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Full Version: queen without a kingdom
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(Hideaway Strath, 27F. Faint sun with overcast clouds. The gathering rock, three days after the meeting thread. @Simmik )

This winter weather was disgustingly predictable. It blew her thin fur in all directions, her slim frame shivered with every gust. She had been back in the company of her fellow packmates barely three days and had spent most of that time hidden away in her den. Unfortunately, she did not know the territory well, and so her den was just a quickly dug burrow underneath a tree stump, somewhere near Moonshadow Clearing. At least the roots acted as good roof support. Auriel was not yet comfortable enough to slumber with her packmates, this would hopefully change. 

The patterned she-wolf had returned to the place Donovan had bought her days before to bask in whatever rays she could catch. The pedestal loomed above her. It at that moment she decided it was not worth the effort, turning her golden skull to deposit the field mouse beside the rocks. It was a meager meal, especially after almost starving on her travels. You're pathetic. She should have been turning up her nose, she should have seduced one of the others to hunt for her. As her mother did. How depressing.
She had given up trying to find anything enticing to eat this afternoon and had set out to explore instead. It seemed she was sick to her stomach for most of the day lately, further confirming that she was pregnant, or so she had been told. Her wandering brought her back to the meeting place for whatever reason, and she ambled around in the snow, looking for something to distract her from how crappy she felt. 

To her surprise, she realized soon after starting her search that she was not alone here. There was a calico-colored woman not very far from where she stopped. It looked like she was getting ready to eat—Simmik could smell the awful thing from where she stood. All food smelled terrible lately. She took a few steps forward before releasing a soft chuff to see if her packmate was in the mood for company. This was not one she was familiar with, although she had been at the meeting, and Simmik was interested in getting to know her.
Seeing it now, so small against her paws, Auriel almost wished she hadn't caught the mouse. It was large enough to eat but so tiny it would leave her stomach growling for more. Donovan would know better hunting spots. 

So deeply buried in her thoughts the chuff caused her to jump, ears pinned immediately as her lips drew back over her fangs. It was comical how quickly her attitude changed when she realized who was standing in front of her. The beauty of the ball. Auriel felt her stomach lurch, anxiety eating at her every thought. How does one talk to someone like this she-wolf? "Hello." Was that correct? Was it too formal? "Are you hungry? It is not much but here." The patterned skull dipped to nose the morsel gently towards Simmik, already regretting her decision. Auriel was a sucker for a pretty face. 
Simmik tensed at the aggressive reaction, bracing herself for another fight. But the other woman surprised her and suddenly shifted gears. Clearly she had been startled, and Simmik could understand. She dipped her head in response to the greeting her packmate offered.

She looked down at the offered meal and shook her head. I appreciate it, but I'm not hungry right now. She didn't want to he rude to someone who was being nice to her, but her stomach churned painfully at just the thought of eating; she was sure if she tried, she would certainly vomit.

I'm Simmik, she offered, figuring the other woman didn't know her name. They had seen each other in passing but never actually talked.
It was a surge of good luck that the pretty she-wolf had not taken offence to Auriel's initial reaction, getting on Simmik's bad side was exactly the opposite of what she hoped to achieve. Being in new territory with so many unknown faces after travelling alone for so long was enough to make the golden she-wolf very flighty. 

"I see. I hope you don't mind if I eat then?" She questioned, settling back on her haunches. Her heart hammered in her pale chest, refusing to calm even after Simmik introduced herself. Knowing her name was at least some small comfort, though it had not been the royal kind of name she had been expecting. 

Simmik. Auriel considered briefly, it had an authoritative tone to it. "My name is Auriel. It is a pleasure to meet you." The woman didn't think it necessary to hide her observations, surely Simmik understood how beautiful she was. Still, it must have been rather annoying having everyone's eyes on you all the time. So dignified. She turned her head, barely able to tear her gaze away. "You're the first of my new packmates I have had the pleasure of meeting." 
Of course, she answered. Go ahead. Just because she was unable to stomach any food today, didn't mean she would keep others from eating in front of her. Plus, the sooner the rodent was gone, the sooner its terrible odor went with it. 

Whatever Auriel was feeling or the implications of her words, Simmik was completely oblivious. She thought Auriel was nice, which already put her on her good side, but that was about as much as Simmik took from the greeting. She smiled at the other woman as she took a few steps closer and took a seat, careful to stay downwind of her packmate's meal. It's nice to meet you too, she offered in return. How long have you been a part of the saints, she asked, curious about this woman who was nice to her. Was she newer like Simmik? Or had she been here longer. If she had to guess, she'd say if was the former just based on the fact that she didn't hate her like the other women did.
The confirmation was given, and thus Auriel nibbled at the tiny carcass. She managed to make it last, but it wasn't at all filling. A pitiful meal. Of course, the she-wolf had no idea how much the stench of the mouse sickened Simmik, as she had no way of knowing the woman's condition. 

As the white she-wolf approached Auriel felt her heart being hammer in her chest once more, fur standing on end. It was as if she were in the presence of something ethereal, otherworldly. An angel fallen from the clouds to join her here on their dying Earth. No canine had ever made her feel this way, a female no less. "I joined the Saint's moons ago, but left them to travel on my own for the winter. And you?" Auriel did not recall seeing Simmik before she had left. 
If Simmik only knew the lovely thoughts that filled the other woman's mind—it would certainly make her blush, as well as spark curiosity in her heart to explore more with her packmate. But as she could not read minds, she remained completely unaware of the effect she had on Auriel. 

She had been with the Saints for some time it seemed, but she had traveled on her own for the winter, which explained why Simmik had not seen her around much and why they had never been formally introduced. She slid down into a laying position, kicking her rear legs out beside her as she absently groomed her front paw of some non-existent artifact. She lifted her curious gaze to meet the other woman's as she answered her question. Ky brought me here not very long ago, but I've known him since before he was the leader of the Saints, she told Auriel. 

Simmik stretched and yawned, but nothing about her features spoke of her being tired—they showed exactly the opposite; her expression was interested and her eyes were bright as they studied Auriel's face. What do you do in your free time? she asked, clearly interested in knowing more about her packmate.