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A day or so had passed, with Lilitu and Bridget coming down the mountain to make their report, and then when they went off again Ibis was left to her own devices. She gave them what remained of the herbs that they had brought, portioning them out as evenly as possible between the three of them; then, when she felt the familiar sense of warmth flooding her skin again, she grabbed her bundle and headed off.

She planned to visit Antares and do a quick check-up on him; but as she roamed, her path led her towards the mountains instead. The burning in her belly was difficult to ignore. Ibis knew what this was by now, she knew she did not want to be trapped in the woods, or caught out in the open. She needed a distraction — and the dwindling herb collection could serve a purpose.

Ibis headed along the hillside until the snow-covered grass became more mountainous and exposed terrain, ducking beneath trees and weaving along stone spines that sat bare-faced in her path. The burning in her belly did not abate. She dug a shallow cache to deposit the herbs she carried with her, marked it quickly by scraping the tree looming nearby, and then began to pace upon the cliffside.
Penn hadn't been driven to Moonspear out of any real concerns for its citizens. He knew if there were any survivors, there wasn't much he could do for them. Plus, it seemed like there were plenty of others working on it, or so he surmised from the scents he found littered around the territory. No, he went because he was curious to explore the ruins. Nothing more, nothing less.

He was on his way back to Brecheliant when a familiar scent stole his attention. Ibis was around, and immediately a mischievous smirk danced across the Blackthorn's muzzle. Perhaps this was another chance for him to come play the part of hero, or at least the dashing gentleman companion. Perhaps he would wow her with his athleticism while they explored the cliffs together. Or simply charm her pants off with his natural wit.

It didn't take him too long to track her down. He stole a moment to admire her behind before finishing his approach and announcing himself with a chuff. "Hey there," he called as he swaggered his way towards her, "Didn't expect to see you out this way."
Alone upon these mountain paths, Ibis finally felt like she could breathe a little bit. She tried to think about how beautiful the mountainside was, what to gather for her return trip to the woods, and whether or not she should spend a day up here or just a few hours; it wasn't like she had planned to be here at all. The chances of any survivors climbing down one mountain and then up another were pretty impossible.

A familiar voice did call out to her, though. It surprised her. When she turned to look around for the source she saw the boyish figure of Penn, unable to take her eyes off him as he swaggered over.

Hello! She chimed back. As he got closer Ibis moved towards him too, inspecting the scents on his coat. Had he come to help them search for survivors? Maybe he was searching for something else — someone else. Ibis thought of Arielle and her heart began to flutter; Penn could have had any number of reasons to be out here.

I was trying to restock our supplies, Ibis explained. We set up a camp in the woods closer to the mountain. She waved a paw in the direction of the lowlands but did not appear very interested in the moment. What are you doing out here?

Ibis was surprised to find herself thrilled to see him.
She seemed very happy to see him, which was incredibly gratifying. There was something different about her today. She seemed happy, for one. She also seemed to be more focused on him. It made her all the more alluring. Or, at least, that's all he thought it was.

"Taking a look at the damage," Penn answered with a smile as he strode up alongside her. After a beat, he added, "Wanted to see if there were anymore survivors out there waiting to be found." That part wasn't exactly true, but it supported the persona he was trying to portray. He certainly wouldn't have turned his back on someone if he'd found them--he did like the idea of himself as a hero. He just wasn't out trying to be one.

"You want some help? I make a great stockboy," Penn asked, shooting her a grin.
Ibis had not gone up the mountain yet — the damaged one, anyway — so she was oblivious to the true damage. The smell had not left the air yet; but when Penn mentioned it she looked around as if realizing where she was for the first time. Something still distracted her.

We found one, so far. I'm waiting to find out more from Bridget, Ibis mentions this with more of a casual air than it requires, but then lets the topic fade. The boy offers to help her. She can't help the appraising look she gives to Penn.

I would love the help, she answers, and turns her eyes away when her face warms. Her chest flutters. A few steps later, and she drops her attention to the grasses peeking from beneath the thinning snow, moving slowly; her tail waving softly behind her.

Do you know much about herbs, or flowers? She asks softly, prancing along.
The longer he was around her, the more restless he began to feel. Penn was pretty sure she was trying to be alluring, though he came to that conclusion mostly because it was the scenario he wanted. He was indifferent to hear that they had actually recovered a survivor, but he nodded and fixed an expression on his face that suggested relief. He might've said something in response, but he saw the way she looked at him. She so wanted it. He was absolutely certain.

"It's yours then," Penn answered, his voice velvety smooth. She turned away from him in a way that seemed shy to him, and so he casually moved to bring himself back into her line of sight. He wanted her to see his gaze linger on her curves. He wanted her to see his admiration, though he did so subtly. It was all part of the game, not that he truly had any experience to back it up.

Penn had to work hard to hold himself back when she pranced away from him. He trotted after her like a moth to a flame, his brain barely computing her question. "I confess I'm almost entirely ignorant about plant life," he replied, "I have a friend who is into medicines. She taught me to recognize a few so I could help her collect them, though I haven't a clue what she uses them for." He watched her sidelong, wondering if his comment about another female might get a reaction.
Ibis paused, lifting her head and looking over at him, when Penn mentions another woman. A teacher, from what he says. The woman does not find any fault in the seeking of knowledge but she feels a twist in her gut all the same. A fluttering in her chest. A brief expression of disdain crosses her face but it is merely a flicker.

That would be of help, she mentions, sounding a little spaced out. It takes a moment for the feeling to subside inside of her (and even then Ibis isn't sure if the flare of jealousy is fully gone), and ducks to investigate the grass again. This time she is slow, making a deliberate path that would cut close to his own search.

If you see anything you recognize... I mean.
There was something odd in her voice when she responded, which Penn went ahead and took as a sign that his ploy had worked. She was jealous. Holy shit, was this really happening? Much as Penn put on the show of blind confidence, he did have his silent doubts about himself. His chances with this hot ass mom were something he had hoped like hell for, but he hadn't been entirely convinced of in spite of how often he told himself that yeah, she totally wanted him. But now, faced with the fact that it might actually be true, he was thrilled, excited, and starting to get a little nervous.

He was so gonna fuck it up.

"Is there anything in particular you need that I should keep an eye out for?" Penn asked, letting his voice drop a little lower, softer, and subtly emphasizing the word need as he spoke. He too began to drift his course back towards her as he pretended to search. As though he had any capacity to actually pay attention to plants when she was like, right there, looking like a goddess and smelling like something he wanted to drown himself in.
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The low drone of his voice surprised her. It suited him; made him seem a little bit older than he really was, and that in turn helped smooth some of Ibis' ruffled feathers. His question distracted her momentarily from the hunt for herbs (not that she was all too invested in the plants at this point) until she happened across something small budding up through a patch of thawing earth.

Arrowhead-shaped leaves ringed in purple, as if their edges had been torn and bruised. They almost looked heart-shaped. There were tiny flowers trying to form on the ends of short stalks, and Ibis knew immediately what they were. When they flowered they turned in to purple and white stars.

Hmm, I found something. She mused aloud. Have you ever seen this before...?

She moved slightly to one side, more like swayed, so he could get a gander. It was doubtful he cared about the weed that netted the ground beneath them but maybe he was interested after all. At the very least, he'd have to get pretty close — and when he did, she'd purr softly in to his ear, Its called lamb's herb, have you heard of it?

AKA: Horny goat weed. For, well, reasons.
Penn felt a little dazed as he came nearer to Ibis. He was starting to feel a tingling in his net hers, which he very much did NOT want to happen yet. In a panic, he began to actually stare at the vegetation surrounding them in earnest. It worked, barely, to calm his hormones, though they fought to rage on at will.

His eyes fell on the plant she called his attention to, though he struggled to keep his mind on it. They were so close now. All it would take was a slight swing of his head and he could be touching her, and good god did he want to be doing that. He was determined not to blow this, though, so he did his best to remain calm and nonchalant.

Then she whispered in his ear.

Ahhhhhh good lord, what was this woman doing to him??

Penn swallowed thickly and turned to look at her, his eyes landing on hers. He wanted to say something suave, seductive, sexy af. Instead, he said, ”It’s... so pretty...” Which... okay, could’ve been worse. Then, unable to help himself any longer, he reached tentatively to touch his nose softly against her muzzle.
He had no idea what she was talking about. His attempt to make a comment made her want to laugh aloud, but she didn't. The feeling persisted beyond the fluttering in her belly and transmuted itself in to something deeper, joining the rest of the sensations boiling away inside of her. It could best be described as a need; because she did not truly want this boy, but he was a warm young body and at this point in her life, Ibis had nobody else to turn to.

He kissed her. A brush of his nose against her muzzle, careful and cautious, so much like Teya — it didn't surprise Ibis so much as it thrilled her, but there remained a tiny rational piece of her that knew this was a bad thing to invite. This was a boy, this wasn't Akavir — the thought of whom made her heart leap to her throat, and it took every bit of willpower for Ibis not to cry out and lose herself to the sudden wave of guilt.

She fed the guilt instead with all the other ill feelings that Akavir's memory brought out of her: the sense of abandonment that persisted with his absence, the hurt in thinking he might never come back to her, the pain of the loss of her family; with these feelings she stoked the ember of lust that lived inside of herself, and moved to reciprocate Penn's kiss with one of her own.

It became a trail of soft nips to his neck, probing, greedy. Her tail frisking behind her, remembering the warmth and goodness that flooded her in her grief the night she spent with Teya; this could be like that, she thought. It would be meaningless. A distraction.

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Holy shit, he'd found the magic button.

With barely a touch, it seemed he had set her off. She was all over him in an instant, eager and searching, leaving him to flounder in her wake. He was surprised, yes, but also woefully inexperienced in spite of the confidence he'd--let's be honest--feigned. Kid's a virgin. Like. Damn.

But, Penn was also a quick learner. After a few seconds of inaction while she blew his mind with her nips and touches, he let his brain shut off and instinct take over. He followed her lead, returning her ministrations with a heated fervor. He wasn't in need of a distraction, wasn't running from anything. He had simply wanted her bad since the moment he'd first laid eyes on her, and hot damn did he want to get laid.
It had not occurred to her that Penn was so young she would need to teach him; she knew he was a boy, but thought he was already wise in these things. He certainly acted with the bravado to support her claim. That was all it was, though — a boyish charm with staunch limits. She would not pressure him to do anything against his nature — which was perhaps one of the draws of encountering him here.

It had been different with the others, but they had each been men already. This took patience she did not possess, communication she did not want to express, and a small measure of fumbling to get things rolling. The only blessing of this union - and Penn's youth - was his stamina, which Ibis would take full advantage of.

In the end her body was tired but satisfied. They were piled together in the grass and weeds, having torn up a patch of lambs herb in the process; Ibis being her greedy, tactile self. She stretched out her still twitching limbs and felt quite pleased with the events that had unfolded.
It took him some awkward fumbling to get things going, but Penn at least was not entirely blind going into it. He knew the mechanics of it and knew even better what his body wanted him to do. The awkwardness came from his uncertainty about what Ibis wanted and whether or not she was having a good experience. He knew he was, but was there ever really a risk that he wouldn't? Nope.

When the deed was done, Penn felt a strange mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. He sprawled out beside her, panting steadily and letting his mind play the last scene over and over again. He stole a glance at Ibis, trying to gauge whether or not she was as thrilled as he was. She seemed rather more calm and collected than he was, but again, this was not particularly surprising.

He wanted to ask, but the only ways he thought to would've been crass. Ibis was a classy woman--he knew he couldn't behave that way with her. So, he uttered a soft, "Wow," to himself, hoping to prompt her to share her own feelings on the matter.
So long as she kept her eyes shut she could float on the good feelings he had left in her. It had not been the same experience as when she'd taken Akavir; but Ibis filled her mind with thoughts of him, of them together. It made her heart ache a little less.

When the boy broke the silence with his softer voice, the illusion was shattered. She fought against it as one might fight against waking from a dream. There was no going back to that perfect place, though. Akavir was not here. What Ibis and the boy had done together had felt necessary to Ibis at the time and now, waking to the reality of it all, she was not so sure.

The woman remained quiet. On her face sat a blissful expression that she had pinned there in haste. Not knowing what to say to him, she merely sighed and made small, contented noises to bolster his ego. It was not his fault she felt so terrible after-the-fact; Ibis had done this to herself by betraying the love she held for her husband. This husband which, so far as she could tell, remained lost to her on his quest to find their daughter.

Perhaps he would never return to her. Before her thoughts could sink and twist and darken, Ibis rolled to her belly and then got to her feet. Her legs trembled a little bit.

I should get back to work... the woman murmured, taking a few steps away from where Penn lay to look dreamily upon the ruined network of weeds. They weren't altogether helpful for patching up injuries so it was not a huge loss. In the future she would find the lamb's herb growing in odd places, think of this moment, and the fragile quality of this precious dream she carried.
Either his prompt didn't work, or all she actually had to say on the matter was I should get back to work. Penn had studied her face after he'd said his part, though, and noted the expression there. She looked relaxed and pleased, which he decided to take as her assessment of what had just happened between them. He slowly released the breath he'd been holding and stretched out on the patch of lamb's ear, letting his jaws part in a wide yawn.

"Yeah, sure," he replied as she began to walk away, "I'm going to shut my eyes for a few, but I'll start looking for some of those plants when I wake up. I'll bring 'em to ya." In typical guy fashion, Penn turned from helpful knight-in-shining-armor to useless-bag-of-crap now that he'd gotten what he wanted. He didn't see it this way, of course. No, in his mind, he'd had one hell of a work out just now and it only made sense that he should rest before starting a new task.

Whether Ibis was bothered by this or not, Penn would never know. His eyes were shut in the next few minutes and he was snoring softly just a few more after that.