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Full Version: the fall of titans
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Vallkyrie Archer had every intention to leave Neverwinter forest behind and all the heart-ache (and yet some good) which had come with it. A year had passed and Kyr, though part of her felt as though she were abandoning those in the forest which remained, had wished to start a new. Had wished to find a happiness which she had been seriously lacking in the great pine forest. She would say her goodbyes. She would leave them and that beautiful, cursed forest. Vallkyrie just didn’t expect it to be like this. Never like this. 

The great crash of the rock falling from the sky caused their world to light up with a brightness Kyr had never known before. It reminded her something like a winter world of white being shined by a bright sun. It also reminded her of the first time she had stepped from the birthing den and into the open world. She lifted a slender fore-paw, shielding her vision even though her icy eyes shut tightly. And in that second was a great BOOM. Louder then thunder, louder then any landslide or quake of volcano. Vallkyrie fell down to her belly as the earth rumbled from under her, quivering not only her but everything around her.

Eyes slowly opening, she was frozen still in her placement, too fearful to even move-barely to breathe-until the dusts began to settle. The devastation of what looked like the biggest landslide she had ever seen spilled out into the Glen and the rocks which it had come from having been slid away from the face of Moonspear's great mountain.

As soon as she was able to see enough, fear rose higher and panic set in and in those moments her feet were moving before her brain could even register it. She called out to the members of the glen, of the mountains, to even her own within the forest if they would come. Directly, she calls to Bronco and Meerkat, in the hopes that they had survived the damage. In the wake of the devastation, Vallkyrie was but a lost and lonely pup, searching endlessly through the rubble to find any signs of life.
From his post along the borders, Bronco could do little but wait for others to arrive, so that he might keep a count of how many had been safe and far away enough from the landslide. He feared for Meerkat- she'd gone on an adventure, and he could only hope that she was still safe and well out of harm's way. He could only pray that she had not chosen to stop by Moonspear and visit on her way home- but in the wake of losing Primrose, he wouldn't have been surprised to see that life had chosen yet again to be unjust and cruel. He told himself not to think of it- he simply had to wait. 

When he heard a call, he recognized it as belonging to Vallkyrie. No doubt the haze that had been blown in their direction from the landslide had reached Neverwinter- so with a cough, he called back. She wasn't far away- so he called out for her, to let her know he was nearby. He realized this might mean abandoning his post, but as long as his howl had drawn wolves toward his location, they could gather at the Northern borders and still be safe without him for a few moments. 

He coughed as he roved along the borders, before catching sight of something far too dark and soft to have been anything but Vallkyrie. "Vall?" He called out as he approached. It was nearly impossible to smell, with the dust in the air- and it made him cough. "Vallkyre- that you?" He called out.
from one devastation to another. cam was still processing everything that had occurred lately when the ground began to tremble, a rumbling explosion rippling out across the wilderness. he dodged tumbling branches and leaves, a frantic shadow through the trees. burst out, into the open, saw the dark form of kyr running—

oh, god! he stopped abruptly after following her some distance, suddenly aware that he'd crossed over the border into the glen. trespassing. . .and yet, it was both on his mind and far from it as he stared, agape, at the mountain;

it was smoking, and rocks rained down from its slope. even now, he felt the delicate sprinkle of sediment—if he stuck his tongue out he could catch some, like snowflakes. 

but he did not follow vallkyrie into the rubble. no. that belonged to the mountain, and the mountain was forbidden to him, for-ever. 

instead, cam watched as the large plume obscured the stars, eyes narrowed and stinging against the dust that came his way. he silently watched the ruins of the moonspear as the wound upon his old flank ached. how mighty was the mountain now? how mighty were its wolves, now?

he once had learned his lesson, and perhaps, now, they had learned theirs.

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She heard the coughing, heard the howls out to his brethern over the tumbling of rock, dirt, snow and ice. The face of the mountain being metaphorically smacked off and splattered all over the greenery of the Glen. It was he which she thought of first and foremost, Bronco who she had not seen far beyond the month long snow storms.

When she came to him it was both in shock, sadness and surprise. He had survived this but he had survived something else quite dire, too, for he was not the face face she remembered months ago. Large scars of slashed claws sliced between ears, one of which barely remained. His face held more marks, too, along his muzzle and mouth as a whole. It pained her to see such a handsome man at such a young age be ripped to bits.

Her ears fell, and she rushes to him, pressing  the top of her crown to his chest. Your alive... Having run into the borders of the Glen's northern reaches, she did not take note of Cam having stopped and fallen behind. For this brief moment against Bronco, the thin woman pressed her eyes closed and breathed him in. She wanted to pretend this was all a dream but the trembling of the earth beneath her feet and the tumbling of rocks down the mountain side told her otherwise.
Through the settling dust, he saw the dark silhouette move and come toward him- and within moments he saw the sparkling shine of her eyes, glimmering with worry and relief as she recognized him. He drew toward her, pausing only a moment to cast his gaze over her form to make sure she was alright- before he reached out to pull her close against him, resting his chin on her shoulders as she leaned into his chest. He could tell by her expression that she was surprised and dismayed to see his condition- but she didn't seem repulsed. He spent very little time fretting about his appearance anyway- and had accepted the fact that he would forever be a unique figure, with his scrawling scars and tattered ear. 

She smelled of pinebark and lightly of spruce sap- just the way he remembered her. Fresh, wintery forest air rested about her like an invisible halo. He'd never seen her this shaken or worried- the Vallkyrie he knew was confident, carefree and brazen, but worry had clearly wormed its way into her heart. He couldn't be sure if it was the meteor strike that had rattled her, or if he was something else- but the first thing she mentioned was him, and his wellbeing. It touched him to think that she cared enough to have feared for his safety. 

"For another day, yes," He murmured. He wondered if Neverwinter Forest had been told about the bear attack on the Glen- or the cougar attack on the Caldera. The meteor strike and landslide that had just occurred, though, was enough to give them worry. He didn't take notice of the one who had followed her, as he closed his eyes for a moment. He could still feel the light tremor in the earth beneath his feet- it would take some time for the mountain to cease its rumbling. "We're safe here, we're far enough away, but-" He said, and shook his head, nuzzling his muzzle deeper into the dark fur of her ruff. "I think this'll...Probably spell the end for the pack." It probably wasn't his place to be sowing doubts, especially when Antares was counting on him to help hold things together. But considering what had happened just moments ago? It was impossible for him to believe in the pack's perseverance in the wake of such a freak accident.
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The worry had. And lonesomeness. And defeat. Time had only brought more heartache for the woman and she had since decided to shed herself from the forest. A beautiful forest of towering and mighty pines, the very scent which clung to her coat now. But as she stayed there, as each tragic event happen, the forest was no more now but a reminder of terrible events. Coming here to help those on the mountain and in the glen could have been the very push she needed to leave this place behind. But how far would she go? Would she stay here with Bronco, for it was only he which she felt she had a connection to left? Or would she follow her sister to a new land, or forge a path all to herself?

She didnt know. It was the complete part of being lost but being in Bronco's embrace at that moment was the most secure she had felt in a long time.

I wont leave you. She said then, her head pulling back so her glassy ice eyes could look him over, the features of his face having changed so much in just the month or so since she had last seen him and yet, somewhere deep in there, the same spontaneous, friendly and proud young man she remembered. I'm here to help I... She hesitates, her eyes cast out over the scene beyond him. We need to look for survivors. There could be some buried, trapped, hurt... They would need to move quickly if they were so save as many as they could.
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It was concerning to Bronco that Vallkyrie had heard the commotion, and had still risked her own safety to rush closer to the disaster. Touching, of course, but he would not have wanted for anyone to risk their own safety for his sake. That was, of course, assuming that she'd come looking for him and given how she pressed herself against him now...He fell into that conclusion quite comfortably. She assured him she would stay and help, but he shook his head. "It's not safe," He interjected, but the urgency in her tone implied that she wouldn't likely listen to him even if he forbade her from sticking around. 

Like Bronco, she wanted to go looking for survivors and it made the heavy weight in his heart press down even more, knowing that he had already made the decision, with what few packmates he could find, to delay a search and rescue attempt for the time being. "Not yet." He said. "I have a few others gathered nearby, but we're staying there until morning...And until we're certain that the mountain won't collapse any more than it already has." He feared the mountain, and feared the potential of being buried beneath its mass. He knew he likely sounded like a coward for making that decision- but he couldn't help but make that choice in light of all the ruin they had experienced lately. He wouldn't risk the few lives who remained, not when the chances of perishing were as high as he believed them to be. "This isn't your responsibility, Vallkyrie; it's mine." He said. After all, she belonged to Neverwinter Forest, and they owed the Glen absolutely nothing- especially considering the fact that the Glen had been founded not far from the boundaries of the Forest.
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And she didnt leave, meeting the shaking of his head and the comment of it 'not being safe' with a hard icy glare. He did however also object to a search just yet. This was a decision which would weigh hard on him, she figured. Waiting until morning made perfect since as it were 'until the dust settled'. Going in now meant risking those were currently safe to suffer injury if more rocks came tumbling down from the mountain. However, waiting until then also meant that whoever might already trapped may be dead of their wounds or suffocation but morning. It was a hard choice regardless and not an easy one to make.

Then you take the responsibility. She said matter-of-factly with a snort as she pulled from him and danced away. I'll just stay for the information. I'm a scout too, after all. A flat out lie but if he were to object her again he wouldnt get anywhere. So she would jerk her head to the side, motioning for him to show her the way where the survivors were settled.

He wanted to keep the wolves he loved safe by keeping them away from the things he thought were dangerous- not realizing that he was occasionally taking away their right to choose, and invalidating their experience and skill. He didn't miss the icy glare, but it didn't phase him. At the end of the day, he felt he would always choose the best method of keeping the wolves he loved safe, even if it meant hurting their feelings. It was more important to him that they survived, even if they did so with a grudge. 

He would compromise- and with a sigh and a nod, accepted the fact that she would choose to stay with him, with the premise that she was a scout. She was fleet on her feet, after all- and would actually be quite an asset to a team of wolves if they needed to relay messages from one group to the other. She could also be sent out to search for a medic, or to find other survivors. Vallkyrie would prove to be valuable, he was sure of it. "Alright. Then let's get going," He said, heading toward her so that he could brush his muzzle against her shoulder appreciatively, before they set off for the group that he'd mustered along the Northern borders.