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Full Version: Lost in Thought, but Sound in Heart
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Joining thread for Brecheliant @Ibis, @Maia, @Teya, @Wraen

Moonspear was gone. Or at least, gone in the way he knew it. Something had happened and Hydra was no longer the leader. Another wolf had taken her place and moved the pack. While it no longer felt like home, Kane could only wish them well under their new leadership as they settled into the new territory. For Kane, it meant another season without a home to return to as the purpose he served was no longer there. When Spring came around, it allowed Kane to search through the lands and identify at least a couple of other packs that had settled here. Perhaps they had space for him somewhere. 

It wasn't as if Kane couldn't survive on his own either. If the man was destined to remain alone, so be it. However, he highly preferred to have others to talk to. Even if they didn't get along. Especially being alone in the Haunted Wood where it was creepy enough as it is. A quick glance to the sky revealed black finger like branches that were still without leaf or bud, stretching to the clouds as if demanding for the sun's return. The sunshine was coming -- that much the guardian could tell. The trees needed to be a tad more patient.

Maia was still a pretty heavy mess.  She hadn't been able to outright step down during her talk with Wraen (I'm assuming, because even she isn't that impulsive) but she was seriously considering what she wanted from here.  She hated uncomfortable decisions and life just seemed to keep chucking them at her head.

First off, she needed to talk to Eljay.  But what would she even say, and how would she know if it was the right time?  I can always just check in... yeah.  Okay.

Tied up in these thoughts, Maia barely realized she was stepping into a familiar forest... until she noticed the other wolf.  Then memory clicked into place and panic ignited in her.  Oh no... oh no oh no.

Her first instinct was to run, but the fact that this wolf looked nothing like the man who attacked her helped.  Still, there was a nervous tremble to her as she approached.  You're a leader here, you don't get to be a coward.  Such a chicken!

Hey, my name's Maia.  I help lead a pack nearby.  The first part came out in automatically and a little rushed.  She wanted to be sure they knew she was definitely not alone and totally in control.  Right.  Who're you?  Despite her fear, there was curiosity.  She loved meeting new wolves so much, but that one terrible interaction had definitely colored this place.
Kane continued to muse in his thoughts in the Haunted Wood until a woman approached and greeted him, even nervously. If it had to do with the wood, Kane wouldn't blame her. The ambiance was disturbing enough as it was. But her nervousness seemed to be caused by something else. Kane dipped his head in greeting and kept his distance as to not make it worse for her.

"Hullo," he said with his Roman accent. "The name is Kane. I'm a roamer."

Kane wondered what pack she led, though he doubted that the pack roamed here. Her mannerisms didn't fit the courage and strength she needed to boast a pack in a place like this. Instead, he wondered if she was from the neighboring packs nearby that he picked up on his way here.
He was nice enough, and he kept his distance.  The other guy had as well, so she wasn't entirely put at ease... but there'd also been this off feeling then that wasn't there now.  Remembering that helped and she took a breath, then smiled a little more openly.  

Sorry.  These woods give me the creeps.  She didn't want to go into the stranger, so she let it go there.  A roamer though?  That's really awesome.  I used to be one of those, kinda?  But I don't as much now.  Oh wow, yeah.  It had been a long time since she took a trip of any length, she'd been so busy with Brecheliant and Eljay and Wraen.  She didn't even really miss it outside of the stories.  I used to collect stories from places.  Is that a thing?  I mean, I guess, why do you do it?

Oh wow that question didn't come out right, and she felt it hang awkwardly a minute, but she didn't try to fix it.  She was interested for sure!  It was just kind of a weird thing to ask since the reasons could be awful.  'Oh yeah, my entire pack was killed' kind of put a damper on any conversation, oops.
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Kane continued to listen as the woman nervously spoke, indicating that the forest was creepy and she didn't like being here. He couldn't blame her. However, it seemed she was also nervous of him particularly. Whether it had to do with the fact he was a male, or perhaps looked like someone, it was hard to say. Regardless, Kane remained polite. 

"Why am I a roamer? Well, I suppose it's because I haven't yet found a true home to myself. I was last in Moonspear and was attempting to rejoin. However, Hydra has gone and everyone in it that I knew once is not part of its ranks. I feel it's best for a restart." Kane rolled his shoulders in a shrug. While he could start something new in a new pack, he felt that new territory also could probably help solidify his settling down into something more permanent.
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Oh, Moonspear? That wasn't the best news. But Maia had never heard Wraen speak badly about anyone aside from Hydra and Kukutux, so perhaps this wolf wasn't the same? Or at least, he didn't seem to recognize her or be rude as she imagined the others might be. Charon had been nice too.

I know that feeling! Well, I used to. Brecheliant is amazing though. Maia smiled thinking about it. It's definitely the closest to home I've felt, though it's nothing like Moonspear I bet. I've heard they were, uh.... a little intense? In a cool way. She amended a little sheepishly. She didn't want to offend him, but she also definitely didn't want him getting the wrong idea. Maybe he'd liked it there.

But, if you wanted, you could maybe meet some of the others and see if you liked it? She was quiet a second, then realized she hadn't really gotten to the point yet. To stay! I mean, if you want. Oh wow. Yeah she needed to work on this.
Kane didn't have a clue about what kind of impact Moonspear may have had on others during his stay, and subsequent disappearance, but it had nothing to do with him. The question Maia posed told him an inkling on what others thought of Moonspear. While he had no personal opinion on the matter, he remained confused about it. "I suppose you could say.. intense, yes, from an outwardly point of view. I was never there long enough to really understand the complete inner workings of the pack. During my stay, I would hardly say it was intense, but I'm used to an intense lifestyle." Kane shrugged, remaining indifferent to what others thought of it. To put it simply, the man wanted to move away from an intense lifestyle and live something more simply - even if he was still tasked with defending the pack and taking down hostiles. Having such things on a constant basis did things to a man's mind. 

Maia offered him to come with her and stay, and Kane smiled. "I would like that." he said. Inwardly, Kane chuckled at Maia's awkwardness and understood that her role of a higher rank was possibly new and was currently adjusting. Kane didn't mind, nor judge, as he imagined that there may have been others along side of her. Kane stood up and shook his coat, realizing how long he had been sitting in the same position. Whatever size she saw of him now, Maia would see more as he stretched. Kane wasn't too much taller than her, but he boasted more bulk and his combat experience showed with the scars scattered about. They weren't gruesome or massive in any way, but it was enough that they were visible. His left shoulder, rear legs, and neckline had some sort of mark on it. 

"I take it your pack isn't far? I picked up the scent of one similar to the one you carry nearby before coming here."
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Okay, he didn't seem insulted, but she did feel a little bad. She'd meant intense in a cool but totally intimidating way and she wasn't sure that's how he'd taken it, from the tone. Then again, he was kind of hard to read. He seemed nice at least! Nice enough to invite back, and even though she didn't know much about him, to give him a shot at living there. That was kinda how this stuff went, right? Something told her she might have skipped on some questions but she'd ask Ibis later.

Cool. Maia smiled, relieved. Even better, now they could get out of this place. Yeah! It isn't far, just this way, around the lake. I'll tell you about some of it while we walk? And then kinda, y'know, show you around and all. She turned towards the direction, pausing to let him fall in next to her and smiling. I think you'll really like it! She couldn't help but add. Her first real recruit!