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When he'd entered the Strath Charles hadn't paid much thought to the skeletons by the pack's entrance and borders. Well, not actively, anyway. Now every time he thought about it he felt kind of weirded out, and he decided to check them out that day. Maybe because he needed a breather — in the form of the thought that he could leave this place any time he wanted, because the territory made him feel rather trapped — or maybe because he just wanted to be sure they were... real, or something.

He approached the skeletons decorating the territory's northern entrance cautiously. Scents of its leaders were heavy here. One skeleton was clearly of a large animal, though Charles couldn't quite place wha— the thing that killed Osiris and Leta —t kind of animal it was. Woah, that was weird, I spaced out there, Charles told himself as he blinked and looked away from the large skeleton, feeling a pit in his stomach as he forced the thoughts and images of Osiris and Leta from his mind. Then there were the other three, which were... Wolves? he thought to himself out loud, wondering whose skeletons these were (and not recognising that two were coyote and only one was wolf).
"And Coyotes" Came a deep voice as the over large white brute drew closer he was returning from the lands outside the territory, "I know bones well" Indeed the male had a wolf skull tied about his neck and it was filled with tidbit's of herbs he was intending on transplanting in the pack's Gaia's Alter never before had he such a rich area to cultivate.

He paused and looked over the male. This pack certainly did have it's share of hybrids, though that didn't bother him in the slightest. "I'm Vein, I'm fairly new to the pack, just about a month or so" He left his comment open ended hoping to garner some conversation from the male.
A voice joined in and Charles startled initially, but then forced himself to relax soon after. He glanced at the other wolf, who was coming towards the pack territory and seemed to be casually walking in. By his scent, he was probably a part of the pack. That was a relief; Charles didn't feel like he was looking forward to having to chase someone else out of here. He introduced himself as Vein. Charles got himself together and said with a grin, I'm Charles, the new fresh meat. As he said it he realised it could be misinterpreted and corrected himself, uh, recruit.

He glanced back at the bones and recollected the words that this Vein guy had said. Coyotes? Charles blinked and said, How do you see? What's different with coyotes and wolves? They look pretty much the same. Charles wanted to believe they were very similar, because Draper had said they were not, and, well, Charles wanted to believe he was as much a wolf as other wolves. He didn't want to be part dirty scavenger, even though he was...
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Vein smiled and moved over to the skulls even though he had a perfectly good example dangling from his neck with vines

He rolled the wolf over and carefully touched the back of the skulls head where the sagital crest was almost a fin looking shape on the back top of the head this would be just behind and yet between the ears if it had a pelt. “This is larger on a wolf” He moved to the coyote’s skull “This crest is far smaller in shape as well as size, on these two skulls and if you notice the bridge of the coyote muzzle is slightly narrower, the top of a wolves muzzle is broader.” He looked between the wolf skull and the coyote skull noticing something else “A coyote skull could be mistaken for a female wolf if someone doesn’t pay attention to the length of the muzzle, coyotes muzzle are slightly longer too.

Vein stepped back and appreciated the skulls for what they were “These were good offering to the gods, I think they were pleased.” He glanced to the male noticing for the first time the likeness he carried to a coyote, a hybrid then. He turned his attention to the Coy-wolf

Do not think to hard on your heritage; the gods and our pack does not care. There are even dog hybrids in the pack. The gods only care how well you serve them and I think by the sounds of it, our pack is much the same. Purebloods and those fanatical about ‘Pureblood’ are not favoured by the gods for very long; if they ever were.”   

Vein decided to ask since he was planing a ceremony soon. “Do you believe in the gods Charles?
Much to Charles' horror, the other dude started to explain in grim detail the exact differences between wolf and coyote while pointing at the skulls in question. Charles felt his stomach sink and he nodded through it all, even though he felt even more uncomfortable now. Maybe he really was the only one who was holding on to the belief that wolves and coyotes were all just wolves, and coyotes were just.. well, smaller ones. Maybe he was just dumb.

He opened his mouth to ask some bullshit existential question about whether he looked more like a coyote or a wolf to this guy, whether he was a scavenger or a hunter, but before he could it was as if this guy already sensed it and filled it in for him. Creepy.

It gave Charles the chills, even though the words at their core were reassuring. He didn't know what a 'dog hybrid' was at all, so all in all it didn't make him feel much better. He also didn't know what gods were. He'd never heard of that before. Were the gods the pack's leaders, Charles could not help but wonder, considering they decided who was in favour and not?

Before he could fully try to process the words, Vein asked him if he believed in the gods. Charles swallowed thickly. He had told himself he'd be the cool dude in this pack, and would lie his way into fame like he had in Firefly Glen. But at this pile of bones, and with the threats that Nyra had given him when he'd lied to her, his courage was faltering. I... I don't know what gods are, the coywolf squeaked, suddenly feeling like a little pup again. He'd always been the dumb pup in whatever context. He'd always be the one with lacking knowledge and vocabulary and skills, because his mother didn't teach him much. Only Leta had made him feel capable at anything. She really saw him. And now he was alone again, and suddenly felt like a little boy again, totally clueless and much dumber than anyone else of his age — which was practically adult at this point.
Though Vein desperately wanted to know how this one was raised in wolf pack or by a coyote’s family group since rarely were coyote’s a real pack but rather a family group consisting of the mated alpha pair and several generations of their pups. He kept his questions to himself. This one seemed bothered, perhaps by his heritage or by the bones? he didn’t know. Were one of the bones that of a relative? 

Vein moved closer and nudged Charles cheek gently.  His voice deep and reassuring “Don’t worry, Sweetling, Worrying about things you can not change is a waste of time.

Vein lay down and shifted himself into a comfortable position, nudging the wolf skull full of herbs aside but making sure it didn’t tip over  “Would you like to learn about the gods? The great powers and creator’s of all things? I could teach you.” He wondered if he’d find himself on acolyte in this one or would he be squeamish about blood sacrifices?
When the other came closer, Charles' body stiffened. His tongue lapped out and tail tucked between hind legs as he expected a reprimand for his dumb confession. Punishment did not happen, which was both a relief — he didn't want the pain, his brain and his soul hated it — and a punishment on its own — his body ached for it, now more than ever.

Instead a gentle nudge that was eerie in its own way — Charles wasn't used to affection of any sort, let alone from a stranger — and then spoke words that held some soft quality, some caring. Charles blinked. Well, great, now he just felt worse about worrying because not only was it stressful on its own, it was apparently also totally pointless. Great.

He was asked if he wanted to learn about the Gods. Creators of all things? Charles blinked, wondering what a creator even was. He was not so sure he should say yes, but he nodded in the end, agreeing solemnly. Okay, he sighed, almost as if in defeat, but then he watched the man attentively, waiting for his first lesson.
Vein frowned slightly, noticing the sigh. He was a healer and though he knew the body well and could make one’s body do what he wished for the most part, A counsellor apparently he was not. He seemed to only be causing this one distress, which was far from what he was trying to do. He had wanted to make a friend perhaps share knowledge not force it upon another.

His eyes softened and his deep baritone rumble held regret “I do not wish to make you uncomfortable Charles, is there a different topic you’d like to discuss?” He remained reclined on the ground not one to waste energy if he could help it. The sun warmed his back, he sighed happily and rolled onto his back to allow the sun to warm his belly stretching out to expose himself completely to the sun, unconcerned that he was exposing his vulnerable belly to a potential stranger or attacker.

Vaguely he wondered if he had possibly angered the coy-wolf into attacking him.
The coywolf was totally used to having lessons forced onto him. He remembered so vividly all the times that he'd just be hanging at the borders and that old white guy Kove would show up and blabber about guardian things while taking him on a patrol. Charles didn't like learning things, because whenever his mother wanted to teach him things, it would usually end in pain, and the lessons were dumb and useless. She'd never even taught him to hunt properly, but she'd taught him enough lessons in respect.

So when the lesson was shoved off the table, Charles was visibly pleased. Really? he said with wide eyes, almost as though he found it hard to believe. Alright, yeah — So what do you do for fun here? Charles was curious, since this dude didn't seem very fun-oriented, and in general the pack seemed rather... broody, rather than safe. Maybe if there was something they could do for fun it could help him unwind a little and feel a little safer.
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"Fun.." Vein rumbled, as if tasting the word for the first time, he was always to busy for fun, though he did enjoy his work so to him he supposed it was 'fun' but what drew a smile upon his maw was thoughts of Aerin, boy did he have it bad.

"Honestly I have not thought about doing anything without purpose for many years now," He glanced at his herb laden skull with plants that would have to be planted soon enough "What would you suggest?" Vein wouldn't mind taking a break as long as it didn't cost him his herbs.

He remained reclined and relaxed and allowed his eyes to roam the Coy-wolf's body, he wondered what Charles thought was fun? Sparing? Tag? Something more intimate? Would he himself even be interested in that? The apple of his eye was Aerin but he'd not reject the male for a little fun, Kynareth brought the idea to the forefront of his mind and he'd have to see eventually if males were just as fun.
'Many years' was Charles' entire life. He sure hoped he never got this stuffy, where he didn't even know what it was like to have fun. The coywolf scoffed at the sentiment. Then he was asked what he would suggest. There were a lot of things you could do for fun, of course. Charles himself was not that good at it. He remembered that he had stood atop the hill where Valette had slid down feeling weird, but when they had started to slide down, it was actually fun.

Since then he realised that having fun was actually something that was, well, great! He was still trying to catch up on his joyless youth, now.

Now, what should they do? Charles just wanted to get away from the pile of bones, really. Uh... We can run, or have a water fight, or find some good sticks, or whatever we want, the coywolf said in the end, and he decided to start with a run as he nipped at Veon's shoulder and then took off into the territory, unless other things were suggested.
Vein gave a longing glance at the herbs wondering if he should bring them along, however they would keep for a few hours yet. And this pack member was rather interesting, He’d follow and see where this went. Though waisting energy for no reason was against his better judgement when the chocolate dipped male nipped his shoulder he laughed whole heartedly and bounded after him. 

The over large white brute had to leap over bushes that Charles could easily duck under and swing wide around trees, he’d never be able to catch the coy wolf but laughing all the way.  He meant to jump between two trees and close the gap between him and Charles and somehow with a thump, got stuck.

He wiggled and tried to shove forward and that only earned him a more solid wedge his ribs being larger then his head. “Ah Charles?” He called out tried to hide the panic that threatened to come out in his voice
His initiation of play was positively received. Charles could hear Vein's heavier footfalls follow him. The coywolf used his size and talent for picking up speed and dashing — one of his few qualities, Charles felt — to an advantage, though he made sure to always leave enough space for Vein to catch up again. It was kind of fun just to run. The thought of being captured was daunting though, which was perhaps why Charles always made sure to stay ahead. Something in his brain warned him of the dangers of when the game ended. Perhaps because he had often ran and hid from Mother when she was in one of her moods.

Moments before it seemed that Vein was somewhere not too far behind him, but then suddenly he seemed to be gone. In the distance he heard the call of his name — it was only then that Charles realised Vein was gone at all — and his body took another few seconds to pick up and grind him to a halt. The coywolf looked over his shoulder and he turned around in the direction he came from.

There he found Vein stuck between two trees. It was quite a funny sight, honestly, and Charles didn't instantly think that it might be dangerous. He hadn't quite caught any panic that Vein might have expressed yet. Wow, you was desperate to catch me, right? The coywolf said with a toothy grin, and then he walked up to Vein. Despite not seeing any danger or harm in it, the coywolf did figure that they needed to get Vein out of here, somehow.