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Full Version: i was in, but i want out
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Morning rolled around far sooner than he would have liked.

Not the he could tell right away, tucked delicately near the larger man and likely bathed in his shadows for it. Still an internal clock forced him to rise and meet the sun.

Well, truthfully, he was forced to meet the man he had stolen away for the night.

A certain tiredness still clung to him so fresh to the land of the awake. He imagined that if Kynareth was awake he likely felt the same. If he was not awake? Patroclus was certain that his next actions would wake the larger man.

Carefully he sought to rake his teeth through Kynareth's fur in a grooming manner. Undoing any tangles that might have gathered.
The night had been fantastic. The morning will be just as such waking up to such a fine specimen. Though he isn’t initially awake at first, the others stirring raises him from the dead. Sleepy eyes flutter open and blink the sleep out of them. The sun is out this morning and it causes him to squint softly. With a deep ache in his old bones and a softer one from the exertion of his muscles causes him to sigh softly.

He lifts his giant head as he feels the other sifting through his fur and he’s already smiling lazily at him. Eyes squinting from the rays of sun that twin the golden hue of his magnificent irises, he takes them over the others healthy pelt. The light makes the red really stand out and he decides he likes how he looks even more. Sure the glow of the moon makes Patroclus look mysterious and beautiful but the sun makes him look just stunning

“Morning, sunshine.” He grunts, sleep evident in his voice still. “You look fucking stunning in the sunlight. Couldn’t have woken up to a better view.” He adds softly despite his words and the curse that easily flows from his lips. The Grandmaster even shifts closer (if they could get any closer that is) and runs a black-purple tongue over the others face.
Patroclus lit up with songbird laughter at the cursed compliment before he leaned into the affection as it had been discovered he was prone to do. Face playfully scrunched up as his tail betrayed him, feverishly beating against the ground.

I could say the same. Hummed fondly as he aimed to drape a foreleg over the male’s muscle bulked frame. Possessive, almost. Not keen to let him up yet from this nice moment. Patroclus was well aware that soon enough they would need to rise, eat and return to their home.

Do you think anyone noticed? There is a lightness to his voice despite buried worries. Although, who was to speak out against them? The Grandmaster ruled and could certainly do as he pleased. Patroclus simply happened to rope him into doing these things.
Kyn’s smile only seems to grow when he hears the thump thump thump of Patroclus’ tail on the ground. It has him breathing out a soft laugh remembering all the times his own tail has betrayed him. The arm that settles over him wordlessly tells him that the other wants to stay here for a bit longer. Who is he to deny that? Kyn has a lazy side after all and would be content to lie about all day if Patroclus wanted to.

The others own humorous compliment has him laughing and humming out a low “Oh, thank you.” In a way that says he’s honestly way too full of himself. No one should ever stroke his ego, it’s a dangerous game for both parties.

Yet his next words do bring thoughts to his mind. Do you think anyone noticed? In short answer, Kynareth wants to say yes. Specifically one individual, Simmik. He sleeps with her in his dead just about every night, but is prone to spending his night in other places. Though she’s probably noticed, he’s sure she doesn’t mind. Hell, she probably knows he’s off gallivanting around with god knows who this time.

When he answers the Grandmaster offers a lazy shrug. “Probably.” It’s careless and casual. “It’s fine though. Let them notice.” He grins before sneaking in a little nip to Patroclus’ cheek and jaw. The words are basically him saying Who’s gonna say something? I’m the king.
He might have been worried, concerned even, but Kynareth soothed his nerves with that stylish playfulness. Especially his worded want for the attention and the familiar sensation of a nip placed upon him. Patroclus had not been born for the spotlight.

Yet here it felt so easy.

Yes, let them notice.

Let it be no secret that he smothered himself in the lead male's scent so early on and stole away with him. That he gallivanted like he had been here as long as the others. It was those thoughts that drove him to his next little action.

Let them. He cooed softly as he sought to brush his head along the other male. A few licks here and there for obnoxious measure.
Kyn hums deviously. It’s a deeply satisfied sound that shows how much he likes the idea even more when his mouth his curling up at the corners. In his position curled up beside the russet male, the events from the previous visit him once more and his smile is easily turning into a smirk. Leaning into the others affection, he legs out a soft hum, a lazy pleasure coursing through him at the attention. 

“You want them to notice, darling?” He asks deviously. Dropping a paw softly to the other males shoulder and pulling him impossibly closer. “Perhaps we could do this more often then not?” He suggests in promising question. It’s an offer. It’s Kynareth offering the other male his undecided attention. He’d be more than willing to rub his scent all over him and watch him flaunt it around like he’s his.
His only response would be a lowly hum in his throat, some wordless string of agreement with the question. Of course he does. Just as much as he does not. The target on his back of being some new male labeled as a floozer of the lead male would be...something else entirely. Yet it was such a cozy spot to be in and their moments together made his heart beat like a wild rabbit's foot.

Yes, yes. Mumbled weakly with an affection that made him feel almost dumb. Please. He wanted to soothe his greedy heart with Kynareth's frequent presence.
Kynareth grins at the low hum that comes from the other, giving him his own hum in reply. It’s a smooth deep sound that makes it sound like he’s satisfied. Though when it seems like the russet male is peeking up at his question and whispers out a desperate and hopeful yes and even better a please, Kyn feels his fur heat up. It pleases him to absolutely no degree that this fine specimen wants to be stuck to his side as often as the Grandmaster is willing to allow it. 

His smirk widens at his passionate answer. “You’re greedy. Aren’t you, sweetheart?” He’s asking in a deep purr, moving to muzzle his nose into the spot just beneath his ear. “I want you to be greedy. I like it.” He finishes devilishly.
He could not contain himself and it filled him with a lightheaded sort of excitement. The kind that seeped from his blood to his bones and shook his very core. The Grandmaster’s words were clear as day. A sort of approval, a blessing, an allowance for his behavior.

I am. A shuddered breathless answer as he craned his neck to simultaneously expose more of his neck and ear while also pressing into the touch placed upon him. Then I will be so. For you.

None other currently enraptured him like Kynareth.
I am. 

Those words send his own bout of shivers down his spine. He’s hungry for this man and it’s painfully obvious by the conniving smirk that plays on his face. He wouldn’t mind having him follow him about and bounce around the territory with the Grandmaster’s scent on him. Everyone would know, the brindled giant is hardly subtle. Though one comical, but slightly concerning thought drifts by. Hopefully the blue eyed devil doesn’t strike him down with her possessive ire. That would be unfortunate and she’s been known to do just that before. Multiple times actually. Internally he shrugs and hopes for the best. For now though, he’s in the presence of such a beaut, he’d be stupid not to take advantage of their time together.

So he growls playfully into his fur, biting at him a bit more aggressively, it’s playful but it’s a bit more forceful. “I wouldn’t want it any other way, love.” He purrs to him.

Then he’s suddenly easing from his spot, surely the other would grumble and groan about it. He looked awfully comfortable. Kyn would make it up to him. Moving to tower over the other male and lean his upper half on his with his butt high in the air. His curled tail waves as he playfully bites at the others throat. 

“I’m up now. So that means you have to get up. Nap times over, sleeping beauty.” He teases with a smirk that contorts his face handsomely.
He felt vulnerable and exposed in every way. Physically, emotionally, mentally. He had quite literally bared all to this man and still he had been given a green light. He might have tried to engage again had Kynareth not moved up and away.

As expected this would draw a string of grumbled noises from Patroclus. Although they were likely more akin to little mewls than actual grumbles of protest. Head tilted back with his throat exposed and his gaze could only see the ground of where they had slept together. Still his ears worked just fine, he heard the taunting temptation from his company.

Only because you said so. Although he didn't yet make a move to actually get up. Instead he wrapped his forelegs around the thick neck of the Grandmaster and sought to pull. Or be pulled. Whichever happened.
The Grandmaster smirks devilishly when he hears the sweet noises spilling from the other males mouth. It makes his ears perk up and face him, only shifting occasionally. It only makes everything so much better when he’s towering over him and he’s slinking paws around his neck and shoulders. The brindle male takes advantage of Patroclus’ position and nibbles at his throat. He loves the feeling of him wrapped around his body and he decides he wants it to happen more often. He hasn’t had such a strong pull to another male in some time and he misses it. 

Until he knows he has to get up sometime. With a low groan he’s raising to his full height and smiles down to him. “How do you feel about having breakfast with me, sweetheart?” He asks confidently, as if he knows the other wouldn’t deny him.
I would be hard pressed to decline. Some humor in his formal response. A spread of a grin over his half-masked face.

His rise would be slow and full of sways. A sway of his hips as he stretched, a sway of his tail as he shook his fur free of den debris. He sought to be alluring even after their whole affair. He had an image to upkeep, especially if he they were going to make this a...frequent thing.

I bet we could catch something nice between the two of us.
I would be hard pressed to decline. The smaller says back with a the handsomest of grins. The humor playing in his voice only makes Kynareth hungrier for his attention. Something the Grandmaster finds odd at this point in his life. Perhaps it’s because he hasn’t had a male lover in some time. Don’t get him wrong, he loves the women, but the occasional male counterpart does wonders for him. 

So Kyn answers back with something just as humorous. Yes, you would be.” He chuckles back.

Then he’s even more interested when the other gets up and stretches. Arching his body enticingly and waving that beautiful tail of his. Ky takes in his scent with a big huff of breath and smirks back to him, shamelessly eyeing his body as if he knows exactly what the smaller male is up to. 

At the others nexts words he nods softly but moves to give one light nip to his behind. Offering the most devilish smile, Kyn purrs back to him. “Keep teasing me and we won’t get the opportunity to go hunting.” Then he’s softly butting his flank with his head to get him moving before stepping in beside him.