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Full Version: Ventura Highway
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The light from the meteor spurred Njord to travel south. At first, he moved towards Raven’s Watch … but the scent of the pack settling there had gone stale. There was no sign of @Valmúaa, either. He feared he had allowed time to slip away, and with it the focus of his affections.

Mind lost in thought, Njord continued southbound. He slipped between the mountains and the forests, sleeping briefly, until the morning light illuminated the great Sunspire range. He had never been this way before. A fun, entrepreneurial feeling rooted deep within him as he explored the surround forest… maybe he could find a wolf to recruit to bolster Sapphique's numbers.
Alyx was drawn north by the hint of brine in the air, which Fennec said signaled their proximity to the coast, and somewhat west by the allure of a tall, stately mountain. She hadn't forgotten the streak of blue and white across the sky the other night. As she approached the mountain, she wondered if she could spot the impact site if she climbed up high enough.

Her subconscious had other plans, directing her paws onto the scent trail of another wolf before she ever realized she was following someone. It came naturally to her, having spent her whole life with a pack where following the trails left by her fellows was the ordinary thing to do. Even when she spotted the red tail bobbing through the trees ahead, she never stopped to consider that this might not be a friendly wolf.

Instead of taking any precautions, she darted forward on quiet paws and nipped at the end of his tail for a playful yank, slamming on the brakes as she did so.
Njord wandered through the naked aspens and conifers, watching a raven tumble in the sky. He was so lost in thought, that he didn’t know a stealthy someone was creeping up on his behind. Unaccustomed to being jumped outside of his home territory, the sudden yank of his tail caused him to bark in alarm.

AWOO! It was part growl, part bark, part yelp. He spun around, lashing his precious red tail away from his assailant. A flashback to Kigipigak aggressively bulldozing him flashed in his mind. Njord turned, ready to bare teeth and fight. But what he found was a teenager. The cherubic face of a kid who hadn’t seen their first year. It reminded him warmly of Valravn or Chacal.

“Oi! Lass! Whaddya think yer doin’, pullin’ on a strangers tail like that?” he chided with a tsk on the tongue. “I was about ta take yer face clean off!” He eyed her with a quizzical look.
Oh, shitballs.
A prank that would have been met with a playful shout from her twin or a rascally growl from her parents or a quiet meep from her brother—that thought made pain lance through her suddenly—had an entirely different effect on this stranger. She recognized the fur raising along the back of his neck even before he whirled, so by the time Njord turned to face her with his teeth bared, Alyx was already shrinking away from him.
Sorrysorrysorry! she blubbered as she stumbled back onto her rump. Now that he asked, she had no explanation. It was something she would do at home without a second thought, but she wasn't at home, now, was she? Dumb dumbass! If Fennec was present, she'd probably laugh out loud at the spectacle without even being able to see it. The sounds and the panic in Alyx's voice were telltale enough.
Sorry! she squeaked once more, pressing herself meekly backward and down with ears and tail both tucked. She shared a short conversation with Njord, but ultimately she was too ashamed to be very good company and she quickly found an excuse to move on.