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Full Version: firebrand
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(Moonshadow Clearing. -1°C, winter sunbeams through broken clouds.) @Patroclus

The wintry sun beaming down into the clearing was weak enough to be ignored by slumbering prey. Tucked away in their burrows, far from the reach of the canine. Sharp fangs and claws got you nowhere when the vermin didn't wish to adventure into the frail sunlight. It had failed her in every way it possibly could. Auriel was still chilled to the bone as she stepped out into the clearing, she had been exploring her new territory as of late. Meeting new packmates. 

The day was new, crisp frost crunching under her paws as she trotted through the middle of the glade. The beauty that might have once blossomed here had been wiped out by the early winter dews. She would not find flowers here. Elsewhere, maybe. 

Auriel opened her golden maw to breathe in the ghosts of her packmates. Their scents were scattered here, it must have been a popular spot. By the looks of the old scuffed mud and broken clumps of grass many a wolf must have sparred here. Sparring would be pleasant. A way to get the blood pumping and fend off the encroaching cold. Unfortunately, the scents were not fresh, a sunbathe was all she could hope for. Cocking her leg against a nearby tree she added her own scent to the clearing. Finally, it was time for her to settle amongst the grass, baring white teeth to nibble at the grit between her claws.