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Full Version: You and I will be the ones that are wearing the crowns
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 @Kynareth Deagon <3 Territory #5 - The Winding Sweep

The Overseer had been wandering the Strath for a while now, doing her duties and patrolling the grounds. 
Nyra sighed, looking around the vastness of barren trees. 
Spring was only barely starting. 
Raising her head, the battlemaiden called for Kynareth. 
It was about time they talked again, one on one.
The Grandmaster has been called upon. A howl he knows very well by now sounds through the air and he’s dutifully moving to heed his Overseers summoning. 

Quick to move through the forest, he slows to a trot, moving up closer to her to nudge his head against the pale Warrior’s shoulder. 

“You called, darling?” A simple acknowledgment with a warm smile and kind eyes. Though him and Nyra have fought he still has a certain soft spot for the woman he’s seen grow so much since being in the Saints. For the better of course. So strong and confident when at first she’d been cautious and timid. He quite likes how she’s turned out.
Nyra brushed her muzzle across his cheek and into his neck fur, breathing in his scent as Kyn approached, inquiring to her summons. 

Pulling back enough that she could speak, the Overseer let out a soft sigh.

"We are growing in numbers quite quickly. I believe we should discuss our tactics against Ursus some more, for when we are ready to attack." The battlemaiden looked to his eyes, as fiery in color as her own, to see if he agreed.
He appreciates the affection she offers him back with a content hum. Pulling back just as she does to watch her own golden orbs as she speaks.

At her words, pride swells within him and his lips begin to crook upwards. “We are. I agree. Did you have anything specific in mind? Battle tactics? Strategies? Perhaps you think we should attack them a certain way?” He trails off with his question. “I’m curious to hear what you might have. I’ve thought about it countless amounts of times.” He chuckles darkly.
Nyra adjusts her stance and sits with authority and purpose, clearing her throat.

"I think we should use everything we have if we truly want them gone. And since both packs will kill each other on sight, it'd be difficult to infiltrate them to study how each of them ticks." The Overseer mused, putting a paw to her mouth in thought. 
Brushing some dirt aside, she began to draw a map of sorts, using her claws and very carefully making the lines. 
Cuz wolf paws are difficult to draw with, the effort was real. 

Making the outline of Bearclaw Valley as she knew of it, she also scratched in the mountain ranges and other terrain she had tried to memorize, and finally, the Hinterlands and the Strath. 

"I think once we begin to advance that direction, we should take control of as much of the surrounding land as we can, limit their ability to expand outward and attack every wolf that comes out of the Valley. We should also monitor the meadow." 

As she spoke, she gestures around the makeshift map, and looks to Donovan for additions.
Kynareth watches with hardly contained interest as she begins drawing a map in the dirt. A small smile curling his lips upwards at the little drawing. He understands where she’s coming from and that’s what’s important. 

“Mm, on the contrary. I believe we’d be able to infiltrate their defenses from the inside.” He smiles deviously while cocking a brow. “We have quite a few wolves that no one would recognize as a saint, especially from all the way over by the Valley.” 

He nods to her picture. “I think we could do both. Surround the Valley and perhaps whoever has infiltrated can meet us. They could inform us when they’re most exposed and we could sneak in an ambush.” He looks to her curiously. “What do you think, darling?” 
She listens intently to his words, his responses to her strategic gears working. 
He was right, they did have quite a few unrecognizable wolves within their ranks now. It would be easier than she originally thought to seep into Ursus' ranks and infect them from the inside out. 

"In that case, let's send one of our newer recruits to them, and while that's happening, we can position ourselves a home base closer to them so everyone can swarm. Perhaps back in the canyon? Maybe closer, if we can manage to remain undetected." 
Kyn likes the planning of having one of his wolves worm into the home of his enemy. Where they suspect it’s safe but it’s anything but. They they’d attack when they least expect it — when they’re weak. Kynareth would show them no mercy. He doesn’t have room to deal with another fuck up.

So his yellow gaze meets Nyra’s own. “Right.” He confirms. “Which wolf do think would be right for the job, my Overseer?” He asks with a bit of a satisfied smile at the end.
He asks who would be good for the job. 
Names pass through her head. But she eventually settles for... 

"Whrist, perhaps. She seems to like to explore, and I think she'd love the opportunity to infiltrate. I'm open to other suggestions, if you don't agree." Nyra mused. 

"Where will we relocate to once they're sent?" She furthered, body language attentive.
He waits patiently as she contemplates his question. Ears perked forward and a casual smile on his face. He loves planning, he loves war, he loves battle. He wants to be in it again so bad. Oh to be a victor of another war would just make his day. 

When she’s suggesting the midnight wolf he smiles even more at the thought of the promiscuous she-wolf. “I think she’d be a good pick as well. She’d fit in nicely with the wolves over there.” He chuckles then. “Bunch of savages, I’m telling you.” He says in jest as if the Saints weren’t exactly that. 

Then he hums at her next statement. “Probably the canyon.” He offers. “We’re familiar with the land, so if they catch wind of our spy. We’re prepared just in case they try to attack.”
Nyra nodded at her Grandmaster's words. 
"It's settled then. I'll talk to Whrist personally and see if she's up for it. In the meantime, I believe we should call a meeting so everyone else is also aware of the plans for what's ahead." 

With that, the Overseer began to stand again. 
"Any other battle tactics to discuss while we're here?" 
Kyn nods easily in agreement. A meeting would do them good and now that the brindle giant thinks about it, he needs to speak to the blue eyed devil as well. 

“Perfect.” He replies back to her speaking to Whrist of the spy mission. “Yeah, a meeting should be good for everyone. It’ll help get the new members caught up.” When she begins to stand he smiles at her softly. “No I believe that should do it, sweetheart.”

With his words, Nyra nodded in acknowledgement, giving Kynareth an affectionate lick on the cheek.
"I'll call the meeting in a while. Till then..." 

With that, off she went