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The Helm guides the packs through democratic means, accepting and considering all opinions to make decisions which suit all for the best, whilst also keeping the core factors that Ivory Rose stands for which is protecting those who need it.
Astraia* -  Αστραία (oversees the ivory)
Eleos* -  Ἔλεος (oversees the rose)
Aletheia* -  Ἀλήθεια (beta to ivory)
Eunomia* -  Εὐνομία (beta to rose)
The Ivory are mercenaries, scouts, caregivers, and hunters. They are expected to help provide and assist the Rose and make them feel welcome and safe within the pack.
Arae - Ἀραί (religious)
Algea - Ἄλγεα (non-religious)
The Rose should be protected by the Ivory at all costs. They should be trained and encouraged to advance in their trades in a safe space. Their trades will usually be chronicler, counselor, naturalist, and spiritualist.
Moirai - Μοίραι (religious)
Erote - ἔρωτες (non-religious)
The youth are pups under 9 months old. The slots for pups are offered to the Helm first, then the other tiers collectively. These slots are allocated competitively, meaning that parents can duel for the right to breed. It is encouraged to train the pups with 5 trade threads of any kind by 9 months old.
Hebe - Ήβη (puppies)

South of the Greatwater Lake and west of Sleepy Fox Hollow is Blackfeather Woods. The forest stands alone in Kintla Flatlands, a dark, foreboding fortress made of gnarled trees with a thick and dark canopy. The forest is shrouded underneath the canopy, and little light filters in through the leaves, adding to the forest's already gloomy appearance. Crows and ravens inhabit the treetops, fighting a never-ending war, while the lupine inhabitants of the forest stride with confidence in the darkness. To the east is a swamp that makes up the eastern border of the Woods and the pack's territory, Namira's Mire is the name given to it, after a goddess of decay and repulsive creatures.
Territory description by Meldresi.
Internal Territories
Blood Spill: A tangle of roses cleaved by a tree felled by the Earthquake. This is a place to honour the dead, as the roses seem to spill the ground like blood itself.
Namira's Mire: Named after the Goddess of Decay, as he was told, which can be a good place for pups to start hunting as long as they're careful. However, it seems when the conditions are right, the Daedra Maegi taught him of appears over the treacherous waters, which could lure unsuspecting wolves into the sticky depths.
The Altar: Rocks jut from the ground haphazardly, creating a cove in the dipped land where offerings are placed on half of a great, cleaved rock. A place to send an offering to gods and for quiet reflection.
Phantom Grove: The ever standing hallucinogenic tree can cause serious effects on the mind, often sending wolves crazy with visions of those lost to them, or with disturbing images from deeply forgotten memories. Some claim the Daedra, too, talk to them here.