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Full Version: freshly disowned in some frozen devotion
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The medic decided it was time to make another house call now that spring was settling in and the scents of Derg and Arlette had started cropping up again around the territory. Aerin did not wish to make assumptions but the two had secluded themselves away much as Ky and Simmik had in the moon before and she had garnered that the two of them were courting -- she did not think it so wildly out of character that  they might decide to have a litter this year. Simmik had mentioned that the albino was a healer as well but the midwife thought perhaps she might like to have another physician offer their medical opinion for it was (almost) always reassuring to have a second opinion especially when it concerned something as important as one's children. Besides, she wanted to introduce herself to the healer since it appeared they had a shared patient in Simmik, it would be best if they collaborated or at least communicated.

The cnáimhseachais admired the sights of the seasons turning as she tracked the other blanchard's scent towards the sleeping place that was likely shared by the couple, lips curling fondly at the sight of the shrinking snow patches and the promise of green grass beneath. The temperatures were warming and the forests were alive with the chorus of birds' melodies as the healer loped along at an easy jog. As the smell became stronger she slowed to a leisurely trot, not wanting to come upon the femme unawares, keeping her moonstone gaze peeled for any sign of Arlette.
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Arlette had been keeping to herself, especially when her heat had come around. The last thing she wanted was that Kynareth got a whiff of it and that something of a fight would happen between the two. All was calm though, and Derg and her had their coupling. She was a bit nervous about it though. She did notice that her body was behaving differently and she was feeling different but she was not telling the news yet to Derg. She wanted to be certain.

Arlette was in the chambers when she heard someone approach. She looked up and saw the pale female, though she looked little like a wolf. Arlette eyed over her, and then offered her a friendly greeting. She knew little about this female, but perhaps she could become another friend. Another white female at the Saints. "Hello," she greeted.
Soon enough the small albino she had seen at the pack meeting appeared before her as she rounded a bend in the walls of stone, entering the chambers. Aerin slowed to a stop, dipping her head and chuffing at the woman in return. "Greetings," she chirped, the feathered plume of her tail sweeping in broad strokes of cheerfulness. "I am Aerin," she introduced herself, just incase the woman didn't know her name. "Ye are Arlette, yes?"

"I am a, eh, midwife," the combat medic murmured after a heartbeat, ears pinning just a bit. She didn't want to make any assumptions but still she offered her services. "I 'ave spoken vith Simmik, after 'er 'eat an' I thought that perhaps I should come an' speak vith ye.." the girl trailed off, not certain whether it would be rude to say that she thought she had smelled the other blanchard going into heat. She was not as familiar with Arlette as she was Simmik. 

"If ye 'ad gone into 'eat that is. Or maybe if ye 'ad any questions fer when ye do, if ye an' Derg were planning to start a family this year," she smiled at the idea, filled with joy at the thought of the Saints growing and forging a new generation. It was good to see her friends settled down and having children. "I vould be 'appy to answer them, or to 'elp in any way possible." 

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Arlette was surprised that she had the reputation now that other wolves would know her before she was introduced. The female introduced herself as Aerin. She dipped her head in greeting and that she was correct. She raised her brow when Aerin spoke about being a midwife. "Oh- Only midwifery? Or other medical interest as well?" They already had Dove, Vein and her. So maybe there were too many healers?

Then again, she didn't know a lot about pups only what he mother taught her. If Simmik trusted her then she might as well. "Yeah, I've had my heat as well. I did plan on avoiding Derg," she admitted. "However, we didn't succeed in that..." She eyed at Aerin, wondering what she thought about that. She paused for a moment, perhaps she should....

"I assume I am pregnant," she started. "Though last time my pups were stillborn, so I am afraid it will happen again," she admitted softly. Perhaps because the other hardly knew her it was easier to tell her. She wouldn't hide that fact. "So if you have any tips or can do check ups on me that would be great," she offered with a soft smile.
"I 'ave been trained in basic medicine, yes. But my focus is on midwivery an' ze care of younger children -- usually parents are not comfortable allowing a sitter close until they count one moon of age. I usually 'elp care fer children that are between one moon an' four moons, vhen ze children are old enough to begin pursuing interests and 'ave become more independent." The explanation came readily, though it was not one anyone had ever asked of her before. She could heal, yes, but she was less of a doctor and more of a babysitter or caretaker. 

"Vell, I take it this is a good thing -- even if ye did nae originally plan to 'ave children this year, yes?" She asked, wanting to be sure. "I vould be 'appy to," she smiled kindly. She had no judgement, neither would she ask whether or not they had asked permission. Aerin's only concern was the wellbeing of her patients. 

"I told Simmik much ze same but there is not much change that vill need to be made just yet. Ze best thing ye can do is to keep a routine close to yer usual one. Ye may notice an increase in hunger or a lack thereof. Try to keep a 'ealthy diet but don't force yourself if ye are feeling sick. Rest as needed, fer ye may notice bouts of dizziness or fatigue," she instructed lightly. 

"Were there any unusual circumstances surrounding the end of yer pregnancy? These things can sometimes cause miscarriages or children being stillborn," she explained gently, treading with care so that she hopefully wouldn't upset the other healer. It would help though if she could pinpoint something that might have caused the death of Arlette's newborns, a trigger or stressor perhaps.
Arlette nodded slowly. She could remember her mother being protective but did allow her to be around them at two weeks of age. "You have a different accent, where are you from?," she asked curiously as the other talked some more. She really didn't sound like she was from around here. She nodded. "I am happy. I just don't want to disappoint my mate.," she admitted. But for now, all seemed well.

She nodded at the advice. "That sounds like how I've done it last time," she admitted to the female. She had not really realized she was pregnant until late. "I am a familiar," she commented, with a nod. She had experienced that herself last time. She did pause when the other asked her about something happening out of the norm. She quietly nodded to her.

"A cougar attacked my aunt and her den of newborns, me and my mate were just there. The cougar attacked my mate. I had to help him. The cougar attacked me," she spoke and turned her face to show the scars. "My aunt saved me from its choking grip. She and my mate died because of the cougar. After that I gave birth to stillborns," she explained quietly. "I was left while everyone around me died."
The midwife paused at the question, wondering how best to answer. "Vell, I vas born farther north than I can name. But ze two-legs I knew as my first Masters do not speak our language or anything close to it. An' my mother vas unable to speak very vell so I do nae know ze name of ze land I come from," she explained with a small shrug of her willowish shoulders, as if this were normal. "Ze first place I knew of that I could name vas Grinestone Ravine where I served my first volf Master an' learned to 'eal. It is where I grew up, sort of," the Saluki added after a few moments, thinking perhaps her first answer might be unsatisfying and her company might want a title to associate with the halfling's homeland. 

Then, she settled in as Arlette redirected their conversation back to the reason Aerin had sought her out: her pregnancy. She nodded where appropriate, her butterfly ears raised alertly and cupped in the woman's direction as she listened diligently. An empathetic expression softened her half-moon features with a poignant pain -- a familiarity shared between the pale women. "Ah, I see. Ye vill nae dissapoint Derg," she reassured quietly, tilting her head a little bit as she made an effort to catch the quieted dove's ruby gaze and offer her a small smile of understanding. "It vas nae yer fault that ye lost yer first younglings..an' I am sure this pregnancy vill be perfectly 'ealthy an' successful." Her ivory bottlebrush tail swept to and fro gently as she murmured the kind words, believing them wholeheartedly. "Such trauma vas likely ze reason ye lost yer first litter. An' now ye 'ave Derg an' ze rest of us Saints to 'elp protect ye later on in yer pregnancy."

"I could examine ye if ye like -- if it might settle yer mind a bit to know everything checks out?" Aerin offered, head tilting the tiniest bit, though her tone was unobtrusive -- letting the mother know it was alright to refuse if she wasn't comfortable with the midwife touching her stomach and abdomen. 
Another wolf that spoke of the two legged. She had no clue who they were as she was raised here in Teekon and they had no such creatures here. Aerin spoke differently about them than Nyra had though. The female nodded, not really into these things she called masters. "I'm not familiar," she admitted. She was unaware how far this ravine was but she hoped it was far away if she was allowed to have an opinion on it.

Arlette listened quietly when she spoke that it hadn't been her fault with losing her babies. She was so baffled she fell back on her butt and just looked a little baffled really. She had so long blamed herself for all of this. She just nodded when she reminded her that she had Derg and the rest of the saints here to protect her. She felt really safe here too, perhaps it was those mountains hugging the territory.

"Could you?," she asked. "I'm only half way. I'd love to learn how to examine, you know, as a medic," she offered. She was just eager to learn how to care for other wolves. She lowered herself on her side, feeling a bit exposed as she lifted her hind leg for the other female to look. Her belly's fur was already starting to become thinner.
I'm actually honestly unsure how various midwivery tactics would apply to lupines but I'm basing this off of my own experience with my midwife team so pls disregard any inaccuracies or lack of medical terms. XD

"Of course," the acolyte murmured needlessly. She would have suggested the other healer lay down and make herself comfortable but Arlette had already beaten her to the punch, stretching out with her exposed belly turned towards the midwife who only nodded absently -- subconciously letting the albino know that the position was correct. "Usually I just start feeling vith my snout or ye might try lightly pressing vith yer paws," Aerin explained before reaching out and placing a small paw on the mother's abdomen. 

She took care not to press too hard as she moved her digits to different spots along Arlette's stomach, exerting a small amount of pressure as she massaged lightly. "I think it might be too early to feel much but everything seems fine. At this stage, ye vill mainly be feeling fer firmness, ze roundness of ze mother's belly. Later, I vill be able to each of ze puppies an' ve might even feel them move." Here, she smiled warmly at the scarred wolfess, knowing that such a prospect was always heart-warming for her patients. It was always exciting to find out just how many tiny lumps were camped out in your womb -- even if the count wasn't always accurate due to circumstances.

"If there is any pain vhen ye examine an expecting mother then there may be something vrong. Or if later on in ze pregnancy, 'er stomach does nae seem to 'ave grown properly or ze puppies do nae move in response to ze pressing an' examination," the Saluki added, recalling how the Caregiver had expressed a desire to learn how to examine other pregnant she-wolves. 

"But as fer ye, Arlette, everything seems to be fine," her tail wagged again as she moved to help the expecting mother sit back up if needed. "Keep an eye out fer anything concerning: spotting, cramping, an' any extreme nausea. Some is to be expected but if'n ye find that ye can't keep any food down fer more than 'alf a day, come see me." There was no guarantee that Aerin could do anything about it, or stop an impending miscarriage, but at the very least if something did go wrong, perhaps the halfling could make Arlette comfortable and do her best to help. 
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Arlette listened patiently when the female explained. She was about to ask what she needed to feel for or what she needed to pay attention to when the midwife already explained what she would feel for. Arlette nodded quietly. The other female did well to explain it. She was relieved to hear that she had not have any discomfort with the other gently pressing on her. So that was a good sign.

Aerin continued that all was well with her. She sat up when the examination was done, her tail wagging. "Thanks for all the info. You are really good at explaining," she smiled. "So hard tummy is not good. When a female is further along you can start to feel for the puppies," she recapped. "What is spotting?," she asked curiously. She wasn't familiar with the term.
"Thank ye," Aerin demurred shyly, fluffy tail swishing at the compliment before she returned one: "Ye are a good listener." She grimaced slightly at the she-wolf's next query, feeling as though she had put her foot paw in her mouth again, just like she had when she casually brought up miscarriages to Simmik. It was just easy to forget that not everyone knew about these things, which were commonplace in her line of work. "Spotting is vhen a pregnant she-volf begins to bleed a little bit, from...vell, there," Aerin blushed as she gestured towards Arlette's tail and back end, a little awkwardly. No matter how professional the midwife tried to be, some things were just a bit uncomfortable to speak about. "It can 'appen sometimes vithout necessarily being a bad sign, at least in ze very beginning of pregnancy. But it does become vorrisome if it 'appens later in ze pregnancy an' is accompanied by ze cramping pains we spoke of earlier," the milkmother detailed, wanting to make sure there were no misunderstandings. 
Arlette was surprised by the compliment. "Oh! Thank you. That is very kind. I guess that is a good thing as I am working on becoming a therapist next to being a healer. I'd like to focus on the mind as well as the body," she revealed to Aerin. She hoped that she could help many with it here at the Saints. So far she had heard about quite a few troubles already.

"Luckily I've never had that. But I will keep it in mind," she spoke with a nod, not too embarrassed actually. She was still medic, so she could separate that. It was a serious issue. "I do remember the cramping," she admitted. "After the attack they started,' she explained. She nodded again in thanks for all the information. "Thank you for all the info. You made me wiser today."
Aerin nodded in subconscious approval, though she knew well that her fellow medic needed no one's to pursue her chosen career path, for the albino mother seemed like the kind of woman who was endowed with a healer's gentle touch and soothing, soft-spoken tones -- the perfect candidate for a Caregiver and Counselor combination. "That is very noble. Perhaps I might come to see ya sometime. Patroclus 'as been counseling me sparingly but 'e is often busy. I am sure ye vill 'ave yer paws full soon but if'n ye do 'appen to find a free moment perhaps ye might find ze time to lend me a listening ear." The horticulturist didn't stop to consider whether her words might be presumptive or maybe even offensive; it was the way of things in most cultures, in many of the ones she had lived in as well, to abide by unspoken customs of obligation. The trade here was implied, invisible, but the Saluki naturally assumed it existed without malicious intentions -- expecting that she could call on Arlette for a therapy session in return for her services as a midwife. 

"I'm glad I could 'elp," Aerin commented sincerely with a saccharine smile, snowsilk auds pinning to her skull shyly as her shoulders curled in timorous mannerism. How awful it must have been to go through life thinking perhaps there was no explanation as to why she had lost her unborn children on top of her aunt and mate, or worse even -- that Arlette herself was to blame somehow. She was glad she could put the ivory lady's mind at ease and, hopefully, provide some closure for the woman who had already lost too much. 

"Vell, I suppose zis is where I leave ye. I 'ave some 'erb 'unting to do today -- I am 'oping to start a small garden soon, to grow some of ze 'erbs I vill need fer ze mothers this year." The halfling stood as she chirped the words eagerly, greatly looking forward to scouring the woods as the spring morning warmed into afternoon. She paused as a thought came to her, voicing it with a shy smile and wag of her bushy tail: "Unless ye vould like to come vith me to look fer 'erbs? I vould nae mind ze company if'n ye vould be interested in joining me." Perhaps the other alabaster she-wolf was tired and would prefer to rest; if so, Aerin would not mind. But then, she also wouldn't mind if Arlette decided to tag along on her quest -- it would give her a chance to get to know her packmate a little better, in a more relaxed setting as friends rather than as doctor and patient. 

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Arlette nodded actively when the female said she would visit her for mental support. "Please do, I have a lot to learn still but I am always eager to listen and give my perspective on matters if asked," she told her with a smile on her maw. She liked the idea of having the pack call on her for help. She wasn't a hunter or providing protection, so she wanted to help in the way she could.

"A... garden? What is a garden? Wait you can grow plants where you like?," she asked, not familiar with the idea of growing own plants and such. She often went to look for them instead of growing them. Arlette nodded. "I'd like to join, and to learn about this garden," she spoke and quickly got to her feet to help the female look for herbs. Maybe she could learn an thing or two how this female would look for them.

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