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Full Version: I tell you that I’m thinking about
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Tagging @Deneve! I’m so insanely sorry I never got this up sooner I’ve been sicker than a dog these last few day and my brain is mediocre at best lol. Pls forgive me!

Kynareth taking a little walk today. He finds himself going further than his usual patrolling route takes him. Past Cedar Sweep and closer to the glorious falls that spew icy glacier water. It’s so pure he feels like a brand new man after drinking some.

Still, he doesn’t quite know why he decides to wander so far besides to just bask in the roaring presence of the waterfall. It’s calming he supposes. He’s contemplating, thinking. About the war and when he should strike. Thinking about Simmik and his pack. Too much to think about really.

So he sidles along the edge of the water, the moist air making his pelt sparkle with droplets of water like dew on grass. He stares mindlessly at the water and thinks.
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The lurking shape of something large and grizzled has taken up residence on a high slab of stone. Without knowing he was there from the start, any onlooker who caught sight of the greyed shape in the shadows would mistaken it as another stone. Thankfully the wandering behemoth below was not interested in climbing; as they settled at the water's edge the stony creature unfurled himself. He drew away from the slab and in to the dark, prowling along the corridor of stonework and pine as he descended, his movements masked by the sound of the water flowing off the edge.

The lone wolf saw Kynareth's prone form and paused to regard him. Mesa weighed his options; he had climbed up this cliffside in order to get a better view of the valley (as well as prove to himself he was capable of it, as he loved a challenge). He considered himself a healthy individual, strong, and capable. The stranger he looked upon had a size advantage which would be detrimental to the wanderer; however, they also appeared distracted and lazy.

A sneak attack was not Mesa's usual style — besides that, he grew bored in watching the hulking wolf and next, began to consider retreating before he was noticed. He lingered only for the vaguely familiar scent that clung to the auburn pelt of the beast; Mesa couldn't place why it was familiar, only that it was. Intrigue rooted him there within the dark.
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Kyn is too out of it to realize anyone is near him. His usually sharp senses filled with the burden of thought. Thoughts of many, many things shift through his mind, but finally he snaps back to the present. 

Only then does he feel the presence of another. 

Golden eyes illuminated by the sickly light of the moon flick about the darkness of the woods. He’s not on edge, but he knows there’s someone else with him. He decides to take the brave and easiest approach.

“Who’s there.” It’s a question, but he says it with the finality of a statement. 

He fearlessly plants his butt into the grass, awaiting for the stranger — or not stranger — to show themselves.
Before he can decide on anything, he is found out. 

It is not malice that draws Mesa from the shadows but curiosity, the kind one might have for a bear if this was their first encounter with something as large and as powerful. He wondered how much the man would have to eat to get his limbs moving. He was probably full of shit, thought Mesa — literal shit, which had to go somewhere. Mesa went on to wonder, if that scent wreathed upon him was a pack scent, how unfortunate it was for the other wolves to live around someone like that. Was that why his coat was so brown? 

These, and other unnecessary but equally crude thoughts, often took up residence in his thick skull and would orbit his solitary braincell as they processed. A side-effect of a life lived in solitary, one might suspect.

He doesn't speak to the man as he treads across the wide path left by Kynareth's hefty body. He pauses once to sniff the dirt where a pawstep had left a massive indentation, then carried on a bit, so that Mesa could pose beneath the starlight as if he had meant to be discovered in the first place.