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Full Version: When you go in search of honey you must expect to be stung by bees.
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THIS THREAD IS MARKED MATURE she is experiencing one of her first heat's and looking for company ;) I got inspired due to another post and just expanded upon it

The sun had set but the light had not yet completely faded leaving the world painted in half light and half darkness though the darkness grew and seemed to swallow the light quickly the day quickly coming to an end. It was her favourite time, twilight. Darkness would soon envelope the land making her time to ghost across the territory where she would be hard to spot by most. Her flawless pelt making her a perfect night operative.

Whrist was ever diligent of keeping the packs boarders well maintained and checking for any trespassers. She was early to her task tonight, the light still fighting to keep a hold of the land though it wouldn't last. The black wraith was restless her body burned with an energy all of it's own, it made her skin itchy and her scent thick. She couldn't hold still but nor did she want to be up and moving she needed something but she couldn't relax she was slowly going mad she was sure of it.

Still she followed along the outskirt’s of the pack territory. However rather then scent mark with pee as she normally would, she held off, she stopped occasionally and kicked dirt spreading scent with her paw pads. Her own scent was just to strong even for herself and some how deep down she felt that her scent might draw the wrong kinds of attention to the boarders of the pack lands. Thus her new strange marking ritual.

She moved along again, toward the next scent mark, keeping her eyes mostly to the outside of the pack lands for attacks normally would come from without not from within.
Kyn has been smelling all type of changing scents through the territory. It’s hard to keep your business your own when everyone is so close with one another. Especially when wolves have such good noses as they do. Kynareth’s for example is sniffing out quite a peculiar one at that. He knows it’s Whirsts, but the stark change in her scent of what calls him to it. He knows exactly what this is, she’s in heat and Kynareth is a weak man. Even though he’d just taken his fill with Simmik’s heat only some time ago, he’s greedy.

Self control out the window he follows it eagerly. Only finally finding her midnight form in the disappearing sun. Sidling up beside her he chuffs as to not scare her. It’s then he takes a big sniff and the hair along his spine prickles with anticipation.

“Whrist,” He begins in greeting. “how are you feeling, darling?” He wants to make sure even though there’s no way his nose is lying to him. He can hardly control himself by just standing this close.
The wraith froze, her body still, her breath caught in her throat as a warm delicious voice rumbled along her core. She liked how her name rolled off his tongue, but she found herself liking his little pet names more.  

Her eyes slid shut and her body sought comfort shifting to press her hip against any part of him. 

Her maw parted, she wanted to answer him with words, but those had never been her strong suit, instead she licked her lips slowly and looked over her shoulder at him with heavy lidded eyes. 

Her gaze moved over his masculine form his coloured pelt his thick jaws, and the thought of those jaws claiming her neck, him claiming her. Heat rose under her pelt her skin burned with desire and more then ever before she longed for his touch, felt like it was only he who could tame the fire burning within her. 

Thoughts of him with that white witch, she quickly squashed with a grin, He was here with her, and here in this moment, He was hers, and hers alone. 

She finally came up with something to say, her voice low and husky “Lonely” she instinctively lifted her tail and waved it, spreading her very feminine scent, though she didn’t quite understand what or why her body wanted, just that she did.
The Grandmaster tilts his head curiously as she freezes in her spot when he speaks. His gaze wanders over her dark pelt appreciatively, simply taking in her sleek appearance. He’s shamelessly staring and he wonders if she’s alright for a moment when she stays still a bit longer. She seems frazzled, affected by something. He knows exactly what too and it has him smirking devilishly as he approaches her further.

She’s looking over her shoulder at him and he can see the look in her eyes and it says all he needs to know. He even follows the motion of a pink tongue peaking out to ghost over her whiskered lips. She’s taking him in it seems, he can tell she’s hungry for something and he knows exactly what. Who would he be to deny her? 

She finally speaks, waving her tail, and Kyn breathes in deeply. He feels chills rake over his pelt a d his grin only gets worse. His heavy steps move him closer and he’s gliding his body along hers and dipping his head to lap at her face.

“Oh? Need company, sweetheart?” He’s purring. “I think I know exactly what you need.” 
Whrist hummed imitating his signature sound, the one that always seemed to melt her to her bones. “Yes!” She answered with certainty Tilting her head to allow him access to kiss and nibble where ever her pleased.
She yearned for him in this moment, wanted him, damn it NEEDED him. She was his, her whole being and body was his to hold his to own.

She nibbled along his lower jaw and lifted her lips to his ear “Yes you do” her tongue gently caressed the back of his ear then she nibbled her way down his neck, tiny soft moans escaping her with her realizing it. Then a wicked smile curved her lips and she nipped his shoulder sharply “Don’t make me wait” she soothed her nip with her tongue before nipping him sharply again with a throaty laugh “Don’t be gentle”  Her eyes glittered with intensity as she looked at him a toothy smile on her maw her tongue just peeking between the white weapons
Her answer is enthusiastic and it makes a cocky grin roll over his face. She’s lifting her head for him and she looks absolutely sinful. Her lithe, beautiful body taunting him so easily has his tail giving a few lazy wags. Especially as she tilts her head back for him, he definitely takes advantage of it. Slotting himself against her as he bites and nibbles at her throat. 

She’s saying more taunting words to him then. They really get him going and she seems absolutely desperate for him. Which is something he doesn’t seem to be able to resist. His more primal urges come to light and he’s throwing caution to the wind with her last words.

A gleam of beautiful teeth then the words Don’t be gentle. She won’t need to repeat herself. He’s not going to even hesitate and he definitely won’t be gentle. With that he’s chuckling lowly in her ear.

“Don’t worry, princess. I won’t be.” He confirms huskily and snatched up the scruff of her neck demandingly. Moving himself into position and going to town. 

- Fade to Black -