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Full Version: It's hard to be anywhere these days
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Once assembled Ibis was eager to head out, so she prompted the departure. Night had just fallen as she led the way, with @Lilitu and @Bridget alongside her; each carried what they could spare for those they might find further north. By morning the tired trio had crossed the flatlands and made their way as far as Lake Rodney, and after a half-hour of rest Ibis implored that they press on.

Along the way she said to Lilitu, We will make camp somewhere sheltered and rest there while we prepare things. You are not to go anywhere without myself or Bridget with you, alright? And a look to show how serious she felt about this; Ibis was dreading what they may find.

That afternoon they made camp in the Bramblepoint. They had a clear view across the flatlands to the rising mountain — or what remained of it's balding face — and it was time to let any survivors know that help was coming. She remembered what Wraen had said, too: that @Arcturus had gone on ahead of them, and he likely had his own camp somewhere, perhaps up the mountain.

They would have to rest together before a true effort was made, but Ibis did not want to wait long. She looked from Bridget to Lilitu, her gaze lingering a moment longer on her daughter. What horrors were they going to see beyond these woods? Suddenly Ibis wished that she had not acted in such haste for her daughter's sake; but they were here now, and people were in need of aid, so there was no undoing this chain of events.

Tipping her head back, Ibis called to the surrounding areas: We bring aid if you need it! With the hope someone might call back; but if they did not, the trio would move closer to assess the situation — first through the glen, and then up the mountain.
Bridget walked alongside this wolf and her daughter with fairly heavy purpose.  Apparently there'd been a disaster of some sort upon the mountain here, something that she'd need to help with, and she'd brought what she had left.  There wasn't much; frequent moves made for light travel.  Hopefully it'd be enough.  Practically, she wasn't sure what they would find, and she glanced at Lilitu and hoped it was nothing too horrible.

She joined Ibis' call, allowing it to travel further into the surrounding region.  Though when she'd paused for a moment, she sighed. We might have to go to them.  If they were a fractured group or working at things themselves, they may not want to pause to greet strangers.  She felt fairly confident at the moment in the thought of trespassing, though she left that final call up to Ibis.
She carried along herbs dutifully, the taste bittersweet on her tongue. It had not yet dawned upon her that horrible sights may await them. She had been more concerned with her mother's absence, and the normally recalcitrant Lilitu nodded at Ibis's command (well, unable to speak because of the mouthful, but still). 

All that mattered to her was that they were together. Lilitu would have died of anticipation being left at home, wondering how Mama was faring on the road.

They stopped in a forest, and she dropped her bundle with a grateful sigh, working her tired jaw and dipping into a deep stretch—and missing out on the howl, but no matter. Loud as she was in normal speech, she wasn't sure how well her voice carried in such a serious situation. She met Bridget's gaze as the young woman spoke. 

To the mountain? she asked, addressing both adults. Her stomach twisted; the valley had not left her with the best impression of mountains.
Bridget was the first to speak once the howl concluded, and while Ibis gathered her breath again she listened for Lilitu as well, nodding to them both.

Now that they had found a haven in the woods to use as their base camp the work would begin, but it became a logistical issue from this point on. Ibis was not going to let Lilitu do anything without an escort, which would leave at least one adult to freely move about. As they gathered survivors — if they gathered survivors — that would deplete them of one able body as well, as that person would be treating the wounded.

We have a choice to make on how we approach the mountain. Ibis explains as she thinks things through. We can either go together as a trio, or we split up. One of us staying with Lilitu while the other scouts ahead. She looked to Bridget and spared a small glance to her daughter.

Or we could stay here and wait to see who might find us. I do not want to wait long if we go that route, as there could be people stranded on the mountain who need immediate help. Ibis frowns.
It Bridget glanced back at the mountain.  It was a pretty big place, and moving as one, they weren't all that likely to run into anyone they could help.  Who knew if they were in a place to answer calls?  (Though if they weren't, chances were good they were already dead).  

We have a better shot if we split, I think.  We'll cover more ground.  We can still stay close, but I doubt we'll run into much trouble either way.  This place was a mess; anything dangerous would likely be keeping a wide berth, at least for a while. They were honestly a little stupid going in - who's to say whatever happened wouldn't again?

First group we find, we can make it clear we're just here to help.  Until then, we can look for anyone too hurt to get clear.  Maybe they've got their own running searches too.  Hopeful thinking, but Bridget was mentally preparing herself for the worst.
She listened to the back-and-forth, eyes moving between the two women. Going to the mountain seemed to make more sense. If someone was hurt, Lilitu didn't think they'd be able to make it even here. They would have to bring aid to them.

Splitting up was fine, too. . .although she was nervous about letting Ibis be the one to scout. She was bound and determined not to lose her mother.

Okay, Lilitu replied, in vague agreement with it all. Do you think we'll need to bring them back with us to the fen, if we do find injured wolves? After all, if they lived on the mountain, half their home had been destroyed. She didn't think they would want to live there, not after all the tragedy.

It would be nice to have more friends in Brecheliant, too.
Ibis drew a shaky breath, steadying herself for what may come. She could not imagine what might remain of the mountain or its people — but she had to prepare the camp, regardless. They could spare the time and effort if it meant saving one life; they needed to save someone, she had convinced herself of that much.

Lilitu's question roused something within Ibis, and she shook her head slightly, but it was a thoughtful gesture rather than a dismissive one. If they can manage the trip, I think that is a good idea. For now, if we find anyone at all, we can try to treat them in place or help them to the woods, to this camp. It depends on the severity of their situation.

Some of them might not be mobile at all, Ibis thought. Broken limbs would impede travel, and so would infections. Had they gotten here fast enough? Would they find anyone at all still alive upon the mountain? The weight of things had begun to settle across Ibis' shoulders and she looked a touch more nervous.

We have to know what is up there first. I'll set up the camp, and you.. and Bridget, maybe you can both do a quick survey of the mountainside? Ibis was, in the end, afraid to look for herself.
Everything sounded great to Bridget until Ibis put her in charge of taking Lilitu to the mountain.  It made sense; she was a healer and any danger was probably past, but babysitting the woman's daughter in a likely disaster zone was a huge responsibility.  

If you want to come with me, then sure.  Bridget said, turning to look at Lilitu and choosing to leave it up to the girl.  She smiled, trying to seem reassuring.  She'd keep that up even after they'd gone towards the mountain.  We can do a quick pass, just to take stock.  Maybe we will find where the pack took shelter.  She wasn't quite willing to believe they'd find them all dead.

Either way, Bridget knew they shouldn't waste much more time.

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This seemed even more daunting. The whole point of leaving was to stay with Ibis. . .and now, the plan was to separate? Her face was hesitant, but Lilitu was damned if she'd look like a baby in front of her mother, much less the savvy healer that stood in their midst.

Yeah, I can go with Bridget, she answered, nodding. What Ibis would think, she wasn't sure—but hadn't Mama been the one to suggest it, anyway?

In any case, it probably was miles better than idling around the camp here, waiting for news. She just wished they were all going together.
It wouldn't be for long. They could get the lay of the land, and somewhat selfishly, Ibis hoped the shock of what may be out there on the mountain would scare Lilitu in to good behavior; keep her close by for a little longer. It was hard to ignore the growing interest the girl held in the outside world - in knowing somewhere Arielle and Akavir were out there waiting.

They appeared to be in agreement. Ibis nods, looks around for a place to set up, somewhere open and clean. Before she leaves the two to their own devices she smiles to them, the look hardly penetrating her eyes.

Rest when you need to. Don't go looking for trouble - if you find any, come right back here. Ok? Then with more frigidity than she meant, Ibis reaches for her daughter and places a rough kiss to her forehead. Off you go now. Do good.

Time would tell if their impact was of any value. For now Ibis was glad to be focused on a task, one which would keep her mind from other things.