyra did seem to tolerate her better then most too