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Full Version: Eye inside the storm
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early morning, 30F, partly cloudy

She hadn't slept well the night before. She had been restless and her dreams and been weird and so vivid. She had woken and promptly run outside the den to vomit the measly meal she had managed to get down the night before. So far, she had managed not to vomit on Ky—the thought was so embarrassing. Despite her lack of appetite, her sides had continued to swell. They were visibly round now, and it would be obvious to any who saw her that she was pregnant. With still a ways to go before the children were born, she wondered how much bigger she could possibly get. She felt fat enough already, she hated to imagine what she would look like weeks from now.

Even after she had unwillingly purged her dinner, she was far too nauseous to try and sleep some more, so she head to the borders to patrol. The morning was cold and an icy breeze caressed her face; it felt nice and kept the urge to vomit at bay for now. She breathed in the cool air, pulling it deep in her lungs as she continued moving along the edge of the territory. She wasn't exactly opposed to any company, but she certainly didn't mind the time to herself.
The over large white brute could not sleep, he had what one might call insomnia, and he had long since run out of the herb's to treat his condition due to his move and the size of his portable caches. Luckily summer was on the way and soon he'd have access to the herbs he needed as it was he was unable to sleep. Now that he had a home to cultivate herbs in he'd not run out again after this summer, at least he hoped.

The white brute was for once completely white having taken several bath's fairly recently. He'd have to remedy that soon, in fact if he were lucky he'd find something on his early morning trek to offer to the gods appropriately as he walked along just enjoying the view and the solitude with no specific task to do he realized he was coming up upon another wolf.

"Good Morning Mi'lady" He called with his rich baritone as he drew closer he realized he was in the presence of the beautiful queen Simmik  he inclined his head respectfully "How are you this morn?" He looked her over with the critical eye of a healer and found himself frowning just a little bit, without really kniwing why
It wasn't long before she had company. She turned to look up at the healer as he joined her, dipping her head in greeting as he offered his own. She had originally been put off by his assumption that he was allowed in her space, but she understood his need to attend to her wounds. She hadn't held that against him very long. 

Still now, her first reaction was to lie and tell him that she was fine. She didn't want to seem weak or vulnerable in front of him just yet. At the same time, what if her symptoms weren't normal? Aerin had told her it was normal for her to be sick to her stomach, but was it normal to be this sick? She shrugged a little. I didn't sleep well last night, she finally told him, figuring of all packmates, she should be honest with the healers for the sake of her children. I have felt sick for a while now, but it seems worse. I can barely eat most days. She glanced up at him again. Is that normal?
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Vein stood far enough back from her that he was not in her personal bubble, He considered himself very respectful when he wasn’t distracted by wound treatment.

He has her hesitation and figured it was because he was new, he’d need to show her he could be trusted. Though that might all be for naught if she even saw him perform an offering to the gods. That usually sent wolves fleeing in all directions or on the rare occasion into a frenzy where he received the brunt on an attack. For the time being though, He was deeply honoured she chose to confide in him, and he'd do his best to show her that her trust was not falsely placed. He quickly returned his attention to her words and mulled over her dilemma.

Though not common to be that sick; it is far from unheard of. Especially if this is a first pregnancy. The Lady Aerin and I found hotsprings in the caverns behind Gaia’s Alter I can make you a tea that would settle your stomach and allow you to keep food down. Despite your body’s current aversion to the food, your unborn pups need the nutrition to grow strong

The moment he spoke Aerin’s name a smile lit his maw and he could not help his reaction to his memory of finding the springs. He shifted carefully and quickly tried to divert his attention before he made a fool of himself. He’d knew he’d never begin to understand why a females hormone insisted on making some pregnancy’s hard perhaps it was the extra weight of the pups and then the added weight of the food was to much would he make her something to suppress nausea or something make her hungrier, Ahh something to help her sleep and suppress nausea at the same time. A chamomile and ginger root tea might do the trick

If Simmik were to allow him the honour of making her a tea he wondered if he could call Aerin and teach her about it too. She had seemed eager to learn and just like that his mind returned to the beautiful wolfess hybrid.

He cleared his throat softly as much as she was trying to clear his mind “Would you accompany me or should I bring it to you?” This was her chance to chase him off, if she wanted to truly be left alone or a chance to learn more about him, he wondered which path she’d take? He’d respect either choice.
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It was a relief to know that it wasn't necessarily uncommon for her to feel so sick. She would suffer through whatever she needed to, as long she knew the children wouldn't be harmed. But on that same note, it meant she needed to find some way to eat if she wanted the pups to grow strong. 

She was not opposed to trying this tea the healer mentioned. There wasn't the trust between them that was there between her and the other two healers, but she knew her husband trusted him, and that was enough for her; he wouldn't let him be here if he was a threat to the pack in any way. 

So when he asked if she would go with him to these hotsprings he had discovered with Aerin, she had no reason to decline. Okay, she said softly. I'll go with you. She was curious about the hotsprings anyway. Plus the sooner she could have the tea, the sooner she might find some relief.