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Full Version: You don't make a sound
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late afternoon, 40F, clear

She didn't often wander from the Strath, but she had an itch to explore today. She wouldn't go far; she was still close enough that a call would bring her pack to her in no time at all. But it was nice to be out and about, even if the weather was already promising spring was just around the corner. She hated the warm weather, but she couldn't regard the season with as much disdain as she normally did—this year, it would bring her first litter with it, and she couldn't help but feel a mixture of excitement and nerves. Her rounded sides only added to her excitement; it meant the pups still grew within her. The thought gave her butterflies in her stomach. 

Her mind sifted through different baby related things as she moved through the forest, but she kept a constant eye and ear out for danger. She had more than just herself to protect right now. Eventually, she found herself in front of a large stream. It flowed quickly and large chunks of ice moved along with the current. Soon it would swell and flow even faster with the melted snow from the mountains. 

She looked around a few times and then lowered her head to take a drink. The icy liquid felt nice as it settled in her upset stomach; it seemed it was the only thing she could successfully keep down these days.
heyo! vry vague but assuming he joins the Saints in his last thread for now

The Lieutenant was not quite concerned when he smelt Simmik's scent leading away, out towards the sweep of cedar woods perfumed in the trees' pungent smell. But the news of her and Kyn's impending litter had spread slowly and he couldn't deny that some chivalrous part of him was worried about her being alone on neutral grounds, even though he knew she was a warrior and could likely handle her own well enough. She'd been injured already when they met though, with offensive wounds draping her slender throat like painful ruby garlands. He knew it would end up driving him nuts so it didn't take long before Matias gave in to his protective urges and trailed after the pale mother.   

He caught up with her sometime after she had left and already reached the woodland, coming up alongside her ivory form when he caught sight of her. He made sure that his broad paws crunched and cracked over the forest floor and its debris from a ways back as he approached, not wanting to startle his friend's wife, and even gave a soft chuff once he was walking alongside her. Habitually, he straightened to his full, intimidating height by her side, champagne gaze sweeping the area alertly for any threats before he softened and glanced back down at her.

"Hello again, darlin'," he drawled again, slow and sweet as spilt molasses, the outlaw's grin teasing and rakish as he warmed to her almost immediately. He loved Kyn, she loved Kyn. He hadn't trusted Sasha but he trusted that his friend's judgement was sound this time around. There didn't seem to be any reason to doubt Simmik, not unless he was given one.
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The sound of steps made her freeze and lift her head from the water. She looked around just as he approached, her head whipping around at the sound of his chuff. Matias. She visibly relaxed, glad she wouldn't have to fight off some enemy or talk to some stranger she didn't trust. 

She watched his gaze scan the area before finally settling on her, his expression softening. There was something about him that drew her in. She didn't know if it was the handsome, playful smile he offered or his demanding presence, but she felt the sudden urge to nuzzle under his chin. She didn't give into the urge, though; they didn't know each other very well yet, and she wasn't sure how that might go over or what kind of message that would send. She offered a small smile at his greeting. Hey, she offered back. What are you doing out here? It wasn't too unlikely that she would run into a packmate in these woods, but she wondered if maybe he had been up to something interesting. Regardless, she was glad for the company. She was intrigued by this man from Ky's past, enough that she would like to get to know him more, especially after the conversation she had with her husband a few days before.
He cast his wheat gaze earthwards as a chuckle escaped, his grin morphing from playful to sheepish. He felt a warmth color his cheeks, forcing his gaze back to the hellfire of Simmik's as he answered: "I was just checking up on you. I'm sure you're as tough as any girl back home but I got a little worried when I smelt your scent coming out this way." The outlaw could only hope this wouldn't offend her. Some women didn't care for chivalry, which Matias could respect -- he'd grown up around strong, independent types and those were what naturally drew him in. Didn't mean he wasn't protective though. 

"What are you doing out here? Just stretching your legs?" Matias rumbled conversationally, settling leisurely on his mocha haunches as he waited for her reply.