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Full Version: Brecheliant
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In late November 2020 Ibis and Akavir depart the Reneian Empire and make camp upon Blacktail Deer Plateau. Soon they are visited by Wraen and are invited to Broken Antler Fen for the winter. In February 2021 their home became official. Together with Arcturus, Maia, Teya, Penn and Khali the group hope to survive the winter and then beyond, mixing their combined life experience for the long haul.
Active Leadership
Ibis: Auspex (February 18th—Present)
Wraen: Raven (February 18th—Present)
Maia: Raven (February 18th—Present)
Teya: Raven (February 18th—Present)

Territory: Broken Antler Fen
Founded: February 18th 2021
Pack Roster: Click here