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Full Version: if you do not know which way to go
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mostly in the interest of anyone still on or near moonspear, and also for the search party that's heading off that way sometime soon i believe (and if you guys do join feel free to timeline it as best fit for y'all, i'm good with whatever ♥)
Antares lost track of time. At least an entire day, very likely more, had come to pass since the Spear had been struck. He searched, and searched, chancing the mountain's face when and where he could. But though he hunted tirelessly, he had found nothing but more bad news and worse, the terrain remained quite volatile--surprisingly so, in some places, to continually complicate everything. While some swaths remained relatively in one piece, and some seemed to settle down faster than others, but too much had come loose in too many important places, and there was only so much he could do, even desperately. 

He was.. so exhausted, dirty, and sore as he came down to the lowlands. His chest was crusted in old blood, and his entire body ached just to think about, though the grief of his heartbreak still somehow outweighed everything. Antares felt so defeated, yet barely here at all.

The sun had gone away, and the moon rose up into the night--a crescent, he noted tiredly. Moonspear loomed behind him only barely, still near and breathing down his neck. Firefly Glen was not so far off either. He knew he should go there next, find @Bronco first, but instead he stood somberly in the moonlit valley, sickened by the thought of everything--his head, spinning, body hot and cold and hurt and...

In just a few breaths, without momentum to help prop him up, his legs gave out and he slumped into the snow.
For personal reference setting this before they reach Bramblepoint...

She'd spotted the dark figure moving listlessly when they'd stopped for a break, choosing to scout ahead a short ways for their continued travel. At first Ibis was negligent in her response; she wasn't sure if this was the same red-eyed wolf she had caught watching the mountain or someone else. When they dropped, her stomach clenched and she knew regardless of who it was, they needed aid.

Ibis hastened to the stranger's side, unable to help herself. In her mind's eye she saw her beloved Akavir on his knees and it pained her deeply. The stranger's breath was irregular; she could not discern any damage to his body but Ibis' eyes were still adjusting to the deepening night, and she did not want to probe at this stranger without consent.

The woman carefully brushed at the stranger's face cheek with her nose, nuzzling at them with tenderness she did not mean; hoping to wake them for a diagnosis. It struck Ibis in that moment — she had left her collection of herbs with Bridget and Lilitu. Oh, what good could she do here without them?
His grip on consciousness was so tenuous, Antares did not have the energy to fight his collapse. He simply let it go, letting himself crumble into this tired, battered heap in the moonlit snow no matter how fundamentally wrong it felt to not be warring back against the mountain's fate. For only an instant, though it felt misplaced to him, he was grateful to go with such a flow as this one his exhaustion finally demanded. To now be still, quiet, while his mind could recede into the haziest, darkest depths. Antares didn't want to see what new horrors the world might throw at him anyway.

So out of it, without a sense of time or his life lately to help ground him, he was slow to react to such a kind nuzzle to his cheek--first only with fluttering behind his closed eyelids, something that likely almost looked like a grimace--where were the stones to cut him back, the ice and earth to rip away beneath him? No, this was too gentle. Too foreign, and who was left to hold him in such a favor? He didn't deserve it, surely, but it was pulling him out of the undertow of the dark. He seemed to struggle with the notion until finally he groaned, growled pitifully low in his throat, and tried to blink open his eyes, fighting to focus them at all.
This was no man, but a boy. He could not have been much older than Lilitu, and the comparison hurt Ibis to consider; she could not shake the feeling that she was looking down upon a son of Akavir that couldn't possibly exist. He moaned and struggled against the snow and Ibis, in haste, shushed his efforts and carefully kissed at his face before remembering herself.

You have been hurt, Ibis tries to tell him. The mountain is no more. She did not know he came from the lowlands. His eyes opened to reveal a stunning shade of blue that reminded Ibis of the ocean. He truly could pass for one of her own children — but she had to forget all of that, it did not help her here.

Where do you hurt? I can try to help you. She still didn't know how to do that, as Bridget had the shared collection of herbs guarded closely for the night. For the time being Ibis began to stamp down the snow, forming a packed shape around the boy's body that would help to keep the warmth in, and then curled herself around the curve of his back, sharing her warmth.
Antares could find little left to struggle with. Even his efforts to react felt sluggish, like he drifted between realizing them at all, and feeling like this body weighed as much as the biggest of boulders. But he had determined that he was not alone, and he didn't think he could place them by scent. That fact stuck, not that he could do anything about it. Only blips of her variegated pale shades managed to come through his haze; he couldn't even squint suspiciously about any of this, not properly. It was not his family, not Bronco. Keyni or Melaine, either. Who...?

You have been hurt. Right. Him. He had never been hurt like this before, but never run facefirst into so many chances as he had lately. The bear was one, an entire wounded mountain another suicide mission all of its own. She told him what he needed to hear, his ears shifting towards the source, even if he didn't like it. The mountain is no more. This warranted more of him, he tried to lift his head, shift back his neck... wincing, and his heart quickening again when that made flight instincts want to rile up. But it was a short-lived attempt, for he seemed to catch himself quickly, maybe regret it--and start to settle after a huff.

Frankly, he was not sure how to answer when questioned besides seethe quietly. He stared ahead, eyes stinging, trying to process this. Everything hurt. Chest, he managed, low and small, remembering the stickiness at the bottom of his neck, into his armpits. His legs burned with exhaustion, paws too probably, and head felt pulverized. He could say so much more but breathing hurt, talking wasn't helping. Tired, everywhere.. he exhaled, hating to admit it but well having lost his battles. I.. couldn't find anyone, he whispered into the snow, for he knew she was close, doing.. something. Antares tried to clear his throat some, a small cough and thick swallow before he spoke again. Still have Bronco... at the glen, to go. he rasped, and felt where her soft warmth was, dimly surprised. After another slow, shaky sigh to force acceptance underneath his nails, he had to ask. Who are... you?
Eldritch to the scene! :D referencing @Aerenys since the two are traveling together!

The Seer had been watching from a distance as the male, Antares, staggered through the lowland. Upon his collapse, she bid Aerenys a quick "I'll be back" Before taking off at a brisk trot across the opening terrain. Whether her Night-Sister followed or not she didn't pay attention to, all she wanted was to help, if she could. 
It would also earn a favor to ask for later, if the shadow-hound was able to succeed in aid. 

As she pulled up to Ibis and Antares, she heard the ends of the male's questions, and looked upon the female with her unnerving white eyes before looking calmly to the boy. 
"If you have explained your agony and the locations of it prior, I will need to hear them too. I'm here to help." She explained softly, though audibly, as she moved to sit close beside him and Ibis, not wanting to get bit for suddenly coming up and getting personal.
Aerenys was following alongside Eldritch, head bowed against the light snow but her gaze lifted to light upon the sight of Eldritch's sleek form melting away -- towards the fallen blip of a body on the horizon, a paler silhouette looming over it. Her ears pricked curiously as she trotted after her partner, Aphelion slithering and tightening in response -- as if perhaps he could sense the way her shoulders drew up a little protectively, uncertain of southerners but vaguely concerned that the fallen wolf had been injured by Mehrunes' wrath.

She lingered just a step or two behind the Nightwish, mismatched Melonii gaze peering wordlessly across at the wren-pelted fae -- head lowered in cautious neutrality, watching for any sign of aggression from the other woman. If they needed help, the caplata would offer it; the dark boy would not be the first customer who had been unable to pay for the vodou queen's services. If she reacted violently or turned them away, then Mati -- who had gone silent as was her default in the presence of most strangers -- would go without argument or hesitation.
He tried to speak; she shushed him again, and then opened her mouth to try and answer. However, as Ibis tried to speak she found her voice catching in her throat. There came a new scent that distracted her immediately and when Ibis looked around, she saw a pair of dark figures drawing closer. Her thin fur, ill-suited for the snow, began to prickle with uncertainty. She did not want to leave the boy's side; he needed what little warmth she could provide.

The first stranger she tried to assess with stolen glances, finding the silver of their gaze easily enough. They spoke as if they could be of help too; but Ibis frowned, then interjected before the boy could answer: He has bruises and contusions from the mountain's fall. I am trying to warm him. He should not speak.

The other wolf lingered just out of range of Ibis' gaze, and they were silent. For now she did not address them. Since the silver-eyed stranger was willing to lend aid, Ibis tried to give some instruction: I am trying to keep him warm. He will need something for the pain, and some food. I cannot leave him, so.. Please, if you wish to help, gather these things.
There was no answer for him, only the sound of some new approach. It didn't sound like a familiar one. In fact, it actually sounded like two. Great. Who now... he whispered, mostly inaudible, likely. He didn't have the energy to be angry about this correctly, though pinned back his ears to the new voice asking of his hurts. As if one stranger seeing him like this was not terrible enough. The urge for flight was back again, simmering slower this time, building steadily in the halfhearted rise of his dirty hackles. 

The first wolf explained his state, and went onto more that sort of hurt his tired head to hear about. But it was giving him ample time to leer at the pair of shadows which had come to join them, putting him on a new guard despite what presented as good intentions. He recognized none of these scents and now more outnumbered, on top of being so out of his element with his homes wrecked and family probably dead, he just wanted away from everything; he didn't want to be looked at, not if this was how it was. This was too out in the open for him, and every instinct said get the hell out of here, but he just didn't have the strength mustered to take anything far enough. I want to go, he edged in somewhere, lifting his muzzle off the earth well enough to voice this, though dredged down in his exhaustion. Antares needed away from the mountain for now, he had decided. So whatever got him out of here fastest was what he wanted, this he had to be clear about for all of them to judge accordingly--with these shreds of consciousness he stubbornly wouldn't free. Need to find Bronco. he reminded everyone what was probably one of his clearest thoughts besides bad things. Because he knew in his heart that he was alive, somewhere. Maybe there were others with him. He had heard other distant calls somewhere in the chaos of it all, right? But remained unable to reach them himself from up close like this.

He glanced after the pair again, but mainly because they were where he could see them better. How would they take this so far.. if they would help his first help, or heed his noise any. Antares felt it was his more reasonable request, especially when the other was that they all just leave him be and go dig his grave or something. He could go for a nice secluded hole to lay down in anyway. Spare the trouble of the other care and dotting he was increasingly certain they schemed, and rightfully so. He'd at least like to bury his head right now and forget about all of this.
The Seer listened carefully to the female beside the dark boy. 
Something for the pain, and food. 

At least one of those needs was difficult to meet. It was not yet spring and the snow hadn't melted enough for Eldritch to successfully find any herbs as of yet. 
Food though, she may be able to manage. 

Turning to Aerenys, the witchling murmured "I will find something for him to eat, if you could possibly find an herb for his pain? Like Yarrow, perhaps?" She paused, hoping Mati could be of help here. If not, the Seer would do her best on her own, especially if Mati wanted to give Eldritch a small spotlight this once. 
Either way, the boy needed aid. 
After Mati's response, however it went, the shadow would depart briefly to see if she could find prey nearby. 

At least the prey.
The Priestess' gaze flickered from the pallid femme -- who seemed wary but accepting enough of their assistance -- to Eldritch at her question. The Melonii cast a surveying look about their wintry surroundings, her brow rumpling with doubt at the thought of finding any herbs in this weather. "I will try, yeah," the mambo murmured, "but I do not think I will be able to find much in this cold." Perhaps the Nightwish would have more luck. Regardless, the witch turned back the way they came -- breaking into an urgent lope -- thinking perhaps she might have better luck in the tangle of sheltered woods they'd seen on the southern horizons as they passed through.
feel free to skip her, Mati has officially left for Bramblepoint to look for herbs!
Once their needs were explained, the pair of shadows moved off from where Ibis and the patient rested. The last thing Ibis wanted to do was move the boy; but she felt exposed here, especially with two strangers roaming around. Helpful as they claimed to be, Ibis had to be careful about who she allowed around her daughter or their medicine camp. As soon as the strangers were out of earshot, Ibis bent to speak carefully, quietly, towards the boy beside her.

Can you stand? She hurried to ask. I came here with my daughter and a friend, and we set up a camp in the woods to lend our aid. If we can get there, I can use some of what we brought with us to help you.

It would be risky; Ibis still did not know exactly what ailed him except that the boy looked banged up and was acting lethargic; both were bad signs. She did not want him to strain himself.
The pair seemingly got what they needed to know so far and were soon on their way, apparently to gather and hunt on his behalf, but his head just spun and he hoped they were clever enough to stay away from the mountain. The first wolf on this scene, she then reminded him she was still here. He had to think about the answer, or muster up the strength to. He wanted to be sure about this reply, but he only grunted something that almost sounded like "maybe".

The idea of the woods sounded good enough to him. It was solid ground, not sloped, made of cover, and further from the mountain. He could go for at least that much of an improvement, though he wasn't happy about finding more strangers potentially there when he already had so many of them to consider. But, maybe Bronco (and others) could find him there, too...

It was another long moment before he tried anything, but he thought about the mountainside and how it had turned on them, and felt that need to go flare madly again. Sparking that adrenaline, he hefted up to shaky legs and steadied himself carefully, head low and ears down, stance wide. Lead.. but, go slow. he seethed, or requested, he tried not to make it sound so bad. I just need to rest. Away from.. what was left, but he couldn't make the accusatory gesture to actually indicate this while he operated on barely fumes. He was focusing hard enough on staying up, so she would be his best directional heading for as long as he could go.