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Full Version: but anything is preferable to the pain
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they went far today, fielding the snow that melted the brighter the snow became. merrick searched for the frozen ribbon of water in the distance, but presently turned toward @Aventus. bruin-jaw in ursus. the pride that swelled his heart was almost as if he had become new-made in leadership himself.
"what has the bear said to you?" the bearking inquired at length, turning single eye to seek out over the horizon.
Nothing, Aventus grimly thought, keeping his eyes fastened in the distance.
One day, he might have to come clean about things. He had prayed to the bear spirit and the bear spirit had answered, directed its child to do his bidding; that was all. Whatever mysterious voice Merrick could hear whispering to him was silent for Aventus. Before the bear and Evien, he was not sure he believed in it at all.
Now he certainly did, but how to tell the dragon of Ursus that he could not hear? Better to lie than to fess up and be stripped of his newfound authority, especially when it benefited him so.
Ursus will prosper, he said, keeping intentionally vague about precisely how. Our enemies are few, and weak.
That much was true, he thought. The Saints were no concern, having not shown their faces in some time. Easthollow was scattered. Aventus did not know the status of the other pack, the one living in a valley not unlike Bearclaw, and decided he would soon find out. They could be taken care of now that their closest ally was gone, if they remained at all.
merrick was freed of any linger suspicion when aventus spoke; it was a bleak pleasure that crept to his lips and made them into a baleful twist as he stared out over the creek, at last. 
"how best should we seek blood when our enemies have fallen?" merrick's single-eyed was half-lidded; he did not turn toward the bruin-jaw, wanting to keep the weight of his expectation from coloring an answer. 
raven-mother, corvid-wife; merrick had no such expectations for her; she surpassed him in all regards and he worshipped happily as her second-most;
aventus had become third, but merrick saw in avicus the toppling.
he was quiet, granting aventus the place to speak.
Aventus considered the question placed before him, keeping his eyes trained ahead while he chewed on it in silence. Admittedly, he had never been as nosy about his parents' business as his sister. Perhaps that made him a weaker candidate for standing alongside them, though he was egotistical enough to think it did not matter. Still, he wasn't completely ignorant.

Easthollow was gone, but they were not the only enemy.

Legion, said Aventus, what of them? There was comparatively little known about them next to Easthollow, but he knew they were no allies. Others to harass, possibly. Which brought to mind another group, one whose name he pronounced with a sneer: The Saints?

They seem to have disappeared, but gnats only hid in the winter. Hid, and survived. When might they crawl up from the ground again to present their throats to Ursus?