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Full Version: Friends are like Potato's leave then in the cupboard and they grow...
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@Hemlocke and or anyone

The over large alabaster man was crisscrossing through the territory every now and then he’d pause and claw at the ground moving the snow around looking for herbs below the melting snow every now and then he’d lick the dirt he’d uncover he was looking for something specific.

Mid-day he paused and lifted his head and looked about with how much ground he’d covered today he was sure to run into someone at some point, his stomach rumbled and he licked his lips suddenly thirsty due to his former activities. Luckily by the sounds of it, a stream was near by.
Hemlocke could smell the cultist. The scents of dirt, old blood and otherwise an unwashed dog lingering wherever the large trailed. The shadow thought perhaps if grooming wasnt an issue for her, Vein and Nyra could make quite the match, giving how so they matched. Maybe all eyes would finally drift off Kynareth.

The shadow had never been one to pull such eyes away. His presence here remained a shadow within the darkness, providing where he could to his pack by any means but like a support to a wall rarely thought of. He was fine with this, too.

The scent of blood came with the sound of the creek and Hemlocke crept near through the brush. Being a man accustom to being delicately quiet, he would rustle the bushes just the slightest to give himself away, as to not startle the man who went for a drink.
The overlarge brute turned from his drink and smiled easily, long before he found the source of the sound, it took his eyes a moment to find the shadow before they settled upon the masculine form.

"Hello my Good man, I am Vein" He introduced himself easily "I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you, I don't suppose you know where any plants will be growing? I fancy myself a cultivator and I'm looking to dig up the roots and transplant some things before spring gets to far along.  Calendula Camomile or hibiscus " These were plants he could easily make teas from and he wanted to present some tea to the sweet white wolfess, Aerin though this was not info he'd throw out to every stranger.
The large wolf stirred, seeking and finally met the attention of the shadow within the woodland. Once Hemlocke knew himself to be spotted, he came with silent steps into the other wolf's direction. Hemlocke, he would introduce then after the other man's name was given.

A talkative fellow, came a string of words there after. Fine by the shadow, for Vein could fill in the conversation where Hemlocke lacked.

He enjoyed plants, to which he meant to find, dig up and replant into a location of his own choosing. A small smile moved into his leathery black lips to this and though he was delighted it might have been lost in the bloody color of his gaze.

I've found the chamomile in the fields, south. He had some growing himself already, situated in the area which Dove held her quarters. Vein would and should grow his own collection elsewhere so they had multiple caches to choose from when in need. I've not found hibiscus. Not anywhere yet, at least. He admits.
Vein found himself lost in the blood red orbs was envious of the man eyes, if he could pluck them from his head and take them for his own, oh how he would, but alas that was not something within his power or even the power of the gods he suspected.

The brute smiled genuinely, he had not expected the male to know about plants not all of them did. Not many of them cared, that was fine with him for if they did not care then they were not competition for the role of healer, they could just come to him instead.

However to find another wolf that didn’t mind speaking of plants and even knew a thing or two well that was a breath of fresh air and he found his liking toward the dark man grow.

Are you a healer? Or do you just know of plant types? Do you know of the herbal and medicinal qualities of plants? perhaps you know of something I might not?

He chuckled at himself, he reminded himself of the pale angel Aerin on their first meeting and her barrage of questions “Sorry my good man I got too excited, I do not get to talk often about such things
The large dirtied white wolf smiled something pleasant to him, watching him with a certain intensity, watching Hemlocke's eyes with his own. He found no challenge in it for Vein's gaze was not hard on him nor his stance dominant. Hemlocke would not expected however that he would like his eyes for many thought them creepy more then anything.

Quickly came a flood of questions from the man then, all of which caught Hemlocke a bit off guard. He awkwardly shifts his weight between his four legs, a single large pointed ear turning back. To the man's apology, the shadow gives a sheepish smile. I'd be happy to listen... He admits when saying he did not often get to talk with someone whom shared the same interest. I know quite a lot about different medicines- plants, fruits, fungi... My mother, she was a priestess and healer. A grim smile and he came closer to settle at the creek edge, allowing the man to know he was willing to hear him out further.
Vein felt his tail wave but he could not stop himself "I have not studied Fungi much, Is there a bit about Fungi that you could tell me?" Vein moved along side him amicably "Hibiscus when I make it into a Tea helps Stave of cravings, Promotes digestion, and lowers Blood Pressure, It's great to help a female in heat feel more comfortable and sleep better"
He frowned slightly "I have learned to keep it away from a pregnant female, it seems to cause more problems it solves in a pregnant wolf"

He watched Hemlocke settle and noticed the others frown, and this brought up feeling to his own healer mother and her teachings, He grew quiet "Was... I'm sorry for your loss" He closed his eyes thoughtfully then looked back to the dark male, inviting the other to speak to any topic he wished. He'd share his own story if Hemlocke was comfortable enough to share his.
The question was given about fungi, to which Vein would move to come closer to him to listen. I know one called a 'magic mushroom', He began, It opens your eyes to a world beyond ours. You can see things, smell, hear what you normally would not. Some say it helps you to contact the Gods. Something, Hemlocke would learn, Vein was very interested in as well.

and began to explain about hibiscus, one which Hemlocke knew less about, likely because it had not be found to his knowledge where he was raised in Blood Valley.

This would be good then, He hums as eyes shift down the creek side. Many females here and with Spring coming... Something to ease what had been thought as a nagging, burning itch so to drive one insane. Maybe we will find it yet. The shadow hoped maybe they could find in to ease his pack mate's 'raging horomones'.

And then, a comment, a silence, on behalf of his mother. The hellhound's large ears fall back again, contemplating. Many who knew her would not consider her a good woman- a witch, but she had been everything to her son. Thank you... He only allowed for the sake of being polite, for there wasnt any tragedy or story behind his mother's passing, who had been quite the old crone when she made her end.