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Full Version: and i don't care if i'm nervous with you
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@Ibis? <3 set for march 3, vaguey vaguey vague

it was time to move on. he'd found hide nor hair of the children, and it was really just a diversion, anyway. cam was no detective; he hadn't expected to locate any of them. he had just wanted to make mal happy. he had hoped. . .that good news was possible. but it was more of the same.

he was in a kind of black mood as he entered the forest, hissing through his teeth as he got too close to one of the infamous bramble bushes and scored his shoulder. pain rippled down that foreleg as he carried on, and he realized he was bleeding when he glanced down and saw dark, sleek rivulets down his leg.

ah, bloody hell, cam muttered, and sat down in a small clearing, wondering how to tend to himself. he started to lave the blood from his limb and recoiled at the metal taste of it, though eventually kept going. his usually disheveled appearance was in a very sorry state. there were burrs and bits of detritus in his pelt, and his ankles were cakey with snowmelt mud.

the sooner he reunited with his pack (what was left of it, anyway) the better.