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Full Version: with the bitter salt of blood
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@Simmik / Dated for the 20th (or whenever works best!)

He could very easily have been branded as lazy for all the lounging he had seemed to do. Granted he found he was often granted with company in his lounging. However today he carried himself somewhere new to be a practical statue. He wished to discover the expansive parts of the strath. Away from the riverbeds and rocks. Out into a field.

The snow piled up plenty here, not yet warm enough to have melted the field into slush. Nor did the sun seem inclined to peer out from the clouds. Patroclus did not mind these things. He enjoyed it deeply.

He sought to find a particularly large build up of snow and wiggle his body into the miniature mountain of it. An odd sight for anyone who might see him.
She had few friends here. Two to be exact that had showed her any kind of friendship aside from Ky. She didn't really care, other than the lack of company whenever Ky was busy with something. She had already spent much of the day patrolling and was not interested in doing anymore. Eating was out of the question; today's nausea had been the worse yet, and the thought of eating had fire licking up her throat from her chest. 

So to pass the time, she wandered. She had napped earlier as well and a little more energy. The chilly air comforted her some, as did the crunch of snow under her paws as she made her way into the field. Movement made her stop and glance around. She saw the hind end of a wolf—brown against the white. The front of this stranger seemed to be buried in a pile of the winter dusting. 

She trotted over and stopped next to the odd stranger. He smelled of her husband, and so she deduced that he was allowed to be here and she had just not met him yet. Are you stuck or something? she asked. She supposed she would help him out if he really needed it.
He could hear her in a muffle sort of way. Stuck. Had he become so? Quickly he worked to wiggle himself back out of the situation he had put himself in. Patroclus would be easily freed, although now his front half spotted a heavy dusting of snow upon his russet and black coloring.

He might have been prone to confuse her for Nyra had there not been a difference between eyes. Scent, as well. She was pale and charming (in looks for now, he had not spoken enough to decide upon personality) as he found many of the wolves here to be so far.

Oh, I... He trailed off with a lazy smile. Suppose I do not have a good excuse. It simply looked enticing.
She watched as he dug his way back out of the mound of snow, offering an answer to her question: he was not stuck. From his next words, it seemed he had no real reason for being there other than it looked enticing. It was an odd use of time. She couldn't remember the last time she had done something just because it looked fun. She had many things to worry about, children to prepare for, a pack whose members, or at least a good chunk of them, didn't want her here. So she was silent at first, her expression blank as she processed his words.

Then she gave him a slow nod. I see, she answered cryptically. I like the snow too, she finally continued. She really had enjoyed the winter so far, save for some of the harsher storms of the last month. The chilly air was nice and the snow made things more beautiful. So, basically, she could understand where he was coming from. 

I'm Simmik, she offered. You must be new here.
His tail wagged in wide sweeps behind him, tiny flecks of snow coming off of it as he did so. She might have been cryptic but he knew an olive branch when he saw one. A common ground. A connection.

The snow.

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? He hummed in soft response as he looked around them. There was plenty of the fine substance to be dug into and enjoyed. Perhaps he could lure her into such.

Introductions first! He would be wise to remember his manners. Oh, I am, yes. Patroclus. He offered with a gentle nod to her. It is a pleasure to meet you, Simmik. Would you care to join me in the snow?
Patroclus. She would commit the name to memory, although it was so unique it would be easy for her to remember. He then invited her to join him in the snow, and she considered his words for a moment. She did like playing in the snow, and she couldn't really remember the last time she had indulged herself in this kind of fun. Plus, it would let her get to know this new packmate a little better.

She looked around a moment before looking back at him, a grin tilting her lips up. Okay, she said. That sounds fun. Then she threw herself on the ground and scooted her face and body against the snow, sneezing as some of it got in her nose. She flipped over on her back next and rubbed her body against the ground as soft laughter left her mouth. This was just as fun as she had thought it would be. While remaining on her back, she glanced over at Patroclus to see if he was having as much fun as she was.
He would not waste time once she agreed to join him. While she scooted, he flopped into a pile and sought to bury himself from more. Then popped out of it completely dusted in the fine icy powder.

Laughter slipped free from him every now and then. A bit breathless as he sought to take a place near where she rolled. Wiggling on his own back in a mimic of her own actions. She seemed far more experience at playing in the snow. If that was even a skill he could compare.

Well, is it as fun as it sounded? Heavy foggy pants of breath escaped between his words, head craned and tilted to try and catch a sideward look at her.
It seemed he was having just as much fun as she was, which only made her laugh more. He was covered in snow as he came to settle next to her, rolling over on his back as well. His question was met with a brisk nod, or as good of one as she could manage while upside down. Definitely, she answered, smiling. 

She rolled over and shook the snow from her head, her fiery gaze settling on him with curiosity. So, besides rolling in the snow, what other things do you do to have fun? Simmik asked him. She was intrigued by this wolf. He had somehow convinced her to shed her serious mask and play with him as if they were pups. So naturally, she wanted to know more about him.
He rolled from his back to his side, legs stretched out as he flexed his paws. Half inclined to go over and settle down on her in what would be a cozy snowy pile, but he would not push that boundary just yet.

Well, I’m a deeply social creature, Although he guessed one could argue that for any wolf. So I suppose any conversation or interaction — especially one as whimsical as this one — would be something I do for fun. Honest as he settled his dark golden gaze upon her. Any snow left looked positively perfect on her. Blended right in!

What about you? He questioned with a lazy grin and wave of his tail that sent a bit of loose snow flying.
She figured they were all different levels of social; why else would they prefer to live in a pack? She, too, enjoyed spending time with others, although she assumed probably not quite as much as he seemed to enjoy it. Well, we should do this more often then, before the snow is all gone, she told him with a shrug. So far, he seemed nice enough and she could always use the distraction. 

Her expression turned pensive as she considered his question. To be honest, most of her fun included Ky and something she didn't think was appropriate to bring up with someone she barely knew. She clearly needed other hobbies. But after a few moments, she was able to come up with something else she liked to do. I like to spar, she told him. I'm a fighter, and I like to keep my skills sharp and learn new things. She had certainly gotten plenty of practice since coming here.
I would love to, Honest as a sweep of his tail sent snow flying again. As much as he enjoyed those he had met already, none of them seemed so keen on some childish play. Perhaps Kynareth but he had a feeling that would end up unlike this.

Her answer would not strike him as odd. It seemed plenty here were...physically inclined. As for him? Well, I maybe not be a very good spar partner, but I'd be happy to help however I could. He made a rather good punching bag, if he did say so.
Good, she said with a small smile. So would I. The more friends, the better. She knew some of the unrest between her and her packmates was her fault, but she wanted things to be different now, especially with her bringing children into the world; she wouldn't deal with any prejudice towards them. They would be princes and princesses, and they should be treated as such. 

It seemed he didn't have much fighting experience, which was fine; they didn't all need to be warriors. She did think they should all know how to protect themselves, though. I can teach you some things if you're interested; just in case you ever need to protect yourself. Of course, if he wasn't up for it, that was fine too, but she figured she would offer.
He realized, a bit slow perhaps, that it seemed everyone here was so very physically inclined. While he had been accepted for his ways of the mind, it still seemed that others wished to sway him into more mercenary ventures. He didn't mind it. The kindness they all showed and the willingness to teach was appreciated but...

Well, embarrassment always bloomed in his chest for it. He was not some broad guard bred for the work of hardy men. He was a lithe thing, an unique pretty face. Had they used human terminology he might have simply been a cheerleader for the football team.

I...am afraid I might be a hard student to have. He laughed timidly. I am sure a time will come when I cannot call upon anyone such as yourself, though. Which I suppose means I need to keep trying my hand at tactician work.

A long winded way to accept her offer with some hesitation.
She could tell he was hesitant, but she didn't understand why. She also hadn't meant to make him uncomfortable with her offer; she just wanted everyone to be able to protect themselves. If you would prefer to do something else, that's fine too, she told him, her intense gaze studying his face similarly to how she always studied her husband's face—she was trying to see if he withheld any emotions from her. I'm happy to teach if that's what you want, she continued, getting to her feet to walk around him and move her studying from his face to his form. He was slender, not built for fighting, but that didn't mean he couldn't defend himself if needed. 

You're probably fast, she pointed out as she came to stand in front of him once more. You can use that to your advantage. If he wanted to know more, she would tell him, or he could steer their time together in a different direction—the choice was his.