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Full Version: shaking the wings of their terrible youths
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The gypsy returned to the central caverns -- which seemed to be a hotspot for communal life in the Strath and was the place where Aerin herself had made a home -- after a morning patrol of the borders, trotting through the caves on hasty steps. Her shoulders did not bunch so tensely as she moved through the warm hollows but there was visible uneasiness to her hurried movements as her moonstone gaze flashed, searching for any sign of the men she needed to speak with. She figured there was a good chance that she would at least find Vein here, amongst the herbs and hot springs of his trade.

Consternation filled her as she kept an eye out for his red-streaked pelt -- wondering absently if he'd repainted the strange markings on his coat now that he'd had a chance to wash the old paint off. Not because she didn't want to see the shaman, for she was growing very fond of his company, but because of what might come up in discussion with Patroclus. She could not be certain if the chocolate-pelted male was also lingering within the walls of stone, if either of them were here at all, but she kept an eye out of the golden gaze of either male as she searched.
The day was warm and Vein had spent some time traipsing through the territory looking for budding plants, he was obsessive over his gardens and wanted a rich one. After a day of searching there was a small pile of plants with tiny buds on them most were harder to identify until later in the season. 

As a reward the large white male, purely white for once having taken several baths recently, was laying on his back enjoying the sun paws tucked up to his chest, he began to roll groaning happily of course this was grinding some dirt into his back. He does hear someone approaching but doesn't stop rolling until he's hit all the good spots, finally he opens his eyes and looks toward the paw steps he heard approaching.

"My Lady Aerin, Come join me" He rumbles, his easy smile fades as he looks in her face his voice becoming concerned "Is something wrong?"
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He would not arrive the same time as everyone else. He still struggled sometimes to find his way around the territories and into the more niche locations. However he trusted he would not be horribly late to this little gathering made on behalf of Aerin. Five minutes, maybe ten at worse.
The halfling moved to greet him, padding over to stand near the healer's head -- the swan curve of her scarred neck dipping as she nuzzled at his throat, nibbling playfully at his jaw for a moment before stepping back and settling on her haunches aside of him. She attempted to plaster a less worried expression to her forlorn features, smiling as she shook her head. "Everything is fine," she reassured, though she couldn't be sure who she was trying to inspirit -- him or her. "I 'ave been speaking vith Patroclus, 'e is new 'ere...an' a Counselor. 'e 'as been speaking vith me about sleeping issues," Aerin explained, restraining the need to fidget anxiously. "I thought maybe ye vould know of a tea or something else that might 'elp but Patroclus vanted to speak to ye before recommending that I try it." 
Golden eyes slid shut and a small groan of pleasure far more relaxing then any he made while rolling escaped him as her teeth nudged and parted the ruff of his chin and neck. He could feel an endorphin release in his temples that made him almost swoon at the touch and smell of her.

All to soon she drew, back before he could return the gesture and though he wanted more then anything in the world at this moment to slide his teeth through her delicate strands in gentle nibbles, because she moved away, he held back. He had made a promise to himself he would never push her, never touch her without permission.
She had once spoken of Master’s which meant she had once been a slave and though he did not know her story, what he knew is when one used the term Master that it usually meant the ‘Master’ only saw other’s as belongings and treated them as such.
In the hot springs when he had touched her, he had been memorized by the scars on her body had touched each one, at the time he had admired those scars. Until late one night when he remembered her using the term Master, it had turned his blood cold. Having someone touch this pale angel in anyway but admiration for her soul, for her blood, for her body, pained him in such away he had never felt before. That was a long night and try as he might, he had looked for her and had not found her.  A tracker he was not.

However he was not sorry that he had missed her, for he might had done or said something he’d have regretted. After more nights of thinking about their encounter, only gave him resolve. She had scars, she survived and she was stronger for it. She was a goddess in her own right, born anew, a precious being that he would cherish in any way she’d allow.

Her words graced his ears, he was concerned by his own reaction to another man’s name on her lips, He’d put a pin in that thought for later because as she continued to speak she got his curiosity piqued and a smile graced his features she had come to him for help over others, pride bloomed in his chest

The large white brute rolled onto his tummy exposing a white back with tuft's of moss and twigs here and there, not that he paid them any mind, Vein was far from a vane wolf by any means. His voice rumbled deep and rich and his passion for anything healing came through “Tea’s to promote sleep are far better then taking herbs to force sleep, I have both in my caches,

He paused then worried about the implications of forcing anyone “Forcing sleep on a critically injured patient is sometimes necessary. And not something I would do without permission or lightly. Currently I do not have enough Poppy or Humulus Hops, I have to cultivate those as they are not native to here to my knowledge.

He remained reposed upon the ground and shifted his back legs to the side hoping she’d take the unspoken invitation to lay in this amazing sunbeam with him, though he didn’t get his hopes up to far, if this Patroclus was on his way. He thought he'd heard movement not to far off so he’d continue while longing to running his nares through her silken ruff.

There are a few Tea’s I can make with my limited stock and the hot springs water. I will be planting a far bit of my cache very soon in order to boost my stock, however Once summer comes about I’ll have far more herbs at paw to make much more varied teas. There are tea’s I can make to alleviate the common aliments caused by feminine heat cycle, That is why I first learned about tea’s, Chamomile is good for that since it helps with sleep and with stomach pains

He stretched his long front legs forward and dipped his nails into the soil before he continued
"But if you are just looking for sleep, and while Chamomile ‘is’ good, Valerian is better.  I brought Valerian with me in my travels, Valerian root tea is a good tea to both reduce anxiety and promote sleep. Though there is a fine balance with that tea, you’d have to drink it before it sits to long and gets to strong or it might have sedative effects. I would remove the roots before it got to strong so that you could drink it at your leisure, I have specially prepared Owl Skulls to hold the tea

His owl skull ‘mugs’ had a layer of amber along the inside, blocking the eye holes and smoothing the inside into a bowl, he had prepared these and a few other tools on the outskirts of a forest fire when he had last collected the charcoal that he was now running critically low on.  He had also burned off a fair bit of his pelt during that excursion too, but it had eventually grown back, good thing he was not vane.
He arrived at the tail end of Vein's speech. The words Owl Skull lingered in his mind and he felt compelled to have a million second thoughts about this. What was the hygiene of that? How did such a thing work? Too many questions that caused his gut to churn in concern.

Slowly he padded fully onto the scene, a polite nod to the both of them. The man was...unique. Imposing. A large figure that looked like he ate plenty. Once again Patroclus found himself outmatched. Not that he thought anything physical would occur between him and pack mates but there was always some sense of concern.

I apologize for my late appearance. A soft smile swept over his features. I am Patroclus, Aerin's counselor. In this meeting, that was the title and greeting that mattered most.
Aerin listened closely, cloudwisp auds rising to catch the Daykeeper's words diligently as he again stunned her with a depth of knowledge and innovation. She did not share the same unknown concerns as Patroclus regarding contamination, mainly because as a wolf she had no concept of bacteria. And it was certainly not the most dangerous thing in their world, they ate raw meat and she had cracked raw bones while starving and scavenging in the past -- simply to get at the nutritious marrow within. Their world was cruel and savage. Vein's ideas were the first of their kind to the once-slave -- whose healing was primitive at best -- a fair advancement in medicine for their kind. The various teas that he spoke of intrigued her and Aerin thought she might be willing to give them a shot. 

Patroclus arrived before she could ask anything more, the brumal doe greeting him with a silent dip of her pale diadem and a welcoming smile. "Zis is Vein," she went ahead and introduced her friend with a small gesture of her muzzle, "'e is my partner. An' my mentor." It seemed an apt description to the Saluki as they'd yet to really label their relationship but Aerin thought it might be safe to say that he was teaching her. A thought that reminded her of the hot springs and sent her gaze shyly back towards her own paws.