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As he, @Melaine and @Vallkyrie made their way across the foothills, they searched through the snow that still showed signs of having been heaved down the mountainside. Boulders peeked through the layers of snow, which was often dirty from dust. One area in particular drew Bronco's eye- as the dirt, rocks and boulders shared the same shimmering, silvery dust that had been in the cave he and @Meerkat had once shared while living on Moonspear. He gulped. It meant that if they had stayed on Moonspear, there was a fairly decent chance that they might have been buried alive in the landslide, and dragged halfway down the mountain. 

He and his search partners never roved too far apart, but there were times when they lost sight of each other, following their nose to try and sniff out any other wolves, though they kept in contact with howls, or by occasionally crossing paths again. Spreading out meant that they would cover more area, but after a while, he found himself tracking Vallkyrie down, and called out with a light chuff, asking her to wait up for him as he made his way toward her over the rubble. 

Once he reached her, he touched his nose to her cheek, both as a greeting, and as a means of asking for comfort. It perturbed him that they hadn't found signs of any others just yet. And while he didn't want to talk about it, necessarily, he knew that he couldn't expect Vallkyrie to stick with him through the entire search- not when she was pledged to another pack. He wasn't sure how to bring it up, either, so he was awkwardly silent for a moment. He thought the best way to bring it up, then, was by at least beginning with gratitude. "I really appreciate you, for helping out, Vallkyrie," He said softly.
It had been some while since she had returned to the great pine forest. A week, though she did not know time in this aspect. It was longer then she ever had before, including her venture beyond these mountains with Simmik. She missed the forest, though she didnt miss the troubles of them. Maybe one day she would find a home as lovely though didnt know when.

For now, she didnt have much of a plan to her life. It reminded her of the winter she had been a rogue with Belharra. A hard time indeed but one of her happiest despite that. Maybe she would travel far east and fine her. Maybe she would visit her sister where she and Hao's family was. With her sister, Belharra, Quillcrest, Ying, Hydra all now gone, she looked to Bronco. He was her last connection here really. A last remaining friend, or more...

She looked to him now as he cuffs to catch her attention as he pads near. He was a changed wolf marked by the thick lines on his crown now where fur did not grow. The one missing ear and a number of littlier marks and nicks over his cheeks and muzzle to go along with his old muzzle scarring. She didnt know yet what had happened, there had not been time for it, but she would have assumed he was a part of the bear attacks fighters. Three full moon cycles had passed since they had last seen one another, before winter had come hard down on them. She had missed much, apparently.

Of course... Her words came out breathless, a mix of sigh and coo as she dips her head down and folds her ears back to run the top of her crown at his chin and throat. I don't know many Glen or Moonspear wolves, but Hydra is a good woman and your a great friend to me... Another sigh, lips pulling tight in a frown as she lifts her head and looks around. While a number of Glen wolves had been found, it was as though Moonspear's residents had all but disappeared. There was a chance that they may have ran off and just split, leaving everyone else and their allies entirely. That seemed off, however, and it made Kyr more aware that many may not be found until the rocks were overturned and the snow melted...
He breathed a sigh of relief, and stepped a bit closer to press his chest against hers, and felt some of his guilt and worry slide from his shoulders as she nestled her muzzle against the crook of his throat. She was going out of her way to help him, which was well beyond what he would have expected, especially considering that she only really knew him and Hydra. Her pack owed absolutely nothing to him- save for, perhaps, the one time where he had fought off a badger on the borders to keep one of Mal's many wandering children safe. But he doubted very much that Vallkyrie was helping him now because of a debt owed on behalf of one of Mal's naughty youngsters. 

"I appreciate that," He said, echoing his earlier sentiment. She pulled away to look around, and he breathed another sigh, as the cool air made its way between them again. "I can't keep you from your pack, though. Do they know where you went?" He asked. There was a chance, after all, that the Neverwinter wolves had taken notice of the landslide, and if Vallkyrie had disappeared around the same time without notice, then they might think the worst had become of her too. While he did want her to be with him, he didn't want her pack to worry that she might be missing.
It came then, the mention of Neverwinter and the Archer woman's sour expression did not change. I dont think I'm going back. She then admits for the first time out loud since the time she had been gone from her once home. Things haven't been good in Neverwinter, not for a long time. And in some instances, her lead had not heeded her warnings and it had spelt disaster for all of them because of it. She was an Archer and needed a pack where her voice was heard, where she wasnt just another grunt. Unfortunately, as likely for Mal too, no matter how hard she tried nothing helped the prosperity of the pack. It was cursed, she was certain.

I had told Mal I no longer could stay. We are all unhappy there and I want to be happy. The ranks are few, many missing. I suggested merging with an ally for our survival but... But he wouldnt hear of it, of course. There seems to be no end to the pack's suffering... Some of her felt guilty for not continuing to suffer with them, but she had not laid with Mal as many had and she was not bound by this. She had seen what happened when pups were created on a whim and how the pups suffered.

I doubt anyone will come looking for me.
And there it was. Something he had suspected, but hadn't really given mucn thought simply because he had no idea how much Vallkyrie had wanted to get away from the place. She didn't like it there, and didn't figure she would go back- she'd given Mal probably enough of a warning of her departure when she'd let him know she wasn'f happy, which was a relief to him. If it was discovered that Vallkyrie was more loyal to him than Mal, he would at least be able to say that Mal had been warned. 

"Is there...Are you going back to your home, then? Or will you...Would you, stay here?" He asked tentatively. It was too hard to simply, outright ask her to stay simply because he wanted her to, but at the same time...He didn't want to lose her, too.
The scarred man in front of her said little on behalf of Mal and Neverwinter forest. The weight of it still showed on her features, for she did quite like that forest and the members, well, were pleasant. Quite frankly, most of which she had formed a relationship with, savor @Nuala and her father were now gone anyhow. She felt she simply had no place there any longer when he heart long now had not been in it.

His only concern was where she went now. That thought made her icy eyes brighten and she turns her head from him to try and hide the smile turning upward on her inky lips. No I dont think I will return to Torbine. She admits. My sister left recently too, to stay with Hao and meet his family, another former member of ours. She could go with them, help raise possible nieces and nephews? Then their was the thought of simply traveling as east as she could, maybe find Belharra once again.

I could stay, I just don't know where to go. She had thought Moonspear but... A small frown then at the scene around them and with a sigh she turns back to Bronco. I want to find a home where I can finally be happy. Maybe make my own family... I just don't think that happiness is here anymore. Whenever or wherever that may be.
Vallkyrie had mentioned Torbine before, he thought. He knew it had been a forested place, at least, and that her family had come from there. He also knew that she'd had a sister living with her in Neverwinter Forest, but when he learned that Valencia and Hao had gone off together, his ears perked. "Haoniyao?" He asked. He'd met Hao a couple times- he was the sort of fellow who was both dependable as a skilled hunter, but also had that quality of being loyal to the point where a friendship sparked once, still seemed to linger even in long times apart. "I live Hao. I think-" He said, and he almost said something that was typical and a bit sexist, before he reconsidered. Valencia and Vallkyrie were tough, and were owed more credit. He smiled. "I think Haoniyao'll be in good hands, then, if he's with your sister." It was more or less a simple switch of names- but it made him feel as though perhaps, he was doing the right thing. His knee-jerk reaction all the time was to want to be the knight in shining armour to whatever women he met, because it made him feel good to protect and help others, but...He was beginning to understand that strength came in different forms. And that he shouldn't treat someone different simply because of their gender. 

It seemed, though, that Vallkyrie wasn't keen on simply leaving, and while she didn't think she had anywhere to go, the answer felt fairly obvious to Bronco. "Then stay," He said, "I mean, I don't...I don't know what's going to happen after our scouting mission, whether or not we find...But we'll check in with Kukutux next, and see if they know, and...Maybe the Glen'll survive this, so," He said, and realized that all he was promising her, was that there were a couple fractured packs that had no idea what would become of them. That wouldn't exactly give her a stable family life. "But you could stay with me, and we'll just...Figure it out. If you want," He said.
She nods, confirming the full name. Apparently Bronco had met the man which wasnt a shock to her. Their pack was close to her former and he had often visited, making friends among the pine forest wolves.

She smiles to his words, another nod and wave of her plume. I think they are good for one another. They had similar interests as far as sparring and guardianship and both seemed to want the same things in life. She hoped all would be well for the new couple and was happy for her sister.

Then stay, he made a quick assessment.  He went on, saying he didnt know who they might end up finding, what might become of Firefly Glen and those of Moonspear who survived. His future was just as much uncertain, if not more so, then her own. She cared about the young man in front of her so. He was a good wolf, a handsome wolf even though the scars and a strong and trustworthy friend.

Then I think I'll stay then, for awhile... She smiles to him, her muzzle reaching out to brush the length of his own in a small manner of secret affection. They were both at a loss here together but she knew now she wouldnt leave him and onto 'greener pastures', not until at least she knew he was going to be alright through all this.
He felt embarassed and a bit frightened when he posed the question. It wasn't as simple as it sounded- because it'd mean figuring out how to inform Mal that she was leaving the pack, and then finding a place where she could be happy that also, potentially, included him. He wasn't sure if that was enough to keep her in one place, as it seemed as though the absence of her sister had left her feeling fairly lonely. But when she offered to try, and reached out to touch him he melted, and reached out to pull her close. 

His heart raced a bit, but nothing about this felt wrong or out of place. They'd both been through a lot, and had lost their family members and friends one way or another. Now, they were left clinging to what little they had left- but even just that little bit was a lot. He smoothed his muzzle over the top of her head, and placed a kiss between her ears. He wondered if perhaps he ought to offer her more, to try and make her stay- but he wasn't sure he could commit to that. For now, if she stayed for as much as this, he hoped that would be enough. 

A few moments passed before he pulled away, a somewhat sheepish smile on his face. He liked getting to be so fond with Vallkyrie, and that she reached out for him- but they still had searching to do. He'd stay close to her side now, as they continued to search, keeping the dark beauty in the corner of his eye and thinking over and over to himself how lucky he was that she'd decided to stay with him, at least for now.

Bronco would reach out to her, pressing herself closer against him and she would not deny him. She turns her head to press a raven cheek at the tawny front of his chest, nosing through furs breathing in deep the scents of the Glen. Within his embrace she felt safe, happy. It wasnt that she needed a male with her to feel as such but to have it stirred a desire in her she could not ignore. She had given up on Neverwinter Forest but she wouldnt give up on the Teekon Wilds as a whole, not yet.

They needed not more words between one another and sparred what little time they had against one another. Building eachother up. Kyr began to pull back and it so happened that Bronco began to stir too. They needed to get back to business. They moved with their bodies close to one another as a pair might do when courting one another. With their futures so unwritten they would be forced to set such things aside and focus on the very important task at hand...