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Set: northern part of the Glen.
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For a few days, he remained with the small crowd he'd gathered near the northern part of the pack- not far from where Neverwinter Forest would be visible as a dark line of trees in the distance- waiting, watching, and calling out. In their alpha's absence, he had gathered them there and had insisted that they remain in a safe location at least until they were absolutely certain that the mountain had settled. The last thing he wanted was for a search and rescue mission to be thwarted by another landslide. But a few days had passed since the incident, and the mountain had been silent; now, he felt, was the time to get into action. 

Still- their numbers were so small, he feared they ought to seek out shelter as Meerkat had suggested, with the wolves at the Caldera. And so, when he woke, he shook some of the snow that had settled about his shoulders from his pelt, and chuffed, to wake the rest of his small band up. He felt they might already know what was coming- he had tried to be as transparent as possible about their plans all along. 

"I think the mountain has settled," He said. "So I think it's time for our next course of action. Now is the time for a search-and-rescue mission, to scout out the foothills of Moonspear and see if anyone is lingering in that area. We will also need to make contact again with Kukutus and Sialuk, of Moonspear, to see if they have managed to find any other Moonspearians." He said. "Once we've regrouped as many of our members, and Moonspearians as possible...We should then figure out where to settle, and how to rebuild." That was a decision to be made once they'd found their packmates, and any survivors from Moonspear. Something to think about in the meantime, but he wasn't exactly going to step in, take control, and demand that they settle in one place in particular. Antares could still be out there. Hydra could still be out there. Even Atlas, potentially, could have been out there. And while Bronco felt fine making some decisions for the group, he was not prepared to make executive decisions for the pack's future, when he felt that those responsibilities belonged to other wolves- wolves he refused to believe were dead. 

"Meerkat, I would like you to go and find Kukutux and Sialuk; see if they've found any other Moonspearians, and see if they would like to meet up and discuss...What they want to do, moving forward. I would like someone to go with her," He said, looking around to the others. He knew Meerkat was capable of travelling to Ouroboros Spine on her own- but he felt more comfortable if the wolves went at least in pairs. "I would like to comb the foothills in search of survivors, and would like someone to come with me as well." He stated. "...And I would like to propose the idea of having Redhawk Caldera be our home-base for now, until we find everyone who can be found. With just the few of us, we can't defend the borders. We should settle with our allies, at least temporarily." He said. "If anyone feels uncomfortable searching or scouting, they are welcome to take refuge with the Redhawks," He said softly. They were all tired, stressed and anxious- and he would not force any of them to join in a scouting or searching party, if they simply needed some time to feel safe, for once. 

"So, uhm...Volunteers?" He asked. He'd need at least one wolf to go with Meerkat, and then another to go with him. Whoever felt comfortable staying at the Caldera would be escorted there, but he wanted to figure out who was willing to go where, so they could get a move on.
After her exchange with Sialuk and Kukutux, Meerkat sought her brother. She found him sleeping and smiled wanly as she settled nearby, folding her forelegs beneath her chest like a cat. She was glad the howls hadn't disturbed him. Bronco needed rest. They all did.

When he stirred and immediately started with a formal address to the ragtag group, Meerkat sat up a little straighter. Her lips parted when he mentioned the women convalescing near the spine, though she didn't want to interrupt. Bronco was on a roll, speaking with a calm confidence that made her feel a touch of pride.

"I howled to them a bit earlier," she said when he finished. "Kukutux is injured, so I assume they can't travel far right now. I'm happy to go meet with them in person," Meerkat added. She didn't think she'd get any new information, though the situation was still developing, so who knew?
Kukutux was injured? Lane's expression darkened. That wasn't good news by any means, but fortunately the Matchmaker of Moonspear was a healer in her own right. If this Sialuk person was there to assist Kukutux, Lane was honestly more concerned with the wolves who were still missing. Like Antares...

"I'd like to go with you, Bronco, to search for survivors. I'll bring my medkit, in case anyone needs emergency care." Realistically, anyone who hadn't managed to find them at this point was probably in need of emergency care. Bronco would need a medic by his side. 

Lane's paws were itching to get going; it had taken all of her willpower to stay in place this long, and she had only done so out of respect for Bronco. Although she had only known the young Blackthorn a few days, Bronco's adept leadership and self-possession in the midst of all this chaos had earned him Lane's admiration. 

So of course, despite her desire to search for Antares, she would defer to Bronco's leadership. If he thought Lane's medical skills would be of more use in the Caldera, or with Meerkat's party (particularly since Kukutux was injured) she would do as he asked. 

As for his mention of settling and rebuilding... well... Lane hadn't actually gotten around to explaining to Bronco the arrangement that she had made with Antares. Lane was supposed to just be here on a temporary basis, to patch up the bear attack victims. She'd had every intention of leaving as soon as the blizzards cleared and her infected paw healed completely. Assisting in building a new pack was never part of the plan.. not that any of this had been part of anyone's plan, of course. 

Lane would have to think over her decision. At least it would keep her mind off of her sore paw.
The Archer woman had left the large pine forest of her home after the impact of the God's rage. She had not turned back. Quite frankly, as it were, she hadn't even the time to consider the members which she had left behind. After all, she had told Mal before hand, had said her goodbyes and had only been waiting for the right push she needed. What happened to Moonspear was far more then any push she could have expected.

It was not only Neverwinter which had suffered great loss, but in the past month alone both Moonspear and Firefly Glen had encountered more pain then she could have thought imaginable. Atop snow storms and missing members was a multitude of deaths, murders and now this...

More so then ever before, the Huntress felt the lands to have been cursed. Why the Gods brought such famine and wrath, she was uncertain, but what next were to come?

Vallkyrie had stayed close to Bronco and his little sister, for she knew no other here. She rose with the beckoning of the whiskey wolf's rumble, shaking out her dark coat and moving a limber limbs thereafter. She listens in to him as he mentions a search and rescue, her head lifting high as icy attention cast to the mountain of Moonspear. A sharp nod at this, but otherwise silence. Two would go to Kukutux and Sialuk, who were situated elsewhere and two would head to the mountain to search. The Redhawks, as it were, were one of their allies they could likely settle at until those they had lost were recovered. No mention of Neverwinter, but they were not entirely allies, either. Vallkyrie's alliance was of her own doing, to Bronco and Hydra.

Having known where two of the Moonspear members were, one being injured and unable to leave at the moment, it seemed Meerkat was on top of their situation, as it were. Vallkyrie's attention remained to the falling of the mountain and though she side-glanced to Bronco and the others, her purpose here was clear. I'm going to the mountain too. Perhaps not a healer or a mighty warrior, but she was a swift woman, with strong legs to dig out other swiftly and deliver message for those found.
Keyni kept a constant vigil. Watching, calling and listening for the fragments of their pack. Namely Antares, who everyone seemed the most concerned about. Her anxiety had settled, replaced by a stony calm, but one that teetered on a knifes edge. For the days she and the small group had stayed at the northern most borders, she had allowed herself little time to sleep. How could she, with knowing that so many of her kin were out there, possibly hurt or even dead? The most she did was rest, forcing her tired eyes to stay open, with sleep the last thing on her mind.

Bronco roused them, calling attention to himself and everyone present. The worst of this natural disaster seemed to be over, and she nodded in silent agreement, letting him speak. They had stayed put long enough and lingering here any longer could very well jeopardize those who were in need of being found. It was time to try and regroup, to search for survivors. Bronco's take charge attitude in the midst of this crisis earned him Keyni's admiration, found deep in the glimmer of jade.

Pairing up or traveling as a group, was wise. They needed to stick together now more than ever. First to catch her interest was that they needed to make contact with Kukutux and her daughter. A wolf that Keyni had met before, of Moonspear and was on amicable terms with. He would go to the foothills, but Meerkat needed someone to accompany her, while the rest were escorted to their allies, the Redhawks. Alarm tugged in her chest as the golden eyed woman stated Kukutux was injured, prompting her own decision. "I will accompany you. I am somewhat well traveled in this region and I've met Kukutux once before." Another friendly face was better than two, to an already injured wolf unable to travel far.
One by one, his friends stepped into proposed roles without pushing back or making other suggestions that would leave room for debate. Keyni would go with Meerkat to find Kukutux and Sialuk and see if any other Moonspearians had been found, while he, Vallkyrie and Melaine would head to the foothills in search of their own packmates. Kukutux was injured, but he knew her to be a capable medic, and that Meerkat and Keyni could potentially help her and Sialuk if they needed help hunting, or finding supplies to heal Kukutux's wounds. Melaine offered to bring medicines with her while they searched the foothills, which meant that each group not only consisted of at least two wolves, but also had a medic. 

"Perfect," He said, with a breathy sigh of relief. It was hard, trying to make up a plan, and hoping that others would simply follow his lead. It was mildly uncomfortable stepping in and asking others to assume roles that he suggested- he didn't consider himself to be a natural leader. But fortunately, things seemed to be working out. "Well, let's not waste time." He said. "We'll take a few days to scour the foothills, while you go to see Kukutux. She may need your help hunting, or searching." He said. "We'll keep in touch by howl; updates every evening by nightfall," He suggested. If Meerkat and Keyni went to the Spine, they wouldn't be too far away from the foothills of Moonspear at all.
The others spoke in turn and Meerkat paid close attention. She didn't know of any of these wolves well, outside of her brother. After him, she was most familiar with Kyr, which was ironic considering she was not a firefly. That made her wonder why she was here with them, though Meerkat wouldn't actually question it. They could use all the support they could get.

One of the two she-wolves she recognized only in passing addressed her directly, saying she would accompany Meerkat to Ouroboros Spine. "Okay, sounds good," the yearling murmured, offering her a small smile, which was all she could manage these days.

It seemed the meeting came to a close as swiftly as Bronco had called it. They were a small group of refugees forced from their home by a natural disaster, yet still they managed a sense of united purpose. Meerkat felt another flush of pride for her brother, whose default leadership really helped keep everyone on task.

She took a moment to bump her muzzle beneath his chin, giving it a swift kiss. Meerkat then turned and nodded at Keyni. "It's this way," she said with a wave of her tail, offering another wan smile of appreciation for the woman's company before picking up her weary feet and heading northwest.
Valkyrie volunteered for the mountain search party as well, with an air of finality in her tone that suggested she would not be swayed otherwise. Lane knew little about the woman who had turned up in the midst of the disaster, other that that she seemed as intent on getting to ground zero as Lane herself, and perhaps even moreso. Did she have a missing loved one? It seemed likely. Perhaps more would become clear as they traveled together. 

Keyni would be going with the other group, which left Lane on her own with these two relative strangers. As the plan came together, Bronco's relief was palpable. Lane assumed that his relief was similar to hers, and that he felt some consolation in the fact that the group finally had a plan to assist Antares and the other missing wolves. 

Once she retrieved her medkit, Lane would follow Bronco's lead.
Another stranger, a pretty woman with plush fur and jade eyes says she would join Meerkat, well traveled and knowing the injured Moonspearian. It would be the three of them then, the healer, guardian and huntress to go to the mountain. Quite the diverse group and hopefully their efforts would not be in vain. Would others come too, from other packs? Where were their allies when they needed them most? Were they unable or unaware?

She would be left to watch silently as Bronco's little sister made way. Three remaining, the huntress followed suit behind Melaine as she gathered her effects. Once they made towards the mountain, the sleek woman would pull forward, senses to work, snaking left and right as she searched for those in need....
With the arrangements in place and the groups set, everyone was prepared to part ways. For the time being at least. They would keep in contact by howling. A wise move, to ensure everyone was still alive and well. Giving Bronco, Melaine and the dark stranger a lingering glance, there was plentiful concern in her eyes. As much as she didn't wish to leave, they all knew it was best to split up temporarily. But knowing that they would not be alone was of great comfort to her.

"Be safe. And good luck." Came her farewell with a swish of her tail. Nodding as Meerkat took the lead, Keyni followed behind her. Moving further and further away, she picked her way closer towards the Spine with her packmate by her side. Though tired, the whole way she would never drop her vigil, eyes peeled for any remnants of their family.
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He leaned into Meerkat's touch for a moment, and for some reason, he felt himself begin to worry for her. The distance to the Spine was not far, and she had Keyni with her but...Considering all the unthinkable things that had happened lately, he still felt that it was possible for yet another disaster to pop up and devastate him even more. He gave a grateful, poignant glance to Keyni, hoping she might understand how much it mattered to him that they travel safe. They knew the route they would take, and he would call out You too. Travel safe," after them. He hoped they would find Sialuk and Kukutux soon, so that they might have a smaller group to settle down with for the next few days. 

Then he turned to Melaine and Vallkyrie, pausing a moment while his gaze lingered on the Neverwinter Forest wolf. He thought of giving her another way out again- he wondered if he should suggest that she notify Mal of her absence but then again...He felt himself care very little whether Mal knew or not. He thought quite little of the male, and was frankly more pleased knowing that while Vallkyrie was with him, she was appreciated and cared for. He gave them both a slight smile, and then- once Melaine had gathered whatever it was she needed to bring with her, they set a course for the foothills.